Monday, October 12, 2009

We can not listen to McChrystal the Afghanistan mission was against Al Qaeda not to take on Islam!

We keep hearing McChrystal is supposed to be the most qualified of Generals making counterinsurgency his career including heading Cheney's assassin squad and his advice should be adhered to.

With that said he should be ignored and reeducated as to what the mission is. Up to now no one has done it but Obama might if he listens to Biden and Cleland. We have got to change course in Afghanistan so we can concentrate on Al Qaeda around the world.

Our soldiers did their job send them home. Unless their job is to create as many enemies as possible which is all they are doing in Afghanistan get them out.

Getting rid of Al Qaeda and eliminating their Afghan safe haven was supposed to be the goal not building a puppet Government like in Vietnam. Staying in Afghanistan I understand has only brought a threat from the Taliban to attack us in the US once they get us out of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban and they said they would keep Al Qaeda out, sounds like all the win we are going to get let's go home with our heads up. We are only making more enemies. If the goal is to take on Islam we are headed towards success.

The alternative to getting out now is adding more troops and staying there in the forever war Bush set up. Maybe with our failing economy the idea is to keep us going on a permanent war economy? What do you think? In regards to what to do in Afghanistan I was listening to an interview by Christiane Amanpour of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and our other so called expert on what to do in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

They said we have two options making the issue black and white, right or wrong, which only highlights the politicization of the issue. Our choices are not All in or Withdraw. Making this an issue of doing it the Republican way or the Democrat way is the problem. Think! Do it the right way!

Refocus the mission! After 8 years of mismanagement under Bush it is right that Obama take time think and listen to good advice not war mongering Republicans. McChrystal is out to accomplish the wrong goal! Listen to Max Cleland who has learned the lessons of Vietnam the hard way. Listen to Biden! Listen to McCain, then think about it and do the right thing.

They may be now but the Taliban was not the enemy Al Qaeda was and is they attacked us not the Taliban. We keep hearing the Taliban are resurging. Who the hell cares as long as they stay in Afghanistan. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY! At least they weren't! Or is the friggen goal to see how many Muslim's we can get to fight us? Get out and Monitor them with drones. Obama said the Taliban has a place in Afghanistan, give it to them

Work on Al Qaeda around the world! Afghanistan and the Taliban as I said were not the enemy though they may be now! Karzai is using us so he can steal Afghanistan for him and his brother! We do not need a hundred years ground war unless keeping our military and a war going in Afghanistan is how they plan on saving and driving our economy! Who the hell cares if Afghanistan is a safe haven for the Taliban it is their country. As long as they keep out Al Qaeda leave them alone if possible and monitor them!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

McChrystal is fighting this just like Vietnam. The difference here is that we're not fighting Russia and China by proxy. The stategy here was too little too late. Not enough troops to begin with and no effort to establish security after an area was taken. If you were caught between two powers the only way to survive is to go along with whatever power is in your village at the moment.
I think you're right on this. If we remove ourselves from the equation then the Taliban would have no boogyman to blame.

Holte Ender said...

As usual military powers go into tribal lands and destabilize an area as big as Texas. What a mess. If all troops were pulled out there would be a three-way civil war, Karzai has his tribal followers, Abdullah Abdullah has his and then there is the Taliban, who knows how many followers they have, perhaps not that many, but enough to cause trouble. Al Qaeda was always the reason for going there in the first place. Al Quaeda's objective was always chaos. Job done.

Dave Dubya said...

McChrystal and the warmongers are only interested in war for their own advancement and power.

What would happen if these "patriots" were asked to take a demotion and pay cut as proof of their dedication and commitment to success?

an average patriot said...

Thanks Demeur he is and he has it all wrong! I think Max Cleland has it dead on. I hope Obama listens!

an average patriot said...

Bingo Holte let's go home. Let them have at each other and they won't have time for us!

an average patriot said...

Right Dave! The idea is not to subjugate Afghanistan. We were to remove Al Qaeda. They are gone and the Taliban said they will keep them out or kick us out and then come after us here. Let them have at each other!

One Fly said...

something here for you Jim