Saturday, October 03, 2009

America and 5 other countries think they had fruitful talks with Iran do you?

Iran Nuclear Talks: Geneva Press Conference by Solana

Full Netanyahu UN Speech Part 1 of 4

Obama gave Iran two weeks to foreclose its true nuclear intentions. Most do not know it but that two week deadline is more critical than you realize because of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu! I keep hearing that Obama knew about Qom before his speech in Cairo and at the UN but said nothing. He was protecting his image of being the unifier not Bush the divider so I have to ask why didn't Bush say anything and why is that never mentioned?

We know we cannot trust Iran and likewise we can not trust Israel either. We are going to get dragged into this too one way or the other unless we leave Israel up to her fate. After all I reiterate who the hell are we to dictate to Iran what they can and can't do? After all we have no clout anyway and from what I can see in that we have no idea what Iran's uranium enrichment capabilities really are so we are very likely doing them a favor making a deal to have their uranium enriched in a 3rd party Nation!

We keep hearing that Iranian's do not want to be isolated but I think that is a crock because neither China nor Russia seem to be on board with new sanctions. Lining up the Nations involved will be step one unless we go it alone again after playing the sanction game as we did in Iraq. We hear that more talks have been agreed to but we all know talk is cheap!

It is once again a cheap shot at Obama when his critics keep pointing out that the French said Obama was not tough enough and if they say that we are in trouble. I am sick of using the French who are perceived as week by the war mongering Republicans to show how wrong Obama is! Despite what Republicans say we can not squeeze Iran too much because if we do not give them gas and the citizens can not drive their care despite Ahmadinejad the dictator stealing the election we will only unify the Nation of Iran behind him!

I can not see us attacking Iran but unequivocally we can see Israel doing it and soon! There are those including me that give us two weeks one month at the out most before Netanyahu takes matters into his own hands and attacks Iran's nuclear facilities permission to over fly Iraqi air space or not. That is why Obama gave Iran two weeks to declare their real intentions. I wonder if Obama mentioned that little point? Q+A: What's behind Geneva agreement on Iran's enriched uranium?

Please allow me to point out something I said years ago and it is true! Bush diverted from Afghanistan to attack Iraq to get us back into the middle east to help Israel with their so called buffer zone and new middle east order! Going after Iran is just one of the original goals. Bush and Cheney did everything possible to instigate war with the IRG (Iranian Revolutionary Guard) but failed Israel will not!

In Closing: Israel will attack Iran I have long been convinced that once they do coming to Israel's rescue would be Bush's in to war with Iran. It is still going to happen but under Obama! We are in the 11th Hour! I still think we can avert this. Let us hope this works out. If Iran gets nukes Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will try to get them. The future of the entire world is at stake here!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Holte Ender said...

The news coming out of Iran is confusing, there is all sorts of conflicting reports. It's getting hard to know what's what. I read in the New York Times 10 minutes ago they are are further along than we think, other sources say they are two years away? Probably somewhere in the middle is close to the truth.

an average patriot said...

I heard that, I just don't know. Are we pulling another Iraq? I just don't know any more!


What we are getting here is that Iran okd inspections.

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
That is what we are getting too! I do not know what that proves if anything. You know what I was thinking? They could have been playing us and not had the enrichment capabilities they said they did and now Russia is going to do it for them. They could be playing the same game Saddam did.



Have you heard?

The man who wants to obliterate the Jewish state of Israel from the face of the earth may in fact have Jewish roots

an average patriot said...

I have heard rumor of it but never read anything on it. Thanks for the link, wow!

an average patriot said...