Friday, July 03, 2009

Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi call Ahmadinejad illegitimate vow to continue fight! US downplays his role in future talks!

Ahmadinejad heckled outside Mosque by Moussavi supporters

Jon Bon Jovi Stand by me in Farsi

Joan Baez we shall over come in Farsi

Before I get into that I just heard that a Canadian Iranian reporter Maziar Bahari who was missing for 9 days "supposedly" just admitted that there is a possibility that reporters instigated some of the riots but credited the Basij for breaking it up. First, this bothers me because I know it is a lie! Last week I was listening to CNN reporter who was called in and told someone wanted to talk to his. A large Burly man told him in the IRG he supposed told him they were told he was writing untrue information and had to leave.

The guy told him he could stay and all would be forgotten if he would write favorable stories about the horror he was seeing. Of course he refused and had to leave immediately. This is preposterous and another lie another set up. We don't know who is doing what there. We do not know what anyone is saying. Remember Saberi? Coming from Iran state TV you know it is a lie. This so called confession was undoubtedly coerced if it is even true. We can not verify it!

The arm twisting and attempts to keep the truth from getting out will never stop as long as Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are in power. The following story illustrates that. I can't say it enough that I am so impressed with what I have been seeing from the Iranian people since the election. I am including the songs in Farsi by Bon Jovi and Joan Baez to show solidarity with the Iranian people!

The other day there was a Government sanctioned rally and Moussavi supporters took the opportunity to show up and display support for Moussavi. Now Moussavi has found the opportunity to speak though Khamenei closed down his newspaper and web site and jailed 25 of his employees.

Moussavi despite being kept under raps came out with his wife Zahra Rahnavard and declared that he considered the new Government to be illegitimate. He said it in a way to show the principles of the 1979 Revolution were betrayed when he called for the release of the children of the Revolution. Mehdi Karroubi, a reformist cleric also declared the Government illegitimate and a betrayal. Karroubi too called for the release of the children of the Revolution. He also vowed to continue his fight. Shortly thereafter the daily newspaper sympathetic to him was shut down.

The Doctor who witnessed a Basiji shoot Neda Soltan from a motorcycle made that public and treated her fled to London before the order was given to arrest him. More than 1000 have simply disappeared because of their opposition to the stolen election. ex-President Mohammad Khatami still continues to be one of the fiercest critics of this coup! Mousavi says new Ahmadinejad government 'illegitimate'
In pursuing Iran talks, US downplays Ahmadinejad role

* In closing i have to say Moussavi and Karroubi are stating exactly why Atatollah Sistani the most powerful Ayatollah in Iran has stayed out of Iran since the 1979 Revolution. He said the Revolution was betrayed and it was. I still look for an active alliance of Sistani, Rafsanjani, and Moussavi as this civil war progresses. That I believe is just what the world needs. Ayatollah Sistani Intrigue

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

This is all a mess and Israel will end up attacking them with the urgence of the supposed religious right neocons, who still think they rule the world.

an average patriot said...

Hi Larry
Happy 4th and it is a mess. It will be a civil war and Israel would do well to have some patience sit on the side and let Iranian's play this out.

Lisa Allender said...

I love Joan Baez. She's still amazing, I see.
Thank you for fleshing out this conflict/revolution for me. I've been bummed by all of this, because it feels so scary, if occasionally exhilirating(for the Iranian people)....

an average patriot said...

Hi Lisa
I don't know if you are following this still but Khamenei is setting it to step on Rafsanjani, Mousavi, and the increasing number of prominent Ayatollahs speaking out. He is blaming it all on us and Britain. Trust me he is going to crush them or try and the civil war I keep talking about will be a fact. Not good!