Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama does deserve the peace prize, he gives the entire world hope for a peaceful unified future!

His accomplishment is turning the world away from WW3 that Bush had us headed. Undoubtedly he can thank Bush and the mess he made out of US and world order for being awarded the Nobel Peace prize. I am sick of hearing he has accomplished nothing and it is too early. BS! The entire world feels hope with the exception of the Republicans who want him to fail at every time. They are angry!

I think that is fantastic not because of his accomplishments but because of his efforts to unite the world. It is a bit ironic for the President of a country fighting two wars to win the peace prize.

However if he can bring peace to the middle east and bring Afghanistan to a successful conclusion. This award will be a fitting tribute and a message to the entire world to cooperate with Obama. This is big! A peace prize for hope not accomplishments man are we desperate!

Now let's see what the world does with the foundation President Obama has laid! We lost any hope for the future because of Bush's war mongering and the world unifying to take the US on! The entire world now sees hope for the future once again. There may be peace yet! I have been listening to people laughing about Obama getting the prize saying he did nothing! It was mentioned that Reagan should have gotten it. Hell Reagan started the mess with his over spending and war mongering that Bush was following. Obama is the shining knight the entire world has been waiting for.

He gives us all hope for peace! Regardless of Politics we should all be proud of Obama as our leader getting one for the team for a change instead of taking one! Obama has already changed the direction os the US and the world. Under Bush in our future the entire world saw nothing but death destruction and WW3. Obama has set us on the course to world peace. It is up to th entire world which road they choose.

Nostradamus gabve us two roads to take into the future. Bush had us on the wrong road. The road to death destruction and a world shattering forever war. The entire world recognizes that under Obama he hit the cross roads and now has us on the right road. The road to a successful future or a chance of it. Obama has set the direction but it is up to the world which road we will travel. It is absolutely right that President Obama be recognized for the chance he has given us.

He is the right man at the right time to change and make History. It is up to all of us to take advantage of this opportunity let us not blow it! You know the awesome load he is carrying!He did this despite the Republicans hoping and working for his failure the whole way. They are the loudest in saying he is not worthy of the award but he is. Republicans are the big losers. They have failed again and proved as party leaders they are not worthy of calling themselves Americans. Just look at this! Analysis: Peace Prize Awarded Based on Achievement or Aspirations

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Obama 'humbled' to win Nobel Peace Prize


Holte Ender said...

I agree, the award is like being presented with a gold medal at the Olympics before the race is over, but it is a race the world wants Obama to win, the alternative is dark. The Peace Prize is clearly an encouraging pat on the back from a prestigious organization. No one questions the other prizes they give out, Literature, Medicine, Physics etc., the griping about Obama's win, is purely political.

jmsjoin said...

All right Holte glad to hear it! Thanks to him we took a U turn it is up to the world where they go from here!

Lily said...

Just read your older post about Kalashnikov filing for bankrupcy - well isn't that typical for the economy of a communistic/socialitic state?! It even turns to rat shit when they've got a good and decent product which actually is in demand!
Mind you, that in itself is a weapon of massdestruction! You should have seen the destruction and suppression that this scarcity which was just absolutely everywhere had created in the people and in their countries! - those people were genuinely deprived of every chances and opportunities in life and they would usually die much before their time - naturally of bad health.

As for a decent product: I think it's not unlikely that the german guy was involved; afterall the AK47 WORKS and it works in all kinds of conditions, like you and Brother Tim have pointed out very rightfully, and that is not something you can usually say about russian equipment, is it?!

As for Obama: congrats, but I do agree with his own statement, it belongs to the people who were and are willing to work for a better world. I think he's handling it the right way and I hope everybody will feel encouraged to continue to help.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Sarah
It is funny you pointed that out about Russia and Germany because I didn't think of it that way but you're right!

Lily said...

yeah Jim, that's one of the few good things you can say about the Germans:
whatever they buikd is solid, reliable and ugly. but it lasts and lasts and lasts... for at least an eternity - you can't kill it even if you want to! And believe me at some point you really want to because it's just so darn ugly and lacking all luxuries... but it just won't break down no matter what you do

mind you they also build quite some decent tanks... whereas the Russians... well, well, well... whatever doesn't backfire will probably not start in the first place... apart from choppers of course...

jmsjoin said...

Sarah you are too funny. That is absolutely true. When I was there we lived in the WW2 barracks. The walls were about 2 feet thick with bunkers in the back. There were fortifications everywhere. German houses had amenities we did not but we have them now. If nothing else the Germans have brains!

Lily said...

well I'm not so sure about the brains... but who knows, perhaps you're right, depending on what you compare them to and if they do chose to switch it on!

I have always known them to be afraid enough to follow orders and then in a covert way sabotaging everything afterwards... You know cheating the authorities is a national sport there!

re your deployment... always meant to ask you: where were you stationed and when was it?

