Saturday, October 24, 2009

NATO endorses McChrystal plan, this does not pressure Obama it frees him up to follow Clelands plan and ignore Cheney!

US military families comment on Afghan war

US Lawmakers Hear Diverse Opinions on Afghanistan

NATO Defense Ministers Endorse Wider Afghan Effort

Karzai says wants "better" Afghan election run-off

Thanks to Cheney and Bush adding only 6,000 troops to combat the Taliban in Afghanistan and adding over 100,000 to fight their created unnecessary war in Iraq so they could get into the middle east to create what they thought would be a new middle east order Obama has to now clean up another of their created crises. Cheney should shut up and will not so he must be ignored. Watch the video on the US military families comments, listen to them and Max Cleland.

Obama has enough advice he does not need the advice of a deferment king who did not serve his country in combat but avoided it at all costs! He created the war in Afghanistan and used Bush to prosecute it. Did you ever read his plans? A clean Break

Cheney and Bush created this crisis and it is now Obama's to fix and fix it he will but not the way Cheney and others think. He will do as I would do! Listen to all advice chew it swallow it and regurgitate it as the right thing! I am glad NATO thinks McChrystal is right and they are ready to add more troops. I agree that they are right that training Afghani's and securing the citizen's should be the goal and the primary goal.

That said, combatants should not be added with the goal of hunting Al Qaeda. They, Mullah Omar, and Bin Laden are in Pakistan. Our combatants should largely be on the border after we hopefully secure some semblance of a fair election. Then I reiterate Karzai's brother is a drug lord and was found rigging ballots. Why would we think a new vote would bring new results? I just see increased violence and corruption in this battle between truth and fraud to control Afghanistan!

What we should do after the people get their central Government if that is what they want and not what Karzai wants is go home: I reiterate that Our soldiers did their job send them home. Unless their job is to create as many enemies as possible which is all they are doing in Afghanistan get them out. Getting rid of Al Qaeda and eliminating their Afghan safe haven was supposed to be the goal not building a puppet Government like in Vietnam.

Think! Do it the right way! Refocus the mission! After 8 years of mismanagement under Bush it is right that Obama take time think and listen to good advice not war mongering Republicans. Listen to Max Cleland who has learned the lessons of Vietnam the hard way. Listen to Biden! Listen to McCain, then think about it and do the right thing.

They may be now but the Taliban was not the enemy Al Qaeda was and is they attacked us not the Taliban. We keep hearing the Taliban are resurging. Who the hell cares as long as they stay in Afghanistan. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY! At least they weren't! Or is the friggen goal to see how many Muslim's we can get to fight us? Get out and Monitor them with drones.

Work on Al Qaeda around the world! Afghanistan and the Taliban as I said were not the enemy though they may be now! Karzai is using us so he can steal Afghanistan for him and his brother! We do not need a hundred years ground war unless keeping our military and a war going in Afghanistan is how they plan on saving and driving our economy! I have faith whatever he decides, Obama will do the right thing no matter how unpalatable it may be!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I seem to recall a general saying that there is no military solution in Afghanistan.

If you saw my post today a link from a Canadian blog reports that they're paying the Taliban not to attack. Yep time to get out.

Holte Ender said...

Cheney is s such a hypocrite, but why am I telling you stuff you already know.

I put no stock in what the NATO defense ministers say, I know the European people are not in favor of expanding the war, no matter what their politicians say. I notice NATO did not say they were going send more troops.

Robert Rouse said...

I have never before seen a previous administration bash the new one the way Cheney has done. Then again, every time Cheney or the right wing talk show pundits demonstrate their inability to be civil, the more splintered the Republican Party becomes. I have to wonder what the third party will be. Will it be made up of hard liners or moderates? The Republican party could splinter either way. I have a feeling the moderates will wrestle complete control from the Far Right Loonies. Look at Palin going to New York to endorse the 3rd party hard liner for Congress over the Republican moderate.

Yes, we need to refocus in Afghanistan. The Taliban and al Qaeda are our enemies, not the Afghans.

an average patriot said...

Hi everyone! My computer crashed yesterday and I spent 6 hours on it and had to pay 126 per hour for someone to help me. I am here for now but I do not know for how long as I still have a lot of problems. Bear with me! I hate theses friggen things!