Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Hamid Karzai an American agent his brother is? Does Obama add troops?

Karzai brother a drug-dealing CIA agent?

It is terrible finding out Ahmed Wali Karzai a brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a CIA agent.It was bad enough knowing he is a Drug Lord and frauded the election for his brother but finding out he is in bed with the CIA raises many questions.Remember the chopper that just crashed killing DEA agents returning from a mission? I now suspect foul play. Please watch the video!

Knowing how illicit Ahmed's activities are I was a bit surprised to find out he has been working with the CIA since day one. Have they been turning their backs on his poppy growing and drug trafficking? In exchange for what? There has certainly been no real accomplishments in Afghanistan since day one despite our soldiers heroic efforts.

Ahmed runs the National Protective Program amongst numerous other things. Ahmed Wali Karzai News - The New York Times Quite interesting! I do not know what you think about Ahmed working for the CIA or "rumors" of him being a Drug Lord but think about this!

First hearing he is a drug lord makes me wonder what was being discussed in all the pictures I see of him visiting towns and conversing with tribal leaders. Being a a prominent political figure in the southern region of the country with regular visits makes for a lucrative convenient position in the opium world. I refuse to believe it can be ignored though Ahmed denies any involvement. Yeah like the million rigged ballots he didn't rig.

Okay! Ahmed is a drug lord. Him and his profits are probably helping to fund the war against us. Think about it! It gets worse. While returning from a successful mission searching a compound for drugs the helicopter crashed killing 7 troops and as we now know, 3 DEA agents. In the fight after the crash 12 "insurgents" were killed. 14 Americans die in Afghanistan chopper crashes‎

They were just returning from a successful mission cleaning out opium interests in Ahmed's region. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Now our commander in chief: He has done his homework in what will be the most important decision he has ever made. He has done his homework dotting the eyes and crossing the T's. He has done his homework and is close to a decision. He has listened to General McChrystal, his advisers, all his joint chiefs, and all involved. He just paid a midnight visit to Dover to Salute the caskets and Honor 18 US soldiers that were killed this week in Afghanistan. Obama never stops impressing me! He is the first US President to go to Dover and honor the returning dead!

Anyway to top it off amidst escalating violence in Afghanistan Obama has sent his Commanders on the ground in Afghanistan province by province and village to village to talk to all tribal leaders find out what they need, what their issues are, and discern how many more troops will be need and what type. Obama take your time! He will do this if anyone can. What if his analysis dictates we leave? Think about it! Afghan provinces to be analyzed Details should help president determine need

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

It would be less expensive and more sane for the US to pay the poppy growers.

Just think how many lives would be saved if the US had the courage and wisdom to stop the war on drugs and the war of terror.

However, profit over people is always the American Way.

Demeur said...

The morality of all this just blows my mind. Remember the old saying The right way the wrong way and the military way? Well I think we can add to that one, The CIA way.

So we get to support poppy growers who are killing us with heroin and supporting the Taliban who are killing us. Anybody see something wrong there or is it just me?

an average patriot said...

Damn Dave if we stopped the damn wars including the war on drugs we could save the economy and pay for health care reform!

an average patriot said...

Demeur it blows my mind to see the self hurting crap they can some how justify to enable their killing or have their way. The crap we have done around the world that has come to light since Bush makes me wonder how we can still be. How far will we go?

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Not much of a surprise to me. What other kind of business would you expect scum to be involved in?!

Well yeah, pharma industry and psychiatry, but that is legal dirty business... so it requires a bit of a brain to figure out the rules there... but it's a lot more deadly, but not such quick cash...

Which brings me to your post from yesterday, Jim, just had no time to comment. Now I finally get why you say without health insurance no economical recovery. But I still don't really get it. you're saying a huge numeber of people loose their health insurance every day. let me get this straight: the have always payed on time, but because they're ill, it all of a sudden doesn't cover anymore? Is that correct? Id f so, that is of course criminal of the insurance and frankly i don't get it at all, why amariacans then still bother ghaving an insurance. it's worth absolutely nothing under those conditions!

why don't they just boykott the entire system instead and simply live healthy?

