Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's about damn time as Obama says Taliban can be involved in Afghanistan's future. Now I can see victory!

First by now everyone knows Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and I think that is fantastic not because of his accomplishments but because of his efforts to unite the world. It is a bit ironic for the President of a country fighting two wars to win the peace prize. However if he can bring peace to the middle east and bring Afghanistan to a successful conclusion. This award will be a fitting tribute and a message to the entire world to cooperate with Obama. This is big! A peace prize for hope not accomplishments man are we desperate!

The Taliban have proven to be very politically astute. They are protecting the citizen's whenever possible and making it known to the Americans that they will no longer cooperate with Al-Qaida or provide them safe haven. Next step will be if they would guarantee to route out Al Qaeda then we can go home or more aptly concentrate on helping Pakistan who has been increasingly successful in routing out Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I can now see success where I only saw failure because Bush turned his back on Afghanistan for 8 years! Max Cleland recounts Vietnam compares Afghanistan

I am finally hearing the right advice and it looks like Obama is going to take it. The Republicans of course want a surge with 40,000 more troops sent to be killed. Obama may send a few thousand more but it looks like he is listening to the likes of VP Biden and max Cleland. It is about time we have a President capable of thought! It is about friggen time! On the video they recognize that the Taliban is an indigenous part of Afghan society and will not be defeated. About damn time!

The Taliban is not the enemy Al Qaeda is. They are the ones that attacked us and they have essentially been routed! Obama has this right!
It is about time we have a President that knows how to listen to good advice and is capable of thought. Obama is right to ignore Republicans demanding that he listen to McChrystal and immediately send an additional 40,000 troops to their death. You could add a million troops and it would do nothing but draw more martyrs to the Taliban cause!

Obama will add some troops for now but is listening to the likes of Max Cleland and Joe Biden. At this critical time Biden has become increasingly vocal on what to do in Afghanistan. I agree with him that there should be no more troops and drones should be used to go after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Leave the Taliban alone they are part of Afghanistan. Barack Obama: Taliban can be involved in Afghanistan future

Biden is disenchanted with Karzai's misleadership and corruptitude as we all are! Cleland is also right! More troops will only be more for the Taliban to kill. McChrystal would be right if the Taliban was our enemy but they are not so he and Republicans are wrong. The Taliban have said they will keep out Al Qaeda so we should concentrate on the border and help Pakistan against Al Qaeda. They are the enemy. They attacked us not the Taliban.

In Afghanistan we have another Vietnam only because Bush created it by diverting to Iraq to make a new middle east (dis)order! Cleland says get out now and he is right! Why does Obama insist on sending even one more troop to their grave? Is it because he knows if he pulls out he will be killed? Afghanistan is another Vietnam and we have duplicated every mistake including installing a puppet Government. We must get out now! I know Obama has been President for less than a year but to me he has yet to do anything right or get anything done. Victory in Afghanistan will make everything right and I can now see that happening! No Government in Kabul and the people are indifferent that tells me it is Taliban deal time!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Video: Taliban attacks heat up in Afghanistan


Holte Ender said...

How do you tell the difference between the Taliban and Al Qaeda? Perhaps the Taliban are more likely to be Afghani and have a home base, but how do you decide who is who? It is a very precarious situation when it is said we are going after one and not the other. The only way to be sure is if the Taliban take up arms against Al Qaeda, just like the tribes from the border regions of Pakistan are doing.

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh, I couldn't tell you but I am sure they know! We keep hearing there are only about 100 left there, how the hell do they know?

Holte Ender said...

If there is only about a 100 left, or, lets be generous, a 1,000, the 100,000 NATO and US troops in Afghanistan should be able to take of them?

Larry said...

In my mind it doesn't matter if he sends 20,000 or 20 we still should not be there, and every day we are is more opportunity for more wars.