Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Qum clerical leaders side with movement dismissed as agents of the west so Khamenei can clamp down on them too!

Iran's civil war gets closer ever day as mullahs openly flaunt him and Khamenei increasingly blames the west for instigating them so he can brutalize them too!

With the rapidly changing events here in the US, With North Korea, China's crackdown, Afghanistan, Iraq, Obama in Russia, I have to digress and once again discuss Iran as it affects the entire world and though unity is asked for the ugly set up to civil war gets closer every day!

I was pretty pleased a few weeks back when Grand Ayatollah Montazeri said no one in their right mind could believe Ahmadinejad won the election particularly with the supposed landslide he was "given" Montazeri decried the Brutality and rightly said a Government not respecting the people's vote has no Religious or Political legitimacy whatsoever. Those on the side of the reform movement must know by now that does not matter to Khamenei. Iran's senior ayatollah slams election, confirming split | McClatchy

Having legitimacy is not Khamenei's concern! He betrayed the 1979 revolution right off the bat. That is why the most popular Ayatollah in Iran left Iran for Iraq and has never returned, Ayatollah Sistani is gaining more converts every day. Ayatollah Montazeri was a leader of the Revolution too and has disagreed with Khamenei's betrayal of the Revolution. Instead of leaving like Ayatollah Sistani he chose to stay in Iran and has frequently butted heads with Khamenei.

Now we can include the Religious leaders of Qum in continuing to demand the release of the "children of the Revolution" but that will never happen. Releasing them and the thousands taken prisoner would instantly get this civil war going instead of having it on slow burn. A serious rift has opened because of Khamenei's brutality and disdain for the will of the people so he can continue his farce of a Religious theocratic Democracy.

The Provocateur: A Split in the Mullahs

This is not going to be good! This will only continue to come to a head until it there is either a very violent crackdown or civil war occurs. It is in the hands of the Ayatollah's and the people not the Government.By definition this is going to be much worse than the 1979 revolution that brought the current brutal regime in if they are to succeed in removing it. Iran Opposition Calls for End to Crackdown

The clerical and public split from Khamenei's once absolute word continues to grow every day. The important group of Religious leaders and teachers of Qum have come out squarely on the side of the people and Moussavi. A winning combination is taking shape. One that can take back the true meaning of Iran. This growing chorus of leaders calling the new Administration illegitimate represents the most significant historic crack, crack?, chasm since the 1979 Revolution. The clerical establishment from the Holy city of Qum have come squarely down on the side of the reform movement. The movement to recapture the true meaning of the 1979 Revolution continues to grow until? Clerical Leaders Defy Ayatollah on Iran Election -

* In closing I have to reiterate Moussavi,Karroubi, Khatami. Rafsanjani, not the Religious leaders of Qum are all stating exactly why Ayatollah Sistani the most powerful Ayatollah in Iran has stayed out of Iran since the 1979 Revolution. He said the Revolution was betrayed and it was. I still look for an active alliance of Sistani, Rafsanjani, and Moussavi as this civil war progresses. That I believe is just what the world needs. Ayatollah Sistani Intrigue

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

It seems that the words "brutal", "regime", and "Iran" are inseparable.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the last student killings. I am wondering what brutality that will bring. This will not just go away but will blow!

Demeur said...

It makes me wonder what our intelligence community is doing in the background. You know they are not sitting idly by while all this is happening. It seems we the American public never hears about what really happened until many years down the road.

an average patriot said...

I did have the video of our clandestine program instigating this. I remember when it came public that Bush started the CIA project in 2007. I used it again a little while ago and don't think it would be too hard to find if you want it.
That said I would hope they got the hell out of there by no because if Iran gets a hold of them they are dead meat and so too are those poor protesters.

Larry said...

All this mess is a direct result of Bush and the mess he started.

an average patriot said...

Hi Larry
You know I agree! As I was saying years ago, the entire mess Bush started here and around the world it has all taken on a life of its own and will be controlled by no one.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you guys....

thanks for sharing..

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