Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama pressed the reset button with Russia and Biden is trying to stop it!

Good old Biden, Obama tells Russia how great they are we must work together and he wanted to press the reset button after the politics of instigation and bullying Bush practiced and Biden in one fell swoop has tried to undo everything Obama did. I know as we all do that Biden is known for his mouth getting him in trouble. That is understood but as VP he gets us all into trouble now. He had the stupidity to tell Russia how broke powerless and useless they are. Criticism from Biden perplexes Moscow

Like it or not Russia is a great power world power or not can be argued but they are a great power and not to be dismissed lightly like Biden did! We have got to work with Russia to move successfully into the future. We can not do this alone. North Korea, Iran, Georgia, Afghanistan, in numerous hot spots around the world and in many spheres we need Russia.

Like it or not the future of our planet is in everyone's hands and the future of our world depends very much on Russia. All we need accomplished around the world is not in our hands. All Obama's perceived accomplishments can be immediately reversed clandestinely by Russia. Russia is arming, nuclearizing, and helping Iran in many respects. I know Russia is complicating things for Pakistan and the US by continuing to supply India with advanced weapons and military hardware.

What about North Korea, the middle east, Cuba, South America, the Antarctic, on and on and on? Like it or not, broke and or broke up we need Russia! Biden is in a position of integral to us and world relations. He should have learned a long time ago but now his mouth is our problem. I hope for all our sake he learns quickly to engage brain before opening mouth.

We have a good start of at least the intentions of good relations and cooperation of the entire world unclenching their fist and extending their hand in friendship and cooperation. Bush used his bullying Politics around the world and that was directly responsible with having us and the world on a fast track to WW3. It is important that we make the entire world realize we need them and Biden better get the message and soon.

They are all critical to our success! Obama can lead but the world must follow. All Nations must cooperate for all our success. That includes Biden who must be in sync with Obama or he will sink Obama's considerable efforts towards towards the peace and success of America and the world. It is bad enough we have the Limbaugh's of the Republican party of no calling for and hoping for Obama to fail at every turn. Many in Obama's own party continue to hinder him at every step.

Obama must succeed. Obama's success is our success! His failure is our failure! We have 14,000 people every day losing their health care coverage. Republicans want Obama's effort to pass health care reform to fail saying it will be his Waterloo. Obama's Waterloo is our Waterloo and they do not care. We are rapidly closing in on 50 million uninsured while Republicans continue to say we have the best health care system in the world.

In many respects we do! However most average Americans can not afford to take advantage of it! Only Republicans can and they like it that way. They do not want the system fixed they want a return to their success and the success of the version of America Bush established not the success of average Americans and our version of America.

Our health care system must be fixed if we are if we are to proceed successfully into the future as a society. I wish the Republicans would cooperate as the majority of the world seems to be though I certainly wish Obama had stayed out of trying to run my local police department here inn Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has enough to do without showing that even our President is prone to letting his past experiences jade his opinions. I am starting to believe he thinks he can say and do in every issue. Sometimes the adage is true that silence is golden!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

I'm sure both Biden and Obama have input in the speeches they make, but they both have speechwriters. The administration knows every word they say is going to be looked at, every sentence picked apart and, maybe used against them.

The Veep has been used in many cases as an attack dog for the president who takes a gentler line. I would rather see some synchronicity.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

good point. have to admit, I still have my problems with the Ruskies. have seen too many sickning things during the cold war and those people haven't all disappeared... they're just amongst us now and a lot more capitalistic and greedy than the capitalists! also I don't like the pharmaceutic power, both financially and otherwise in Russia...

but you are definitely right, we all have to work together and we certainly can't use traitors to sabotage and tear down what one guy builds with good intentions!

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
You know you are right I just feel Russia knows where it stands as well as us. I know what you are saying I just hope we continue to move forward productively because Obama has giving me hope at least for the future of the world.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
Maybe it was growing up during the cold war but I do not trust Russia at all. Certainly less than I do China. We need them both to succeed into the 21st century though and I at least see China on our side but that is tomorrow.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Oh you, too?!!!