Demeur said...

On the AK47 issue I recall one survivalist finally comming to the realization that for the cost of one of these weapons he could feed his entire neighborhood for a year.
As for the Nobel I seem to recall Kissinger won one while Vietnam was still going on and Arrafat won one in the middle east for his efforts.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Sarah
I was at Ramstein in the mid 70s!
I can't think of the guys name but the Germans ended up running NASA and designing weapons for us.

jmsjoin said...

Yeah you're right about Kissinger. The prize seems to be used to send a message and I wonder what that one was? Funny but in one of those links they were saying you can pick up an AK for $50. With so many countries making them I guess they will always be around!

jmsjoin said...

Yeah you're right about Kissinger. The prize seems to be used to send a message and I wonder what that one was? Funny but in one of those links they were saying you can pick up an AK for $50. With so many countries making them I guess they will always be around!

Lily said...

Yep Demeur you got a point! However it seems they hide them down there in iraq and the like under the bed together with a couple of years' income in worthless currancy... makes you wonder how they can efford that and all the other hardwear which is a whole lot more expensive...

Kissinger... well i'm not a fan either, BUT I'm a fan of someone who he had working for him. can't remember quite his nane, i think it was Willam Ury... anyway it's the guy who wrote "getting past no" and "getting to yes" and he's quite a negociater! as a matter of fact he and people like thim are in my opinion to be thanked for that the world hasn't gone up in smoke so far! so really kissinger should have just passed on the award to him!

Ramstein - where the heck is that? Ruhr destrict or something like that? center or south of the country?

you know funny about how easily you can get ahold of weapons and drugs, but don't get caught using vitamins in high dosages or carrying a knife! seriously my husband told me today that they changed the law here recently and that i could go to jail just for carrying what I normally carry by myself. and it's not even intended for selfdefence, i just need a tool once in a while...

jmsjoin said...

Hi Sarah! I wonder what happened I replied a while ago. Anyway I was stationed at Ramstein after Vietnam!

The German's ran NASA after WW2 and helped extensively with our Rocket program. Goddard sounds familiar. I am sure the Brits did too but we brought whoever could hel[ us back to the US!

Lily said...

geez they really send you to germany after Nam? why the hell would the do that? I mean it usually was German OR seeing Charlie...

well I wouldn't exactly say the germans RAN NASA... but Wernherr von braun was definitely in demand and naturally didn't seem to have much of a conctients... i mean if you just think of the conditions under which the Nazis had manufactured the V2...uagh! and that's of course one of those things that people just keep quiet about forever and ever more... saw a movie last night about a recue op on the Philippines during WWII, where they actually managed to free 511 POWs. the movie wasn't all too realisticat all, pretty much toned down the conditions in such camps... and the Japs looked almost humane, despite some signs of cruelty... why i'm saying this? Well they keep making movies like that but you really gotta ask yourself why. What's the purpose? just PR/propaganda? Because it surely didn't have too much entertainment value, since it would have turned most people's stomach - but what really bothers me: the real horror and what people really are experiencing/going through will never be known. and that's always like that!

So how was Nam? Worse than childhood? Did you hunt down some hamburgers?

jmsjoin said...

Hi Sarah
Check out the last paragraph! T-Force: The Race for Nazi War Secrets, 1945 by Sean Longden :: 2009-09-20
Ian Fleming's James Bond novel Moonraker - about a villain with nuclear-rocket technology - was inspired by author's real-life WWII experiences in a secret military unit. Fleming worked with Target-Force, which brought Nazi rocket scientists to UK before they were seized by the Russians. Military historian Sean Longden has spotted uncanny similarities between Fleming's work and the Moonraker. plot. For example Bond villain Hugo Drax's Moonraker project was similar to Operation Backfire (a British project to test Nazi V2 rockets). Drax's henchman Dr Walter was in real life Dr Hellmuth Walter, who ran the Walterwerke factory (the V1 and V2 rocket engines). [V2 Rocket]

jmsjoin said...

I had to break this into 3 parts!
True stories of treasure hunters, metal detectors and buried treasures.

