Sunday, July 26, 2009

The President The Professor and the Police Officer!

Limbaugh calls Obama an angry Black man trying to destroy a white officer

As important as health care reform is it has taken a back seat because of what happened in Cambridge between the exemplary cop the exemplary Professor and the exemplary President. What happened was not even about race but it was made about race as even the President showed "temporarily" that he was incapable of setting aside his learned experiences and look at a situation and evaluate it as it is without injecting you and your thoughts into it.

I thought it was normal to do that and taught all my sons that they do not matter it was not about them it was about being honest and doing the right thing for society not you. They all learned and are exemplary men but their Mother thought it was all about her and divorced me. Oh well some people only care about themselves and that will always be the case.

What was an innocent confrontation between a police officer and a call of a possible house breaks should have ended right there period but even the President showed at the beginning that he was incapable of being impartial and it has turned into a "misunderstanding
and promise of a meeting between the professor the officer and the President at the White House to sit down and have a beer together.

That should have been the beginning and the end of it between the officer and the Professor if cooler heads had prevailed on both sides of the issue but they did not so you know how this turned out and we are discussing race relations while we should be discussing health care reform. Professor Gates is one of the greatest professors in the country, Sergeant Crowley is an exemplary police officer who teaches race relations and how to handle racial situations to other officers. President Obama is the best President in my life time, three of the best of the best and they turned a non racial issue from a tense situation into a toxic situation!

Everyone has mishandled the situation based on their personal perspective! What happened to the rushed issue of health care reform? Any way Officer Crowley teaches a 12 hour course on race relations and heretofore has taught some 60 how to handle situations such as this encounter with Professor Gates. I just listened to a recount of the events for the umpteenth time from both parties involved. Crowley responded to a call of a possible home break in he had to question Gates.

Gates wrongly brought up race saying you are here because I am a black man. That never should have been mentioned period. Race was not the issue a possible break in was and should have been dispelled by Gates end of discussion but it was not. Instead he provoked something I learned about on the streets as a little kid. More of that later! Gates said you are here because I am a black man that in itself was idiocy. He said he was a Harvard Professor and would make officer Crowley pay for this.

Gates said this is what happens to black men in America and he is right. I am white and was routinely profiled when I was a youth and I should have been. However that is another story and that was not the case here period. Once again an issue was created where there was not one to be used for personal gain. We know racism will always be here and I am convinced will get much worse so that is not the lesson to be learned here. Gates said Crowley picked on the wrong man this time but it is obvious to me that Gates picked on the wrong man this time!

This was another perfect storm and I am disturbed to see that as Obama tries to quell this Limbaugh once again steps up with his swill on the issue to try to make Obama look bad by making himself look stupid. Limbaugh said we have here a black President trying to destroy a white police officer. He called Obama an angry Black man! What? A President an angry Black man get a life. Obama is trying to elevate a situation that never should have happened and Limbaugh is trying to drag us back into the past for Republican gain.

Once again it will backfire and has. Limbaugh also crossed the line and said Obama has a chip on his shoulder. Limbaugh is jealous and has a log on his head! Once again he is causing Republicans to to distance themselves from his idiocy! When all is said and done and the worthless Limbaugh ignored this was not a racial issue. It was a case off all sides acting in their own selfish interest.

Officer Crowley acted professionally and the black and Puerto Rican officer on the scene with him backed him up. This all boils down to Professor Gates giving a police officer lip and he did not have to take it. White or Black whatever most of us me included can admit we have been there!

* In closing: Obama is right they all over reacted including him. There was no rogue cop here and he did not act stupidly. He acted his typical exemplary according to the black and Puerto Rican officers that were there. It was not him that picked the wrong Black man to pick on Gates picked the wrong cop. This was not racial. It all boils down to a lesson I learned as a kid hanging on the streets in Salem. Never mouth off to a cop you will get arrested period!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

The President was handling the media, during the press conference, with his usual aplomb, then came this last question. One word "stupidly" is the one that did the damage. For a man who seems to measure his words very carefully, it came across to me as a very emotional subject for him.

