Monday, July 13, 2009

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, US, all ready to negotiate Obama's war? Well Maybe!

Mehsud trapped, Mullah Omar now negotiating with Pakistan officials! India is now the key to Pakistan's lock on Afghanistan! As Pakistan encloses Baitullah Mehsud only now is Mullah Omar prepared to negotiate with the US. We knew Mehsud was harboring Mullah Omar and the rest of the important Taliban leaders including Bin Laden if he is still alive. With the squeeze on it appears all parties are ready to negotiate including the US. 1 militant dead in shootout in central Pakistan

FACTBOX - US drone strikes in Pakistan

No negotiating with so called terrorists, unless it is in your favor. With this war get increasingly more expensive and with a necessary large increase in Afghani forces doubling its size requiring Billions more called for necessitating larger American training forces and dollars this is very timely in what has become Obama's war. An Afghan face is needed but I still do not see it happening. Army 'in contact' with Mullah Omar | Pakistan | News | Newspaper ...

At this point the whole key appears to be accommodations between long time rivals Pakistan and India. I do not care what they have to do just make believe they want to see peace come to the area if possible and do whatever is necessary to see that happen. Independent monitors can be used to oversee adherence. This must be done. I have been very pleased with Pakistan's success in South Waziristan now everyone including the US must step up and come together.

Mullah Omar still has a $10 Billion Bounty on his head but the US is ready to talk with the So called terrorist leader along with the other 3 leaders. First I have to ask does that mean Pakistan collects the reward for The men the Pakistan has been in touch with since Soviet involvement 30 years ago? Just asking!

Anyway President Obama and Richard Holbrook are now ready to talk to Mullah Omar one of our number one enemies. Karzai has been reaching out to Mullah Omar and now the US can and may reach out to him and the rest of the Taliban leaders. They will do so only if they agree to lay down arms. I don't care what is takes. Lay down arms to get us out of there and pick them up later like Iraq!

Holbrook will not rule out anything. Holbrook said we can make a deal with anyone especially all four of the Taliban leaders trapped by Pakistan. They all have ties with Afghanistan and the ISI all the way back to the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan. Only demand: Lay down your arms and get involved with the Political process in Afghanistan. They may do that but they absolutely refuse to gave a Democracy. It is though a start to ending I Hope our involvement in what has become Obama's war but India must help. Just help India! Everyone!

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma

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