Friday, July 17, 2009

Tax the rich and help the poor what a novel idea Robin Hood!

I think it will be closer to $4 trillion but President Obama's health care reform plan will supposedly cost $1.5 trillion. Will we step up or will we do the usual Government thing and defer responsibility. Congress who can not do anything right is expected to mull it over in August and pass it in September. We really must have one but that is scary. After 8 years of war mongering and funding wars while letting American and average Americans fall apart this is dizzying as Obama endeavors to repair our broken society.

This is a massive Bill! The thought of passing it that quickly is a nightmare. It sounds to me like the Industry will take tremendous liberties and Republicans will do their damnedest to make it a prohibitive mess. Just what is being swept under the rug? This is so befuddling because Health care reform is necessary to recovering from our financial and societal mess. That said do we really want to commit 1/6 of our economy to be screwed with?

This is too massive a Bill to not expect millions of massive scams. This is the Government that can not do anything right but what the hell can he do? We have to do something! Obama is willing to go after his own people and is. He is going after waffling Democrats and Republicans. We must bring costs down though and we must have tremendous relentless oversight. We must have Health care reform. We want it and we want it now but think about it. Think about Congress and our Governments track record. I see this as being extremely abused and problematic.

In a recent poll 55% approve of Health care reform and 39% do not. Myself I believe we must have it to mend our economy and society as a whole but I just do not know how this will hurt us beyond the obvious. I know damn well it will and Republicans will make sure it does so they can use it in their favor and undo everything Obama is trying to fix. Just how will it change if Obama gets health care reform for whoever wants it especially the almost 50 million without insurance.

Obama will get something passed but what? The economy dominates everyone and everything. Reforming health care will be the first step in rebuilding the average Americans economy. This is part of their Bailout program! We are close to health care reform but I believe so far away except for creating a monstrous mess of enormous proportions. Something will pass that will be touted as major health care reform but it really concerns me knowing our corrupt industries and Government and just who will it help?

History tells us it will help industry. We have the 60 votes now as long as we are able to have Byrd and Kennedy there when needed. We can do this alone I hope but I would like to see Bipartisanship. One way or the other we will make this but I See a nightmare coming and Republicans will make sure of it! I love the idea of taxing the rich and helping the poor. Sounds Robin Hoodesque! 98.8% of Americans will have to pay nothing extra.

The top 1.2% will have a tax increase to pay for Health care reform. The Dick Cheney's of America! Do you care? Senator Judd Gregg is crying foul. he said he was not at the table. No kidding, he wouldn't take a seat. I just heard Republican Senator Grassley say right now he believes there will be a Bipartisan Bill. He brings moderation to the table in contrast to Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi's Bill. I look forward to it and seeing what it is that President Obama settles with.

We need this! The average American needs this. Our society needs this in order to mend ourselves. Hillary, McCain, Obama, all when they were campaigning for President said we needed this and we can do it with or without Republicans I hope. I am sorry I got very pessimistic after 8 years of Bush and Republicans. As such I am very concerned as to what kind of trap the Republicans are setting.

Health care reform will of course pose special problems for small business owners. House Majority leader Steny Hoyer said they recognize that and are very sensitive to their needs. If small business contributions are to be graduated I say great it is necessary. I think it is more than fair to have the top 1.2%, the wealthy the Dick Cheney's pay for this. They can help small business owners. It is time to pay back! They got more than their fair share of tax breaks under Bush.

Congressman Ron Kind Democrat from Wisconsin who is on the House ways and means Committee says those earning up to $150,000 will pay nothing. This health care reform bill will supposedly cost nothing extra but what will the final for be? It is right to have the top 1.25, earners of $350,000 and up to pay a graduated amount. Another poll shows 95% of Americans agree with it.

In closing, Obama hit his critics upon his return from Europe saying you are the ones who got us in to this now it is time to get us out. I say, we bailed out Wall street, the Banks, the Insurance giants, the Auto Industry, etc. It is high time we bail out average Americans with health care reform. That will lay the foundation for rebuilding our economy and society.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

A wonderful piece of writing, you just trapped all my hopes and fears and as I speak they are scrapping it out.

Demeur said...

Just heard a good analogy for this. It's like you come home to a house on fire, the basement's flooded and there's a rabid dog in the backyard.

It's glareingly obvious that if this isn't fixed in short order then the economy will not recover for years if not decades. But the rethugs just want business as usual. Some seem to want a plan but only if it profits them. My opinion: Healthcare should not be for profit period. Imagine if we privatized fire and police. You call 911 and the first thing they ask for is a credit card number. Wouldn't that just be peachy.

Holte Ender said...

Very well put Demeur.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Holte
I just heard one of the Democrats say Obama has let them down and I heard doubt as to whether or not it would be passed. Obama promises that it will. I am really concerned knowing how fast he wants this and Congress can do nothing right though I know there has been a doable reform already done and kicked around for years.

Dave Dubya said...

Ever since being coddled by Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush, the rich Right Wingers have been whining and demanding their tax breaks, entitlements and privileges.

Since they are the only ones represented in our government, they should be paying almost ALL the taxes.

What a bunch of spoiled cry babies!

an average patriot said...

Your right, I agree. With the fire the flood and the rabid dog where is the Repug with a gun prepared to shoot you upon response?
Yesterday I know 8 cops were shot 5 or 6 by someone dressed as a priest but I have heard nothing since?

an average patriot said...

Hi Bud! Yeah they are long spoiled. It is about time they pay their share. Hey is that 404 fixed? Otherwise I will have to key you in every time to see if you have written anything!

Dave Dubya said...

Things are still glitchy. I have a couple friends looking at it. I hope they can come up with a cure.

I'll give you a heads up when it's fixed or when I post something new.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Dave
As I said I have it before but it has gone away. I think you can report it or something but the Administrators fixed it when it was affecting me only at the Reuters site I write on though I don't know what it was. Good luck!