I hope that "beer in the White House" never happens, a week is a long time in politics. If we don't move on we will be throwing fuel on the fire. Limbaugh can blow up enough news to last a lifetime, without giving him something real to inflate.

Demeur said...

After the last president "shoot from the hip" George, can anyone expect the public to react with anything more than a gut level reaction. On the face of it the police did act stupidly. If an officer were to ask you for your drivers license at a stop which you then produce and he proceeds to say the car might not be yours wouldn't you be pissed?
We've had the same situations out here where a black man who lived in an upscale neighborhood would get stopped several times by police merely because he was black driving home and it was late at night.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
Obama let his own past experiences jade the truth. A disinterested view of the way that went down between Gates and Crowley show Gates created that problem period!

an average patriot said...

He Demeur
Obama's gut reaction was from his gut not his heart. Trust me I am from Boston I know what it is like hers. That said Crowley was reacting to a possible break in. He didn't care what color the guy was. He would have gotten screwed if he did not ask for an ID. Gates made color the issue not Crowley!

Dave Dubya said...

After reading the cops' report, I see this could be a good teaching case for officers to learn about escalation of an incident.

The officer certainly could have been more professional about this. It was obvious that these were not young thugs attempting a B and E. He could have verified Gates’ story in a less intrusive manner. The “step outside” line could have been seen as over-reaching. The situation could have been de-escalated if the cop had a cooler head. After the cop knew Gates lived there, it was the officers’ presence that escalated the situation. They should have left the scene.

Although I don't think Obama should have spoken about this, he was right. The cop STUPIDLY let the situation blow up out of proportion.

Maureen Dowd said it best in her column today.

"As the daughter of a police detective, I always prefer to side with the police. But this time, I’m struggling....But the strong guy with the gun has more control than the weak guy with the cane. An officer who teaches racial sensitivity should not have latched on to a technicality about neighbors — who seemed to be outnumbered by cops — getting “alarmed” by Gates’s “outburst.”

Snave said...

Good grief! I was just at another blog commenting about how the conservative talkers will try their best to bloat this up and brainwash Americans into thinking "Obama hates our police", and then I come take a look here... and your post says sure enough, Limbaugh is doing just that! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, eh...

I don't even think I will bother to see what O'Reilly or Hannity are up to for the next few weeks, because I can guess. It will be a non-stop campaign of praise for police officers, interspersed with "updates" on the Gates thing. They will take any group they want the public to think Obama hates, and pump it way up while they provide their sly "evidence" that Obama "hates" these beloved groups. Sigh...

an average patriot said...

They were all at fault but Bush disappointed me the most.Lessons learned should be never piss off the cop. You see it reinforced every day.

an average patriot said...

Hi Snave
I know, it is sickening but predictable. I can hear those asses now myself!

Karen said...

Limp-balls and all the rethugs hate Prez O, so it doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do, he will be criticized.

As far as the Gates/thug police thingy goes... I'm in complete agreement with Gates and Prez O on this. It was pure and simple racial profiling; it doesn't get any clearer than that!

If it would have been me (a white person) breaking into my own home, nothing would have happened.

btw, sounds like the neighbor who called the police is a racist, as well. I mean, come on! It was broad daylight for christ sakes! Don't you think a person knows what their neighbor looks like!?!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
I really get sick of hearing foam at the mouth at every chance to make Obama look like shit or fail. Karen I have to laugh! The neighbor was my first suspect. Can't tell me at 12 noon she didn't know that was him.

libhom said...

This was not an "an innocent confrontation" at all. This was a racist attack.

This would have never happened to a white man, much less and affluent white man. That is just a simple statement of fact.

Karen said...

I see it differently, Jim...

Crowley made color the issue, not Gates!

an average patriot said...

Hi libhom
The more I learn the more I am convinced it was Gates. He said you are only here because I am blak. He brought up race the cop was responding to a break in call.

Gates told a fellow Professor and friend that Gates only got mad because the woman called and said it was 2 black men. I heard the call today and she was asked their race but said she did not know.

Someone told me today they watched a documentary calling Abraham Lincoln a racist. The documentary was by the good professor. That tells me why Obama now wants this to go away. You decide!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
Tell me what you think after the new facts I sent to libhom!