And I also can't follow that logic: "If you'øre ill, you go to a doctor, he does hokupokus and you're well enough to work again." That's complete bullshit!!! Because that's usually how it works: if you're ill and stupid enough to go to a doctor, his treatment will make you worse and get you closer to death!!! that's how it works in the REAL WORLD!!!

Sorry but I have hardly ever seen anybody getting well from medical treatment. But I have seen almost everybody getting worse and many, many people being kept under drugs for years and many others dying from the treatment.

Landsker you mention the british system. I really think it totally sucks! It's unorganized, corrupted, you have to wait forever to get any service and the service then usually kills you - if the food in the hospital hasn't already done that!

Jim you've got a good point here, when you mentioned expensive tests, fancy BS-treatment and squeezing in more patients for more profit. that's what it's all about: the public is a fraid and doesn't dare or is to lazy to take respionsibility for their own health and therefore they wish to rely on medical "experts". But people wake up! the whole thing is just a scam! there is very little of medical science that actually does work and you're a lot better off protecting yourself by eating and living healthy, because when things do go wrong chances are indeed very, very small that a doctor will be able to safe you - you've gotta do it yourself and no matter how badly off you think you are right now, you'd be surprised how many people I've already gotten back from the dead, by educating them about basic alterbnative health!

And no my body is not perfect either, I'm pushing 45, had a tough and very active life, have been tortured and herassed for a very long time, where the goal had not been a dead body, but they just wanted to break me down completely until there would not have be anything left of me mentally, plus I have given birth to two children under pretty unhumane conditions...
So it's not because I live in paradise or was born with a silver spoon... it's because I had to take matters in my own hand - otherwise I would never have survived on many, many of those occassions.

I had many conditions that people normally die of. and the only reason why I didn't is because I studied enough to find out how the human body works and how you can handle all kinds of challenges without them taking over and you going completely effect of it and that's why I am telling you:
gfine that you guys all want health insurance and i think since you all want it and since you're all paying tax, you should have it, BUT don't expect it to help you!!! You will get really badly fucked if you do. you've gotta take care of yourself and help yourself, otherwise you're not bound to survive very well for all too long! So PROTECT YOURSELF and don't buy all that crap that the medical assholes (be it insurances or doctors!) are trying to shove you! Show them the middlefinger instead and go your own way!

an average patriot said...

Sarah you have had a tough life and some day you are going to have to sit down and write the whole story.

The issue with health insurance here is that the insurance companies own us, the politicians, and the Government. They literally make a killing!

They control who gets covered and who does not. Babies are too skinny or too heavy, women who are raped or have had C sections a no go.

No preconditions and a low cap on how much they will pay. If their is a public option or a good bill that is all over.

47 million are uninsured, 14'444 join the ranks every day, 45,000 die every year because they can not afford insurance, many thousands go bankrupt and lose their homes because of no insurance or long term illness. The insurance companies do not want their gravy train to end.

End it must if the average Americans economy is to recover. Obama knows it and the insurance companies and Republicans could care less! I hope that answers it for you. Take care!

Robert Rouse said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a few days, my computer has been acting up.

I was pleased - not sure that's the right word - to see Obama go to Dover to observe our dead returning from war. Bush never had the guts to do anything like that.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You're totally right, Jim, about them owning everybody and them making a killing!!!

I understand what you write about people not being able to get insured, the same here with private insurance.
but how can it be that people LOOSE their insurance? Don't they pay the rates or is it so that as soon as you get ill, you loose insurance???

I also agree what you write about the gravy train.

Long term illness: how would insurance help there?