Dark Side of the Moon: Wernher von Braun, the Third Reich, and the Space Race [book review] :: 2009-08-17
Though rocket scientist Wernher von Braun is championed for helping the US to win the space race, his ties to the Nazis in Third Reich make him deserving of harsh criticism, author Wayne Biddle states. Von Braun surrendered to American forces just before WW2 ended, moving to the US. When questioned about his role in developing the V-2 rockets, von Braun said his focus was just in space travel. But declassified files and interviews with Nazi labor camp survivors, reveal von Braun as an opportunist who fully accepted his orders to create weapons, not spaceships. He was also far more aware of terrible conditions in the V-2 factory than he admitted. [Buy from Amazon: US, UK, CA, DE, FR] [Nazi scientists and science]

Should we use the unique data from Nazi medical experiments :: 2009-08-04
Nazi doctors conducted medical experiments on prisoners in several Nazi camps. The subjects were forced or tricked into taking part in the procedures, which often ended in death or deformity. The experiments yielded reams of data on the genetics of twins, hypothermia, malaria, tuberculosis, the use of antibiotics, drinking sea water, sterilization, poisoning, and low-pressure conditions. Such abuse of humans is unlikely ever to be repeated, therefore the data gathered is unique. Should it be ignored, having been obtained so objectionably - or should it be put to good use and thus render meaningful the ultimate sacrifices by the victims?

jmsjoin said...

One of the greatest heists of all time: The theft of German patents after World War II :: 2009-07-28
In Wright-Patterson Field in Ohio, in the Library of Congress and in the Department of Commerce in Washington, is a huge load of 1,500 tons of German patents and research papers - all looted after the war. One American bureaucrat called it "the first orderly exploitation of an entire country's brain power." Luckily, it was for the benefit of the US, which, having foiled Adolf Hitler's crusade against the Soviet Union, had to face the same task against communism. The beginning of the project to grab German secrets was in 1944, when, astonished by German technology from rockets and jets to Tiger tanks, a Joint Intelligence Objectives committee was set up to seize Nazi inventions. [End of WW2 - Aftermath]

The Rocket Man - 20 min documentary film about Wernher von Braun huntsvilletimes :: 2009-07-19
20-minute documentary film "Wernher von Braun: The Rocket Man" uses archival footage and associates' words to explore 4 decades of his career, from work in Nazi Germany through the Saturn/Apollo years and his campaign in the 1970s to create the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and Space Camp program. The film is produced and written by Ed Buckbee - a former NASA public affairs officer - who reveals that von Braun, in addition to being a visionary and the engineer and manager behind the Saturn V moon rocket and Apollo landings, was a natural for the cameras. The film also includes recent interviews with people who knew von Braun well, like his secretary Bonnie Holmes. [World War II Documentary films]

How chemists helped win World War II by developing synthetic rubber :: 2009-05-16
Without them, America and the Allies could not have won World War 2. A band of Akron chemists created synthetic rubber in the 1940's. Their largely unsung history is kept alive through hundreds of hours of audio recordings at the University of Akronv. You can listen an extended excerpt from an interview with E.J. Thomas from the Rubber Division archives online. [Nazi scientists and science]

Konrad Dannenberg: German rocket scientist who helped put man on moon :: 2009-02-18
Konrad Dannenberg, a German rocket scientist who was part of the Wernher von Braun team that helped put the first American astronauts on the moon, has passed away at the age 96. Once part of Nazi war machine, Dannenberg and von Braun team members were brought to the U.S. to compete against the Soviet Union in space. Only a half dozen of the 118 Nazi scientists who came to Huntsville in 1950 with von Braun are still alive. During World War Two, Dannenberg left the battlefield to work on the V-2 rocket at Peenemunde. Of all his rocket launches the most memorable is the test launch of the V-2 on Oct. 3, 1942: the V-2 soared 53 miles high

Oh yeah belief is here that the Germans had nothing over the Japanese. Ever hear of the Bataan death march or some of the other atrocities?
Last thing! I was in during Vietnam but unlike all my friends I did not go!

Lily said...

what you didn't go to Nam afterall??? how come?

Yep, heard about the Bataan death march and many others...
interviewed an ex-Nazi-soldier who had been on a different kind of death march... rather bizarr story... and he's still got a bullet stuck in his throat after all those years...

interesting data you've put into the last three posts and definitely worth for people to know.
But as far as I am concerned, I've got a lot of my info from eyewhitnesses - which did come at a price, so the horrors of the Nazis aren't exactly news to me and they still had quite a subpressive influence on my life, even though I was only born in 1964...

I think all those documentries are interestung and good to show to those who don't know yet or had no connection to it, but they hardly ever tell the whole truth.
Like when you know people who actually have been in a concentration camp, when you know exactly what has been behind Hitler and had see the facilities, have been mistreated by some of the svines that haven't been out of the business sfter the war, then it all of a sudden becomes a bit more real and you can imagine just how far it went and just how sick it really is.
As shocking as some documentries may apprear to be, they only scratch the surface, the real extend of the horrors will never be known to the world.

Larry said...

My problem with this is when is Obama going to get us off the road of war that Bush drug us on.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Sarah! No my brother and I volunteered for the marines and to go but they sent us elsewhere. I have friends that still suffer from ptsd and one of my buds had another shoot him in the leg so he would not have to go back but they patched him up and sent him back. He ended up becoming a cop, funny huh?

jmsjoin said...

Larry my friend I never see that changing!