Friday, July 24, 2009

Town hall meeting erupts over President Obama not being an American. The nut cases have a method to their madness!

Town hall meeting erupts over President Obama not being an American

Obama conspiracy theorists go viral

Here they go again. This will not stop it will only get worse as the angry whites of the Republican party get increasingly desperate of losing their grip on what they perceive is their America. Born in the USA prove it? That us insane. That is not their issue that is their excuse to continue to whip people into a frenzy. It was obvious watching and listening to the video being born in the USA is not the issue. Being Black is!

I am sick of the lunatic fringe of the Republican party inciting unrest since day one. This is no joke! The Congresswoman from Tennessee says people are losing faith in our system because Obama is an illegal President. They can not really believe we would give our country away. Their are Republicans trying to push through a bill making you prove your citizenship before you run for President.

I am sick of Republicans refusing to speak any sense in order to feed the wacko wing of their party to incite unrest. That lunatic outburst is just the latest to incite lone wolfs too action until Those on the right who have been calling for it from day one can incite their second revolution. Some Republican Senators are still saying Obama is undocumented in spite of being shown his birth announcement and birth certificate. They insist he is not a valid citizen so is not our President. This is sick and just another way to incite violence and unrest.

Remember this? Republicans are purposely inciting the population to arm themselves heavily and out and out calling for armed revolution against President Obama and the Government. They have already been directly responsible for cop shootings by citizens who are told by Republicans that Obama is going to take their guns. This is really sick and there must be a law. Isn't this illegal? Shouldn't we arrest them? Isn't this treason? Terrorism? This can't be legal!

The Republicans are undermining Obama and society, this will not be good, mark my words! War mongering hate mongering fear mongering Chuck Norris calling for a revolution against Obama, Michelle Bachmann for armed revolution, Hannity Limbaugh, Beck, Norris, Coulter stress, lost jobs, Lost houses, financial collapse, degrading society. This is growing and hell it will get much worse. Mark my words! I am sickened by how militant the right has openly become. They are threatening WW3 against Democrats. Calling for armed Revolution against Obama who is supposedly destroying the America Bush already destroyed. What is wrong with these right wing nut jobs? Even Chuck Norris is calling for a Revolution against Obama saying it is time. This was part of our conversation 4/8

remember this? Limbaugh said Napolitano's warning on the anger towards everything Obama, guns, Religion, Guns, immigration, an amalgam of issues, was targeting and aimed at conservatives. Conservatives were never mentioned but the scum is right! So called conservatives the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann, Bachus, are whipping the party into a bunch of rabid dogs. They are fomenting Intervention and armed Revolution. They are the right wing extremists we are being warned about.

They are here and out in the open whipping up dissent. Everything Obama says or does gets a knee jerk reaction from Limbaugh and so called conservatives. If Obama says it, it is wrong! Republicans are on the outs if they say anything whatsoever that can be contrived as good about Obama! It really pisses me off! After what I heard Limbaugh say about Obama and the Pirates I heard Limbaugh being defended by Congressman Payne R Indiana. He actually said he "thinks" Limbaugh praised Obama for his actions regarding the pirates. BS! If he did that was before he found a way to criticize it and try to turn it against him. This is plain sick!

* In closing! Keeping all this and much more in mind so called Conservatives are doing what they can to instigate an armed fight with Obama. With that in mind they are saying they are concerned Obama is going to use the military against them. I would if I had too. I certainly would have through a third party said something already. However this is Obama! He is a constitutional law professor. You had to worry about Bush using the military on you but not Obama as Republicans are instigating for and want you to fear. What is next as they get increasingly desperate? believe it or not this was part of our 4/17 conversation

** This idiocy is not going away but is going deeper. The future here in America is really concerning me as the fringe is growing and getting louder until...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Patriot - Quite a picture you have painted, fear is always the card played by the faceless men who stir up all this hatred and I believe it is genuine, top drawer, 100% hatred.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yes, it is pretty sick. The fact that it is racistic is of course sick, too, but as you said yourself, this is just to get rid of him, just to gain power and they are causing not only unrest by spreading their evil intentions, they are also deviding the nation and indirectly calling for a revolution. If you are asking, this is treason.

