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Mounting Outrage in Iran!

Iran remains 'in crisis' after disputed election - 17 July 09

Friday prayers: Differing views

Mounting Outrage in Iran!

Iran daily slams Rafsanjani querying poll resultThe Kayhan daily, whose editor is appointed by Khamenei, accused Rafsanjani of breaking the law by disputing the stolen election and supporting the disenfranchised protestors. Gee what a surprise the editor is appointed by Khamenei, so the plot thickens.

Ex President Mehdi Karroubi was reportedly attacked and beat Friday by Revolutionary so called security forces. Security forces once again were using motorcycles tear gas and batons to disperse crowds out to listen to Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani has impeccable revolutionary credentials. he studied theology in the Shiite clerical nerve center of Qom, was frequently arrested and also became an early follower of Khomeini. However Rafsanjani also caused a stir in 2007 by saying in his memoirs that Khomeini had wanted to drop the iconic Islamic republic mantra of "Death to America." No more shouts of Death to America! What a surprise and no wonder Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are against him and want him silenced. Rafsanjani: Iran insider and Ahmadinejad nemesis

Rafsanjani correctly said doubt has spread like leprosy! He is Iran's Barack Obama in that he is keeping hope alive! I still want him, Moussavi, and the most popular Ayatollah in Iran Ayatollah Sistani to form an alliance and do not understand why they have not done so yet as that would blow this wide open. Unless avoiding that and protecting Iranians is their goal. Ayatollah Sistani Intrigue

Iranian women's rights activist Shadi Sadr was brutally beaten and arrested on her way to prayer in a continuing effort to quiet any organized dissention. Women's Rights Activist and Lawyer Violently Arrested in Iran ... The Basiji did their damnedest to control Rafsanjani's audience by giving the first 30 rows to the wives of the Revolutionary Guard, barring those they deemed questionable, and searching and confiscating anything green. Despite that women snuck in green ribbons pulling them out later and tying them around their wrists. Plus there was not the encouraged traditional shouts of Death to America instead there was more shouts of the forbidden "God is Great"

As you may know,Rafsanjani heads two of the regime's most powerful bodies, the Expediency Council, which settles disputes over laws between the parliament and the Guardian Council, and the Assembly of Experts – which has the power to appoint, supervise and in theory dismiss the Supreme Leader. There is a growing movement to replace Khamenei I say do it and replace him with Rafsanjani Rafsanjani: Iran in crisis

* Both councils headed by the true faithful revolutionary Rafsanjani of course are in contention with the Guardian Council that immediately came out in favor of Ahmadinejad and has steadfastly refused to listen to the will of the people. This all goes totally counter to the education of ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomenei Like Khamenei, Khomenei too betrayed the Revolution. He did not keep his pre revolution promises to the people of Iran. He marginalized and crushed opposition opposed to clerical rule.. It gets worse! Sound familiar?

* In closing: Prophet Muhammud said a Government not backed by the people is not legal and at one time Khomenei also believed it but as you can see, no longer. Rafsanjani wants that principle to once again hold sway as it should. Why has Rafsanjani not disavowed Khamenei and backed the installment of the most popular Ayatollah in Iran Ayatollah Sistani? The time has come!

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Holte Ender said...

Patriot - Does the Islamic world care about what goes on in Iran? Exclude Iraq from that question.

Shiites are only about 15% of the worlds Muslim population and they are none too fond of each other. It is quite a lethal rivalry.

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah big time especially the Taliban who are mortal enemies and they want Iran too. All of Islam does as Iran wants to nuclearize all of Islam.