Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Latest Republican Psycho babble!

Bush admits to some regrets! Ya think? Roger Ailes of Fox news may run for President in 2012! What? Is that the White House Fox war is setting up? Obama promoting volunteerism to save America called a liberal conspiracy! Sarah Palin Going Rogue comes out against a parody Sarah Palin Going Rouge!

Okay! Bush was speaking yesterday and he admitted to having some regrets over what he did during his Presidency! Main regret? During Katrina he now regrets not sending troops in immediately and that he should have done more! Ya think? Regret # 2: The dummy regrets the mission accomplished Banner hung on air craft carrier. With a classic Bush Freudian slip he said he regrets the "mission impossible" banner!

What about abandoning Afghanistan? What about illegally attacking Iraq? What about every other crisis he created during his so called "watch"? What about all his slam dunks that bit us in the rear? Regrets? The regret is ours that he ever happened in the first place to destroy America and world order creating the mess we are all living in and Obama is trying to deal with? Bush left proud of his accomplishments! Regrets?

Now this is funny! As you know, Sarah Palin the short term Alaska Governor who abandoned her post where she saw Russia from her house had someone write a book about her lies and idiocy titled Going Rogue. 4 months after abandoning her people! At the same time her book is coming out, the parody comic book version is coming out titled "Going Rouge"

I have to laugh I don't think she can even read. Knowing the class of people that follow her I have to wonder if they know the difference between Rouge and Rogue and will buy the right one! which one do you think will sell better? The comic book should far outsell Palings book of lies. If not it will only be because Oprah is going to interview her and promote the book. I predict another Oprah book scandal!

This really peeves me and has to be a joke! Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is contemplating running for President in 2012 at the prodding of friends. That really makes you wonder about his allowing the BS coming from talk show hosts and their guests. Is this what this so called war between Fox and the White House is all about? Is he gathering his following for a run? Is he setting the stage?Much is said about the White House getting involved with this but they must to avoid the anarchy Fox is instigating!

Ailes is the force, the mastermind behind all the negative Obama attack ads that keep backfiring on the Republican party insuring they remain "the pup tent" party. He will not run but I wish he would because it would mean another win for us! Running Fox is no preparation for taking on Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the so called war on terror. The fools on the right keep comparing Obama to Nixon and his enemies list so should Obama do the same and have the IRS audit Ailes! Think Progress » Roger Ailes for president in 2012?

Lastly, I have been pretty pleased with President Obama's efforts at promoting volunteerism as a way of uniting the country and helping the down trodden. He is not saying Democrats we want you to volunteer. He is not saying Republicans and Independents we want to brain wash you into becoming Democrats. He is saying to all Americans "volunteer" to help our America! Remember America? That is what this should all be about not Republicans and Democrats! Obama asks nation to participate in volunteer services

Obama promoting volunteerism is a liberal conspiracy! Beck said it is Maoist China! how can they turn volunteering for America into a bad thing? A Partisan thing? A communist thing? They are friggen sick! LBJ did it, FDR, JFK. Volunteerism has been promoted many times. Hell Obama and McCain both pushed volunteering as Presidential candidates. Paranoid Right-Wingers See Obama's Volunteer Service Project as ... A Liberal brain washing conspiracy! What the hell is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Ailes won't run but Fox will be part of the decision on who does and will lie cheat kill and steal to see they are elected. Business as usual.

an average patriot said...

I agree Tom! Whoever they pick we will listen to nothing but continued lies and idiocy!

TRUTH 101 said...

There will always be the simple minded and a few lunatics that will make this joker Ailes feel validated.

There are 310 million people in this country. There will always be a certain percentage of lunatics and fools that have a strange need to hear people that agree with their crackpot views. Ailes encourages these people and in turn, he is encouraged by them.

an average patriot said...

Hi truth 101
Welcome and of course you are right! Their goal is to inflame the angry right to incite anarchy against Obama's Government and they certainly are. I just hope it does not come to the head they want!

Robert Rouse said...

I would actually donate money to Ailes if it would make him run. His appearance on the ballot would make Obama a shoe-in. Ailes would HAVE to answer questions about Fox news during debates and I can guarantee that Ailes has never been as smart as anyone he ever worked for in the background, and that includes Dubya!


Hahaha! James, like this post tremendously.

Bull's eye!

an average patriot said...

Robert I agree! It would lay quite a bit bare! Have you gone to all voices lately? They have one hell of a new incentive package that is right up your alley. Do yourself a favor man, check it out!

an average patriot said...

Great Anna, thanks!