There is so much I could tell you both about the Ruskies and the Commies in general... but this is not the place to do it... however I have taken some of it rather personally and there were many a situation as a child when I did not know what they were gonna do and if I was gonna get out of the country alive or end up in prison or get put up for adoption... I have known quite a few political prisoners who weren't quite as lucky as I was...

But on the other hand: I also was friends with the great-great-granddaughter of one of their national heros: the General who beat the sh¤t out of Napoleon. And this way I had a very interesting introduction to Russian history - seen from the point of view of an aristocrat who more or less experiened it all! Quite amazing and not at all what we think of Russia!

And you are right, we have to get along and try and make it work out... it's just difficult, when you can't trust them...

thanks for the confirmation on the screw gun! I really can't get over this: why haven't I seen it before?!
Would have saved us so much time! Stupid me! everybody knows about it and I'm once again the last one to find out. I bet it's been right under my nose all this time and I just ignored it!

So, my husband and son have just finished his office and now I have to plaster the walls and then paint them. I always skip the "wallpaper-ceremony" and use a very creative plastering method instead, it's faster and looks unusual - hopefully in a positive way!

Demeur said...

As for Russia I think we're still feeling each other out. But there is the issue of putting missiles in Poland and I think that even the intention of doing that set Russia on a course to the cold war days. The reason Russia was going to put missles in Cuba was because the U.S had put missiles in Turkey a little known fact at the time. Once this was pointed out to Kennedy he had the missiles removed from Turkey.

As for the republicans and health care it's apparent that they have no interest in changing the status quo so I say we go ahead and push a new system.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
You have an interesting past I see! There is no way in hell I could possibly see trusting Russia. That is why I was bowled over when Bush said he looked in Putin's soul and saw a good man. What a friggen idiot!
I looked in his soul by looking at his face and all I saw was a sickle. Putin is a throwback to kill and rule. I just see hate and bitterness! Glad everything is going well with your renovations!

an average patriot said...

He Demeur
Bush's intention for insisting the MDS be in Russia's back door instead of in Britain where it was wanted was purely to instigate Russia to war.
Obama may very well set it back and at the very least involve Russia in its implementation which Bush refused and relocate it.
You are entirely right about health care! They could care less about average Americans. Those asses say we have the best system in the world. Only they can afford to use it though!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You know James, it always amazes me, how much we seem to have in common! The comment you just wrote to me - amazing! I would have put just the same way: "what a friggen idiot!!!" I can't even make up my mind if little w really is that evil or just that stupid! I always tend to think he's the victim of his parents... still he doesn't wear nappies anymore (dypers!)... so he should really be able to think and act for himself by now...

But back to Putin's soul and a good man... check out Putin's best buddy (the pharma asshole)and then you know where we're headed! He even talked about it openly on TV that he paved the way for Putin... alright with whom if I may ask? Who else do we know in the politic's game who has interests in the pharma industry?!

you know one of the magazines I like to read is Combat&Survival. Especially the security articles and some features of hotspots around the world, they present it from a much more down to earth point of view then other media. You would love these too. -The rest is more or less for dudes from Dad's army though...

gotta shit up and plaster some more... really don't feel like it... you can tell that, can't you? I'm still by the PC even though I should be in the office next door... grrr...

an average patriot said...

Piss me off my computer just shut down before I could post my reply anyway Bush is just stupid! I will never believe someone voted for a life long loser and alcoholic.

He was not a leader but willing to be led that is why he was elected. Cheney was the real decider. Remember, he was picked to look for Bush's veep and he picked himself.

I love combat and survival but today I just have to talk to my son. The CIA FBI marines all of them gave him free reign because he is hard core and chews everyone out. They love his stories.
Bette4r you than me doing that rehab, have fun, ha!