Another question: These people really seem to have nothing else to do, do they?

Demeur said...

Luckily this is coming from about 10% of the wingbut base, but there's a bunch of senators wanting a bill to have any presidential candidate provide a birth certificate. As for that video somebody needs to ask that wingnut woman if she can prove that her birth certificate is real.
In closing you may recall that Bush did use his private army Blackwater in Iraq and New Orleans and they were above the law.
This may be a good thing and finally finish off the republican party as anyone with a brain can see how stupid they look. Keep it up rethugs and we'll be able to drowned your base in a bath tub to coin your own phrase.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
I see nothing good coming! Many angry white Republicans feel they lost their country and want it back period. Just watch, this will not be good!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
Long time no hear. They use him not being American but it is all about him being black. They feel they lost their country. There is nothing else and they will not relent but will keep getting angrier until this blows.

an average patriot said...

I know, it just kills me. This is about race and nothing else. I refuse to believe anyone could possibly think you could be an American Senator without being a citizen. This is BS!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

well I don't know if it's just about being black... for some yes, definitely, other just want to cause chaos, to harm their fellow man.

yes, long time, no hear... sorry... have been renovating and that's also what I really should be doing now...

did you see my 2 comments below?
here's another guy who loves the Lt.Col. just as much as you do:

just stroll down two or three posts... and as you can see I also really got going in my two comments below... well i had to make up for all the time where I didn't comment, didn't I?!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
You take care of business, no problem. First things first!
Many here are angry that we have a Black President. They feel they lost their control of what they think of as their country.
That LC is pretty screwed up. Thanks for the link I will check it out now.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

before I go on painting some more (which I really don't feel like doing...!)

I don't know if I said it in a way which was clear enough: It's in your post below this one - the one you wrote yesterday about Lt. Col. Peters statement - that I have written the two long comments (yes also TOO long...!)about several of your posts.
Anyway, it took some time to write them, so it would be a shame if you didn't read them...

an average patriot said...

Sarah Sofia give me a kiss I'm sorry! I thought you were talking about the site you sent me. I went over his posts and left a comment and linked to him so thank you.
I do not want you to waste your time and I like your view so I will go back and see if I missed them. You're a riot, sorry!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi James, I'm supposed to kiss you???
Well okay, that's a whole lot better than you getting totally pissed with me for checking if you saw it!

- Well you know I'm always checking up on everybody, what they're doing..., if they're on target... or if they have made this and that deadline... or am on to them, checking for out-ethics or that sort of thing and that's why I'm used to getting much rougher responses than a kiss. That's for sure!

Anyway, just saw, Starbuck also gave his two cents worth below my comments (on your post from yesterday), so in case you're still awake after you read mine... no wait! Go there first and get some really strong coffee to keep you awake while reading my 2 comments!

By the way, good news here in DK: finally got one of the rooms done. this weekend the other two rooms should also get done and then we can move on to the bigger projects... don't you just love renovating and tearing houses apart?!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
Term of endearment Sarah! Glad you got one of the rooms done. Thanks, I will have to check his comment to but cool. I was playing catch up so I haven't checked those yet but I will. It is 5:pm here, take care!

AMIT said...

That is a pretty good article written by you.

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an average patriot said...

Thanks Amit it just blows me away the idiocy we hear routinely and it will keep growing until they create the division they keep saying Obama will bring!

John said...

Why is Bill Ayers the only one that is allowed to throw bombs!Republican protest will be peaceful. If Bush did all the stupid things that Obama has done already ,you would be having a field day. Average patriot pontificate all day my friend ,BLOWHARD! Obama is not good already on so many levels. Enjoy your healthcare. May you get swine flu to test it out. Good Luck!