Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tehran is boiling over once again with shouts of death to the dictator and now Death to his son Mojtaba Khamenei!

4 weeks after the Government takeover Khamenei calls an election Iran is boiling over with anger once again as protestors of the election fraud use the 10 year commemoration of the bloody crackdown on Tehran University students known as the 18th of Tir to take to the streets once again. Knowing the brutality they have seen and promises of more of the same these people are exceptionally brave. They had no permit and in Iran especially today you know what that means.

Amid promises from Khamenei the IRG and the the Basij of en even more bloody protest crowds are smaller due to mass arrests and the brutality rained on those seeking the truth but protestors still come out. Only a few thousand of the hardiest now dare risk their lives and future prosecution but these people are angry and they came out!

In addition to the old chant of Death to the Dictator Khamenei has been added a new chant Death to Mojtaba Khamenei. He is said to be the head of Iran's security forces and has emerged as one of the driving forces behind the *government's crackdown. I can't see being any harder than Ayatollah Khamenei but Mojtaba is seen as more hard line than his father.

Khamenei is also lobbying for Mojtaba to be his replacement as the false Ayatollah. I do not see that happening because Formally, the position is supposed to be awarded by the assembly of experts, an elected group of clerics led by the most powerful rival to Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, Hashemi Rafsanjani. Mojtaba Khamenei gatekeeper to the Ayatollah

With international reporters kicked out or arrested pictures still continue to get out. Those people are super, super brave as we have discussed in the past Iran has the ability to track down the cell phone users once they devote time to it. I watched cnn as someone was taking pictures from a passing bus. The street corners were swarming with thugs groups of Basij with clubs and firing tear gas and numerous teams with clubs on motorcycles patrolling the streets.

The genie is out of the bottle and this story will not go away. Unbelievably to me they are still shouting Death to the Dictator! That is death to the false Ayatollah the once supreme leader who the people now know is the supreme liar, the supreme dictator. There were demonstrations amongst other places at Vanak square and Tehran university. When the crowds were dispersed with tear gas and clubs they melted into the streets to reemerge elsewhere, I am so proud of them and envious of their tenacity.

Tehran is pulsing with anger once again and we only see it because of brave citizens risking their lives hiding and taking pictures with their cell phones. With all international journalist jailed or kicked out the Government is determined to unbeknown to the world crush this and protesters are equally determined to continue this. This will take time and it will be a long struggle. These are Iranians this will not die it will simmer. Meanwhile we can condemn human rights violations for naught but we can just watch and pray for these people!
CRACKDOWN IN IRAN- Police Clash With Protesters On 18th of Tir ...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

It will be interesting to see how this finally ends, if ever...

WeezieLou said...

Iran is one hell of a scary wild card on the international stage...should they ever sit down and have coffee with north korea...lights out.

an average patriot said...

After talking to Naj I think they can do it but it will just take time, This is Iran after all. This will not go away it will simmer until it blows!

an average patriot said...

They supposedly have and that is probably a big part of the problem with dealing with both countries. They are both scary as hell!