Thursday, July 16, 2009

After Cheney's lies about his assassination squads his lying daughter backs him up!

This is a pattern and I wrote about before. Cheney comes out with his lies then his daughter Liz while admitting to knowing nothing about the truth backs Cheney up. He should stop hiding behind his daughter! I heard there was going to be secret hearings to find out exactly what Cheney told the CIA. Save your friggen breath. The truth will never be told and it will certainly never get to us.Liz says she knows nothing because Daddy does not talk about classified information but laws were not broken.

I am sick of that crap, you can bet they were. The CIA has been lying for years. In the 1950s, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles, after being told by Senator Joseph McCarthy that the CIA was "neither sacrosanct nor immune from investigation," began waging a "down and dirty covert operation on McCarthy" which included attempting to bug his office and feeding his staff with disinformation "in order to discredit him."

Former CIA Director Richard Helms was convicted in 1977 of lying to Congress about the United States' role in overthrowing the democratically elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende. Allende was succeeded by brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet.

In 1982, Congress passed a law prohibiting the administration from ousting the leftist regime in Nicaragua. The CIA kept trying to overthrow the Sandinistas. CIA Director Bill Casey testified frequently before oversight committees Congress about the agency's covert action plans, during which he was often misleading. "Casey was guilty of Contempt of Congress from the day he was sworn in," Robert Gates, former head of the CIA and current Secretary of Defense, told Weiner. When the Iran Contra Scandal began to break, Casey lied to Congress, denying that they had traded arms for hostages with Iran.

On September 17, 2001, George Tenet told Congress that Iraq had provided al Qaeda with training in combat, bomb-making, and weapons of mass destruction. That information was based on a single source, the interrogation Ibn al-Shakh al Libi, who later recanted and whom we now know was tortured for that information. Tenet of course, hasn't recanted.

These are just some of the cases in which the CIA lied to Congress. In the context of a number of covert operations, the CIA has even lied to the President. This is part of the nature of what we, as a country ask them to do as an organization--the CIA is constantly being asked to engage in illegal behavior, punished when their analysis doesn't fit the preordained conclusions of whatever administration is in power, and then is exclusively blamed when the information comes out or the operations go sour. That's a regrettable state of affairs that says more about the hypocrisy of our leaders than it does about the committed men and women of the CIA.

Duh! Panetta has been very cooperative and there is much speculation but the House intelligence committee has not made a decision yet on whether or not to investigate the lies . They should be investigated but I guarantee you the truth will never be told nor can it be. The truth would never get to us. It would destroy the sanctity of our belief of what America stands for.

Victor Cannistrano former CIA counter terrorism chief says you kill them any way you can He said Americans were never targeted but I guarantee they were. The Bush body count

We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Bush and Cheney violated their oath of office but nothing will ever happen to them. As we said, the CIA has lied to Congress for years. It won't stop now. The CIA is deformed on a good day. Under Bush and Cheney it was totally subverted. Valerie Plame, 9/11, the supposed Anthrax attacks, the Patriot Act, The farce of 9/11 commission hearings, on and on and on, are all part of the lie we were living under Bush and Cheney. We will continue to live that lie the truth will never be known and Cheney will never be held accountable.

I am sick of hearing Cheney's daughter Liz defend that liar when in the same breath admitting she does not know the truth. I am sick of Cheney hiding behind his daughter. It is worsened by the fact that now she wants to get into Politics to keep the Democrats from playing their games and destroying us. That can't be good! She is a typical lying Republican and I am sure she makes her daddy proud.

Yesterday I heard Karl Rove come to Cheney's defense saying we can not trust Democrats. Karl Rove? The mealy mouthed lying worm? Including Nixon and Daddy Bush Rove has made a career out of lying for Republican Presidents. Trust Rove? Come on! How the hell do those scum get away with this?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

The Central Intelligence Agency and The House Intelligence Committee . . .There's a couple of oxymoron's for you.

I'm almost as pissed off as you are Patriot.

an average patriot said...

I know! It really pisses me off. It makes me sick that the scum Rove Cheney and now Cheney's daughter defend all that crap. Rove, I mean comer on!

Dave Dubya said...

I would bet that if there were no such agencies as CIA and NSA we would be exactly as safe, or more likely safer, than we are now.

As we have learned, the NSA has been a threat to our freedoms and Bill of Rights, and the CIA has been a threat to much of the rest of the world. Both of them have been primarily tools of executive abuse of power.

We'd all be better off without them.

Weaseldog said...

Dave Dubya, I think you are completely correct.

an average patriot said...

You have that right Dave!
We would be safer but the ruling party would not have their secret force to enforce their agenda.

an average patriot said...

Hey Wease, you bet he's right!

One Fly said...

Good post Jim. And I agree with Dave as well.

But what I always have to emphasize that I think is so important is the fact that people like her and so many others are allowed to say this continually all over the media waves.

Ya they have the right to say it but without a chance to rebut the lies just as often as they are said we're on the losing end of the stick. We literally have no control over these processes and that is why the Internets are so important.

an average patriot said...

Hi One fly
Tom I am just so sick of the fascist lying. Stupid me I grew up in the streets and learned as soon as I could walk that if I did it or was going to I would tel you period.

Lisa Allender said...

WOW! I just read the "Bush Body Count" thing you referenced, above....Hmmmmmm.
I still believe the
9/11 event was caused by not taking terrorism/threat thereof more seriously, and that much could've been done, to prevent it.
But I do NOT believe George W. Bush created 9/11, or orchestrated it, in any way.
But of course, I do hold him/his Administration responsible for the aftermath of 9/11(Osama bin Laden never found/punished, etc.), Hurrican Katrina's aftermath(poor responses to both situations, etc...)
The "suicides" of so many pivotal people makes me very suspicious in general, though.
THANK YOU for posting this, Patriot.

an average patriot said...

Thank you Lisa
Know they could and did do whatever they wanted you have oty wonder how many they killed. Too many convenient suicides and convenient deaths in general. There were no coincidences only manufactured coincidence like Greenspan's designed economic collapse at the end of Bush's term.