Monday, October 19, 2009

The Texas sanctioned Willingham murder and cover up gets deeper and deeper! Please sign the petition!

petition I have been following this closely and as you know have written about it a couple of times already. I will not recap it but if you are curious look at and please sign the petition. You can contact the Governor directly and or look at some of the asinine horrible things that Perry is saying as he endeavors to cover this up!

I will just get into the latest nitty gritty BS as this cover up deepens! The half dozen arson experts that were used but ignored believe it was not Arson that started the fire! 17 years later and one Juror is sleepless with guilt hearing all the proof only now coming out and does not believe Todd Cameron Willingham lit the fire that killed his 3 young children. It gets worse!

This too was ignored to convict Willingham! In 1993 this Juror admitted that she personally knew the investigator that convicted Willingham but the Judge ignored that little conflict of interest! Willingham's ex wife did say Willingham told her while behind bars that he did it so she would stay with him. Killing someone's babies so they would stay with you? Come on! Willingham of course went to his death saying they are executing an innocent man. I agree!

Governor Perry says all the hype about hanging an innocent man is babble coming from anti Death Penalty organizations. Yeeaahhh? Anybody with any sense can see that an innocent man was executed. It has nothing to do with being anti Death penalty. I want to see Governor Perry prosecuted for murder! He knowingly executed an innocent man and is now trying to stack the deck to cover it up at least until he can he hopes get reelected!

Scientific advances have knowingly made the methods used to justify his execution invalid.There is more than one guilty party here. Seems the death penalty advocates were having a field day! Even Willingham's defense attorney still backs the faulty evidence to cover his hide and says Willingham was guilty! He stupidly said you do not believe the 6 experts. No? Then what the hell do you use them for? Believe them only if they concur with you?

The so called Defense Attorney said you test the evidence then decide for yourself! Why does that fly in the face of logic? These guys are murderers. We can not let them get away with this! Perry and the so called defense attorney say it is absurd to believe what they dismiss as Bunk! I say it is absurd to believe what Perry and this vile so called Defense Attorney say! He sounds like a prosecutor not a defense attorney.

In closing Every single fire and arson expert says the fire was not a case of arson and eliminated that possibility all together. That said, Willingham's so called Defense Attorney insists that it was set because he used an accelerant to start a fire with like materials to burn and it burned the same as a fire would having been started with an accelerant. Yeeaahhh! Now think...

This Death penalty advocate and "appointed" Death Penalty Lawyer I mean Defense Lawyer wanted Willingham put to death! He too should be investigated. Please, please, please sign the petition to hold Perry and Texas accountable for knowingly executing an innocent man. This Defense Lawyer and the whole mess fails the smell test miserably. In fact it stinks to high heaven. I often accuse lawyers of tying for the guilty. This defense attorney is lying for the innocent to put him too death.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

This is but another massive miscarraige of justice in the Great(?) State of Texas. There is no way to rescind a death, which is why civilized societies now ban the death penalty.

I am heading over to sign the petition. Jeez, I wish Texas really WOULD secede from the Union. Then the Mexican drug cartels could show them what real bad-asses act like.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately......... burnout. :)

Demeur said...

Sadly this won't change the blood thirsty Texans taste for executions. It was the reason Perry did it to appeal to his ignorant base.

I know what you mean Tim I'm running out of steam myself.

Holte Ender said...

I signed the petition last week, they have already contacted me asking for money. It's amazing that they have to reach outside the state of Texas to try and get justice.

Larry said...

Texas and George W Bush. The promoters of death.

Lisa Allender said...

Thank you, patriot, for posting this. I had heard the story(via Anderson Cooper, on CNN--I rarely watch CNN, but wanted more background on the story, so looked to Mr. Cooper, who is a wonderful investigative journalist).
I am against the death penalty for many reasons, and executing the innocent is just one(very valid!) reason to ban this business of death!

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother
I have had all kinds of problems and just got on, sorry I took so long! I am stunned that he can get away with this crap. I think we should let them secede and attack them for there oil, ha!

an average patriot said...

Demeur, Brother, I have been fighting burnout myself. Things are just getting worse and worse in every respect. WTF?

an average patriot said...

Holte I have been signing and passing out the petition since they sent it to me and they haven't asked me. I just want Perry held accountable!

an average patriot said...

Larry it pisses me off that Bush executed so many he was known as the Texecutioner! What Perry did is way too flagrant and he should be held accountable!

an average patriot said...

Thank you Lisa! I have posted updates a few times. We can not let him get away with this and just continue politics as usual after knowingly executing an innocent man for political gain!