Friday, October 02, 2009

Republicans want you do die Quickly if you get sick!

Representative Alan Grayson, Republicans want you to die quickly

They may not want to hear it but Representative Grayson is entirely right. Let's cut to the chase! advocating staying with our current broken health care system which the insurance companies control whether you live or die or get coverage translates to die quickly and get out of our hair. Republicans love their bosses system where they control whether you live or die and if you are sick they limit how much care you get period.

No one period can deny that Republicans, Blue dogs, and their owners the insurance companies want to keep it that way. Die quickly can not be denied. It would not save them any money as they are not spending it. It would save them from the liability of their actions. They will not cover you if you are sick already and if you get sick they cape how much they will spend on you. This unequivocally means Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. That can not be denied!

Republicans and Blue dogs work for the insurance companies not we the people! Why does the truth hurt? You do not apologize for the truth! Remember when Wilson lied and interrupted President Obama calling him a liar? He would not go on the floor and apologize for lying there is absolutely no need for Grayson to go on the floor and apologize for telling the truth.

Citing a Harvard University study released this month that said 44,000 Americans die each year because they have no health insurance I absolutely agree with Grayson that there is no excuse for this in America and he should not have apologized to Republicans for telling the truth. He was right saying he did apologize but he apologized to those that died and their families for failing to pass reform yet. He pointed out that 10 times more are allowed to die every year than have died in Iraq. Grayson stands by "Republicans want you to Die Quickly" statement and I agree 100%

Representative Grayson is entirely right but he should go one step further. He should be the one demanding an apology! He should demand an apology from Republicans, Blue dogs and all of Congress for doing nothing period for years. That said he should get back on the floor and demand an apology be given directly to the American people and then the next chance we get vote them all out!

In closing: Republicans have never wanted to do anything about improving our pro insurance industry health care system! They still insist every one in the country has health care and it is the best in the world. Is that our welfare system? We are on the bottom of the entire so called civilized world. and many are ending up there not only because they lost their jobs and can not pay their bills but because they are sick and can not get coverage. Thank Republicans, than the Blue dogs, thank their Bosses the Insurance companies. Apologize yeah right!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

If even HALF the dems had the guts of Grayson we'd see single payer health care.

Just think if the health insurance companies were correctly identified as the real death panels. I guess that's a kind of truth Americans can't handle.

an average patriot said...

Paling people say she exposed death panels what a joke. We have death panels right now and she will not expose them because it is the insurance companies who decide who lives and dies and who is covered and they want to keep it that way that is the whole problem!


So they are great believers in war of attrition!

Sonovagun! No wonder Bush enjoyed his war ON Iraq...