Sunday, October 18, 2009

South Waziristan the Hub, the Taliban Epicenter under attack by the Government despite Taliban attacks and threats!

Despite threats and numerous recent bombings from the Taliban if this stronghold was attacked by the Pakistani Government we knew the Government of Pakistan was necessarily getting more resolved to go into South Waziristan and clear out the militant hornets nest. It is now underway and thank God the Government has the Lashkar helping them!

I was very impressed watching these people. I just watched the video for the sixth time. I have never seen this kind of a greeting given to the Pakistani army and American reporters. We usually see the brandishing of weapons and zealous firing into the air and enthusiasm coming from the Taliban and other interests trying to take down one Government or another and to kill Americans. I recommend watching this I am not the only one who needs a boost. Volunteer militias push back Taliban

In the north western frontier soldiers were moving in a pincer movement from government areas in Razmak in the north into Makeen; from Wana in the west into Kani Gurram, and from Jandola in the east into Spinkai Raghzai. Reinforced by Pakistani fighter jets and watched over head by US drones ready to strike at available Taliban Al Qaeda militant targets.

The region is inside a ring of government-held towns of Jandola, Razmak and Shakhai, is the homeland of the Mehsud tribe.The death of Baitullah Mehsud I believe is what set all this in motion. You would be wrong to think the militants are on the run but they are under pressure and Pakistan will not relent. Pakistan Moves Troops Into Taliban Stronghold 60 militants killed in Pakistan's tribal area operation

The attack started Friday night and the Taliban backing up threats in some cases is actually bringing the fight to the Government. This is a defining moment. 80,000 of the 1/2 million area residents are on the move as a result of the fighting further complicating the Governments efforts. 28,000 Government troops are taking on some 10 to 15,000 militants many of them from the Mehsud tribe, hardened, desperate to kill and on their own turf.

In this mountainous terrain long avoided by the Pakistani Government at elevations from 7 to 8,000 feet this is going to be a long tough fight! In fact it is being called the mother of all battles and it will be a mother! This is the third attempt by the Pakistani Government having sued for peace and withdraw in the past. They can not fail this time!

It will be a huge setback if they are not successful in fact think about it, it would be catastrophic and short of putting boots on the ground we better be doing what we can behind the scenes to make sure they succeed! I am concerned about Pakistan's nukes falling into militant hands but not like I used to be. Despite a recent increase in bombings on Government buildings specifically targeting where the attack on South Waziristan was being planned I think it will backfire and Pakistan can do this!

I am impressed with Pakistan and her military as I have said many times. I have more trust in Pakistan's ability to deal with the Taliban and other militants than with ours. Good luck and God bless, God bless the Lashkar too they are pivotal in this!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

It is the American Reich Wing "Taliban" that is the threat to our freedoms and democracy.

The Afghan Taliban were not our enemies until we attacked them. Al Qaeda were not our enemies until we occupied Muslim land.

The US can stop the madness by leaving them alone.

Fat chance. Obama is hung up on his "war of necessity". His flaw is confusing military strategy with sound foreign policy.

an average patriot said...

Dave, Obama I am convinced will make this worse unless he takes Cleland's advice. You are right! We did all of this. That is why it has always pissed me off that Bush said we did nothing to deserve this. What? We did everything!

I said it in the past but yesterday I was talking to my gun toting Republican son who is a career man running our EOD school and he nailed it.

I disagree with his lack of tact but he said we should kill them all.

That is a bit harsh but I do agree that we are going to end up taking on Islam period. To be safe we will have to banish them to their own countries and monitor them.

Remember the movie in the 60s "the prisoner" Loved it and that is what we are going to have to do on a large scale or worse!

Demeur said...

Well Jim we did just authorize another $7 billion for the Pakistan military. If that isn't enough to finance them for the next 25 years then I don't know. Remember we're dealing with a near third world country here.
I really have my doubts about the whole situation. It's almost like the Mexican drug war. Leaders get killed and the next guy steps in and the war goes on.

Then another thought came to me today. We're financing both sides of this war. We pay for oil and you know some of that is skimmed off to go to Al Qaeda. Then we give big bucks to Afghanistan and Pakistan to their military to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda. And the military funds are borrowed money. How stupid are we?

Holte Ender said...

Demeur makes a good point about us financing both sides. The American taxpayer, an equally opportunity war financier. It wouldn't take 30 minutes to explain all that to the public. Nobody will do it.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I have my doubts too but in that I see this going on 100 years unless we quit. I said years ago that if we do not say uncle this is going to dwarf the 100 years war. That is why I called it Bush's Forever war and why we are going to have to stay with China who with their $2 trillion surplus will have to fund it!

an average patriot said...

You know Holte, it really stinks but we are funding both sides and our war economy is what is keeping us going. That bailouts and Government jobs including the prospering military is what seems to be keeping us going!

Larry said...

What happened to the guy when running for President said he was going to end the war in Iraq, and said he would talk peace to the enemy instead of promoting war?

an average patriot said...

I know Larry
I think I told you but I have a friend who is a nuclear scientist and anthrax adviser who is a contractor to the Government.

I really wish you could talk to him because you would love it. He is a brainiac but so down to earth.

You should hear what he said about the Anthrax and everything else. Anyway he said and I agree that if Obama stops the wars he will be killed and I think he knows it!