Friday, October 16, 2009

The "new" Right is worse than ever as Lindsey Graham is called a traitor and in Bed with Kerry at town hall!

Lindsey Graham called a traitor asked why he's in bed with John Kerry

Keep America safe's BS about Obama: Rhetoric vs Reality

As you know, The lies and idiocy do not stop it only continues to get worse every day as Republicans get increasingly desperate to stop Obama, Democrats, and empathy. Lindsey Graham said Republicans are poised to come roaring back. God help us! He better look at his big tent party again, it is the Big Top party, a circus. I was stunned to hear Graham say Republicans are closer to Americans than Obama. Where has he been the last few years?

I was pretty happy seeing that at least Graham who I personally never liked realize the Republican party was too far right and too radical! Lindsey Graham is right saying the brand is tainted. It is! He said they lost their principles but they did not. They are simply showing their true colors. In the National Council for a new America you have the same old group choosing the old face as the new face of their party. Nothing has changed.

I was pretty pleased when Graham said that anyone who thinks President Obama was not born in Hawaii and not an American is just plain crazy! Finally someone in the Republican pipes up and says we must stop this! Graham: Obama is not a Muslim he is a good man. Let's knock this off! Now he is taking major heat from the crazies for trying to Right the party and the country. It really is dismaying!

I have always found Lindsey Graham to be way over the top! That said he sees his party getting too radical so he is trying to right it and I commend him for it! That said the birther Nazi town haller radicals heckling him saying him and others are not conservative enough and will be left by the road side. Please watch the video, these nuts are livid at the thought of unity in America!

I have been pretty happy with Graham of late but the Republican fringe does not share the enthusiasm and it twill take Boehner to step forward and he never will as he is one who wants a second revolution! The tea party activists are now saying they have to "purify" the party! Purify the party? Get real! If that is the case then disclaim the birthers and tea partiers as Graham has.

Get rid of the growing radical fringe before this blows! Recover the true, the real conservative party. There really are some good true conservatives! Instead a group called the tea party patriots vow to get rid of anyone that cooperates with John Kerry Barack Obama or Democrats. Some of them being dismissed as the radical fringe by their misleaders who condone what they say are calling Graham a traitor for saying sometimes you have to come together and do the right thing for the country!

Tea party organizer Allen Olson called Graham a RINO (Republican in name only) I have to say I disagree. I do not like him but he is a conservative and a good Republican but not a divisive radical and therein lies the problem! In the next breath Olson said there is no global warming. I mean get real! What percentage is man made or natural can be debated but like it or not Global warming is here!

He put the icing on his idiocy and made me cringe when he imbecilic ally said Palin would make a great President. I will never comprehend anyone thinking that ditz and insult to all women let alone qualified female politicians Sarah "Paling" is Presidential material. I mean cut the crap! That alone must tell serious Republicans that they must take their party back. Palin and Liz Cheney along with these crazies are the new face of the Republican party whether true conservatives like it or not and true conservatives better come forward enmasse or America will become a party on one, the Democratic party. Look at Liz at work, a true Cheney! Liz Cheney's New Group Blasts Obama Foreign Policy - The Note

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma


Lisa Allender said...

Although I'm certainly NOT a Conservative, I respected Conservatives who could debate well, and not name-call. Folks like William F. Buckley, etc...those days are long-gone. All I see in the Republican Party are extremists. There must be a few moderates, but WHERE ARE THEY?
That Lindsey Graham(God Bless him!) spoke up (and against!) the "Birthers", is definitely helpful, and I wish more conservatives and Repubs would speak up, too.
We could all be more respectful, and work together more easily, if the ridiculous "Birther" stuff would end!

an average patriot said...

I am sorry Lisa I missed this! All this ridiculous crap is designed to instigate those angry who want that they think they lost and that is control of their white America. The whole goal is to instigate their 2nd Revolution.

I saw something that floored me last night but I have something important for tomorrow so I will talk about the Oath Keepers in 2 days. Very disturbing!