Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wow! White House calls a spade a spade saying Fox news is an arm of the Republican Party! Takes on Faux News!

White House Slams Fox News

White House says fox news research arm of Republican party

Once again I am going to let the links tell the story and you can hit on the one or all of them that interest you. Fox and MSNBC have been going at it for years. After 9/11 I started listening to Fox because I thought they were right on top of what was happening with us militarily and terrorist wise. Eventually I realized that Fox was biased and being less than honest. Speaking of that I am right now listening to Rove and his lies an Faux news!

I was going to say it is not the news reporting where the misinformation is coming from it is the talk shows. The likes of Sean Hannity and Bill Oreilley and their lying biased guests. I am sick that Rove and many of these other hard line lying idiots even have a forum. Fox News commentators have been among the leading and harshest critics of Obama with Glenn Beck suggesting he is a racist trying to take America down the path to Communist and Huckabee saying that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama was little more than a joke. They are purposely feeding the nut cases.
The White House has taken exception, in particular, to some of these commentators evident delight in some of the administration’s setbacks. Faux has taken it upon themselves to make Obama fail and to carry the torch of Bush Cheney and the Fascist Republican party. We have been watching tit for tat between Fox and MSNBC primarily between Oreilley and Hannity on Fox and Olbermann and Ed on MSNBC. I have to admit it is obvious there has been intentional misrepresentation from Fox commentators. Obama vs. Fox News: Now, the gloves are off

I agree that the White House does have to step into this and it peeves me that Faux has put them into a position that they are forced to play this game. I agree that the news is fair and balanced that is not the issue the talk shows and their guests are biased and fueling the fire of the nut case. We keep hearing the BS excuse that Fox is not responsible for Hannity Oreilley and their guests and opinions but I beg to differ.The station owners are accountable for who they pay and what they say! White House: Fox News 'a wing of the Republican Party'

Jeffrey Immelt, chairman of G.E., and his counterpart at the News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch said they express regrets over what has been said but that is BS! With me it has nothing to do with party. Right is right and wrong is wrong. MSNBC has been right and Fox has been wrong. Murdoch should step up and put an end to what he is facilitating. This is not good for they country and that has to be the bottom line like it or not. Think Progress » A truce between MSNBC and Fox News?

You can check out this link comparing Obama's White house to that of Nixon Agnew. What a bunch of BS! The White House is not being thinned skinned. They are not punishing Fox for its point of view. White House war on Fox: Echoes of Nixon-Agnew

In closing: I wish Fox and MSNBC coud stop the feud but the lies have to stop and Murdoch must hold everyone accountable but will not. The White House though is doing the right thing though a little late. Faux talk shows have been whipping the nut cases up egging them to hate and fear Obama and Democrats. That has to be highlighted and reigned in before Republicans succeed in instigating their 2nd Revolution or succeed in spurring a nutcase to shooting Obama.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Rupert Murdoch won't quit. Fox is a reflection of his views. If you ever take a look at the parent company's holdings, News Corporation, is it disturbing, he is attempting to dominate in every major world market. He is essentially a newspaper man, but his son, James, is the satellite TV, internet, all modern media etc. The pet peeves of the Murdoch clan is the BBC and NPR, they cannot stand competing with organizations, that just dish out plain old news with very little opinion. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The London Times, The Australian, Fox News, SKY News in the UK, half the media in Australia, countless other newspapers and radio stations, publishing houses around the world. The Murdochs are all about opinion and control.

an average patriot said...

I know Holte! The only way it will stop is if Murdoch calls off his dogs and he will not, he loves this. It sickens me! They say the news is fair and balanced and it ma be though they pick what they cover but it is the shows and their guests like Beck Limbaugh and Rove that dish out the disinformation!

Demeur said...

Fear not Jim. First anyone with half a brain knows that "Fixed News" is not news but opinion. Second Murdoch has been losing money on both his newspapers and cable. If they ever let the consumer decide their own channel line ups then Faux Noise is dead. They've lost over 60 sponsors in the last few weeks and you can't stay in business much longer doing that.

Dave Dubya said...

The ONLY way the Right can have power is through deception. They need to constantly lie to dupe enough people in order to get the votes to empower the GOP. (Greedy Obnoxious Plutocrats)

It is not enough that most democrats are fellow corporatists. They demand complete control. Anyone opposing them are considered not merely as adversaries, but as enemies.

They are bloody dangerous, as we have seen.

Holte Ender said...

Demeur - I have been saying, people should choose their own cable line-ups for years. It is such a scam right now. The thing is, it is so technologically viable, and they still won't do it. I don't want three quarters of the channels I am forced to pay for. I blame Rupert Murdoch.

an average patriot said...

Demeur People still defend that Faux crap! On the public media site I write on they were saying we need them. Yeah like a hole in the head!

an average patriot said...

Very dangerous Dave that as you know is the problem. They are feeding the idiots hoping to get their 2nd revolution or Obama shot. They have to be stopped!

an average patriot said...

Holte Murdoch is a danger to this country and it pisses me off too that we have to pay for all those worthless channels. Taken to the cleaners in every instance. It stinks!