I give you some examples:
guys are forced to go on a team building course which is lead by by a a former special forces-chap. the outcome: one of my husband's collegues falls off the mountain, instantly dead, the other one has several heart attacks. allright hubby manages to evac him, but do you think this fooker will listen to me? No he insists on getting by-pass, high risk surgery, 120.000 Dkr, at the time. public health insurance covers, but he's still in the risk zone, can get another heartattack at any time or a stroke... EDTA would not have been covered by insurance, BUT it actually DOES help and he would have been as good as new afterwards at a fraction of the costs...

or a former neighbor had had surgery twice. the cancer had come back a third time when I met her and she just cracked up in my arms. I gave her a a very strict raw fruit and veggy-diet and some mental guidance. guess what? Cancer gone without surgery and she was still well and happy years later!

or take another chronical desease: astma: my former neighbor's daughter and my son were both severe caes. I got my son well in no time and he's been free of medication ever since. my naighbor didn't allow that to happen for his daughter, afterall he's the MD for the entire region and I don't know a shit and he knows everything. naturally all his children suffer and his wife... and his patients... and he blames it all on God and on them nmot having quite enough funds yet in order to do enough research...

No, Jim, I really can't imagine the average cronically ill person to get well from seeing a doctor! I think the opposite would happen. you would see more chronically ill people and people dying younger.

or where can you imagine a doctor would and could actually help???
sdometimes there are alternative treatments... most of the BAS as well, but once in a while there is really something that does work. but those are never covered by insurances.

And by the way... can't get private health insurance either... which is totally rediculous. I answered on a survey that i saw a physiotherapist and I would continue to see her. (The woman was a friend and I went for a massage on a regular basis when we lived close enough). It's just complete BS! Basically they don't want to insure anybody who might ever need it, but unfortunately they're not very smart about the criteria of selction... total idiots!

but let me know Jim, where you honestly think a health insurance would help with longterm illness, because I really can't imagine that it would work out.

Re my writing it all down... well honestly I don't think anybody would wanna read that story.- I thinkl it would scare the hell out of people, because they would inevetibly realize just how woulnable they are and that they never would manage to survive and stay sane. So I've been advised not to say anything. Don't know if that's so smart... but I think they have a point: people crack up too easily and then they just loose it...

an average patriot said...

That he was doing the right thing Robert! I think it will affect what he does next but I still think he will add 10,000 or so. I want them to train and get the hell out. Time for the slow good bye!

Don't worry Robert, I have spent so much time and money on mine lately and it's still screwed up. I have not gotten around much myself!

an average patriot said...

Sarah I remember you telling me about the special forces chap. As for writing your story, sometimes it helps to write it down to let it go.

Anyway the public option will pick up everyone, no preconditions and no caps on coverage.

Insurance companies under reform will have to do the same thing by law. That is why they are so vile in fighting this.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Yeah, get that Jim, but HOW will people get helped to get healthy???
as you can see the docs are no use, so health insurance or not they will still loose their homes, because they either are dying or "just" to sick to attend work.

I think it's a great idea, that everybody should have an insurance under the conditions you have described above, BUT it won't help them to get well, that's the problem.

if it was only the insurances who were corrupt, that would be fine, but the entire fucking medical system is one big hoax and almost nothing else than a giant money making machine and people are too scared to boycot their crap.

Because what else can it be?
What they have to offer doesn't work and is outrangiously expensive.

So tell me: how would you help that poor fucker who is cronically ill? Because the bloody insurance alone is not gonna get him back on his feet.

an average patriot said...

You're right Sarah, the entire system is corrupt! Reform will include going after the massive fraud every step of the way including the way Doctor's care for you to increase their profits. A big thing to me is it will include well care, preventive maintenance!

Currently the chronically ill are dropped once you reach the cap or go bankrupt and lose your house. There will no cap and preconditions will for once be picked up.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

well alright James, you definitely have set yourself some target here!!! big thinking no problem, uh?!

I wish you guys luck. hope it will turn out your way!

Don't understand the term "cap" though. what does it mean?

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah! Yhep is it mission impossible but we have to do this if we are to have a future for the average Americans society.

A cap is just a cap, a limit the insurance company sets and when you reach it they shut off the help and you are on your own to suffer your demise!