Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Russia and US take first step in pressing the reset button! Very Significant!

In a great gesture of unity Russia has begun to open its airspace to US aircraft to reinforce our forces in Afghanistan. It was not critical to the mission but it is certainly monumental. Imagine? Russia allowing US planes to over fly Russia is unbelievable to me being a baby boomer and having grown up with the cold war. Russia's help in Afghanistan is critical to our success in Afghanistan. Not just Chechnya but tackling the Islamist extremists Russia knows is critical to them too. Every country must realize sooner or later they too are on the menu.

Russia is key along with China in getting North Korea to behave like a responsible Nation td to get them back to the bargaining table. Russia as you know is pivotal in Iran's nuclear future. Despite Khamenei's ruthless oppressive clampdown or should I say "because of" for Iran. Having said that I heard that a member of Moussavi campaign died yesterday while being tortured by the Khamenei regime. I just want to say Khamenei's days of being the final word in Iran are over.

I have to wonder how they are going to lie their way out of that one? How are they going to blame that on Britain? Iran's civil war will not be avoided as many Ayatollah's are now openly speaking against Khamenei's open blatant iron fisted oppression against the truth seekers, the citizens, and the children of the revolution. Whatever happens with Iran's leadership, Khamenei and Ahmadinejad or Rafsanjani and Moussavi Russia's nuclear and military role in Iran has been key to Iran and it will remain that way.

Towards the end of pressing the reset button on US Russian relations the first visit to Russia has been inspiring to say the least. Yesterday was fruitful! The first day started with Obama attending the solemn ceremony for Russia's tomb for their unknown soldiers from WW2 where he laid a wreath on the tomb. That in itself was a remarkable poignant moment in pressing the restart button for a new relationship with Russia.

President Obama was the commencement speaker at Russia's new college of economics. That is amazing in itself! Russian people like everyone else around the world love Obama and his promise of hope and change. As you may know Russia is having its own economic crisis. The students like all Russian's want help concerning their economic situation, better relations with the US after Bush purposely destroyed them, and hope and change for the world at large in the 21st century. Obama gave us all that yesterday and the students felt it today!

I watched Obama speak and he stressed pressing the reset button and asked for Russia's help on the missile defense system Bush used to instigate Russia to war. I remember Putin offering Russian help with the MDS as a way of alleviating Russian fears that it was aimed at Russia and of course Bush refused and tensions ratcheted up. This is phenomenal. Russia has requests too! Obama must discontinue the Bush policy of trying to get ex USSR Nations to try to join NATO>. Of course we can not in my mind turn them down but the desire has to come from them not us as a way to make Russia feel threatened.

President Obama and President Medvedev's nuclear negotiators signed a new nuclear agreement yesterday cutting stockpiles by a third. With both Nation's able to destroy the planet 2,000 times over that is largely ceremonial but to me it shows a desire to show the world they care. They signed the agreement allowing the US to use Russia's airspace to secure the Muslim Nation of Afghanistan. I am psyched! This is a world away from where Bush had us and the entire world headed Obama proposed a Global Nuclear summit next year, Great!

I was very pleased when Medvedev said the US Russian relationship does not correspond to its principle. I am psyched! He said there had been reasonable compromise but there will be advancements in in military and economic interests to benefit both countries. Wow Medvedev really sounds genuine and unlike Bush who saw Putin's soul I am a very good judge of character.

He too wants peace and unity between the US and Russia to move the world peacefully into the 21st century. Did I say I was psyched? Nostradamus gave us two roads to travel into the future one to peace unity and prosperity and one to world war death and destruction. Bush had us on the latter and Obama now has us on the right road. They even discussed a mutual agreement to work together on the missile defense system. I hope it is not a wasted emotion but I am euphoric! Today Obama had a meeting for breakfast with Putin who many like me think if the real leader of Russia including me. Watching his face as he speaks will say more than his words. Once again we wait watch and listen! I did not see much on the meeting but one quick look at Putin left me very concerned. Obama also met with Gorbachev and I wish I could have seen that. Oh well we have hope!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Samuel Gadsden said...

I too think it was a remarkable move made by Obama to speak with Russia, press that reset button and work towards a stronger alliance. I hope we can grow with the country and possible use the relationship to influence North Korea positively.

I enjoy your blog and welcome you to mine. I think you may enjoy it.


Holte Ender said...

First Obama talks to Muslims, now Russians, Fox News won't know what to call him, a "Pinko-Islamist" maybe.
The Russians have a right to be nervous about western intentions, in less than 200 years there have been three invasions, of their country from the west.
But, lets be honest, the Soviets were no angels.

Demeur said...

This does remind me of the politics of old. Remember the days when things were done cooly and with great consideration rather than from the gut.

Karen said...

Every time I hear Russia mentioned Palin comes to mind with her, "I can see Russia from my house"! Thank goodness she's not our VP right now!!

That said, Prez O is doing a super job in his talks with Medvedev and Putin. I'm soooooo PROUD to be an American again.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Samuel
I think it was a good start. I felt good about the meeting with Medvedev but what little I saw of Putin sure put a damper on mu emotions. I see nothing good in that mans face. Thanks for your link, I will check you out. We certainly need Russia to proceed as one into the future.

an average patriot said...

That's funny! I wonder what they are going to call him now? I can imagine what Limpbuger will say about it. Russia is right not to trust us especially after Bush but they will see Obama is no Bush. He is well intentioned and a man of his word.

an average patriot said...

I agree! That's funny but I guess that means pre Bush. I never remember seeing the diplomacy of instigation before in my life.

an average patriot said...

That's funny Karen!
I think about that line all the time. Oh man can you imagine the embarrassment of having her there representing us? OMG! I too am so proud of having a President to brag about not deny.

landsker said...

Having watched the meeting between Obama and Putin, I`d agree that Putin appeared dismissive of and even menacing toward Obama.
But then, Obama represents decades of agression towards Russia, and the desire to get hold of all that gas and oil, and aluminium, and gold...iron ore, uranium etc etc.

The Russians, along with the rest of their ever growing "Bloc", merely have to wait until the dollar slips some more, and their neighbours the Chinese will buy a few more chunks of commerce and manufacturing, and looking at the Dow Jones this week, the bounce has ended, and the fall is heading towards the 7,ooo`s.

After meeting Obama, Putin then rubbed shoulders with the Russian equivalent of the "Angels of Hell."....., which may or may not reflect his true thoughts toward Washingtons` spokesperson.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
I felt pretty good about the meeting with Medvedev but didn't expect much with Putin. In fact the media was purposely mutes and all I could see from Putin was ass hole! From that meeting Obama met Gorbachev and then met with dissidents. I don't think that was a good idea!

an average patriot said...

I see nothing but vile and contempt when I see Putin. He reads like a book!

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
You`re right, and indeed, Putin represents the hardliners, the "party" stalwarts, and the marxist ideologues therein, whilst Gorbachov and Medvedev seem more disposed to the capitalist open markets.
Let`s not forget that during WW2, 80% of the fighting was on the the Soviet fronts, 35 million Russians perished , and by now most people have realised that the funding and objectives were in part, led by Anglo-American businessmen and bankers.
The recession here is growing, as in the States, the job losses are increasing, and to be honest, I don`t think either Obama or Putin really knows what to do next...
Both seem to respond to events and lobbies, rather than to the plight of working people, but there we are, that`s the way they are.

an average patriot said...

I hate to say it again but average citizens of every country do not matter only the ruling hierarchy does.