Saturday, July 25, 2009

130 public officials in New Jersey have been convicted or pled guilty of corruption since 2001!

New Jersey residents disappointed in corruption probe

Money laundering and illegal organ selling ring busted in New Jersey! Nothing should surprise me any more but this just blew me away. I must admit that even in this modern environment of degradation and corruption I have not heard of so much pervasive corruption in one State in my entire life heck for that matter in the entire country!

I know corruption in politics and in society goes back to day one but it started getting much worse with the advent of the Bush misadministration. You might want to say the Bush misadministration has nothing to do with what is still on going in New Jersey but it certainly does. The Bush misadministration ushered in as the new standard the hurray for me to hell with you environment of only you and your desires matters and anything goes.

From the entire Bush misadministration to Politicians on both sides of the aisle even under Obama's Government we see a continuation of the hurray for me the hell with you atmosphere and it is all pervasive all encompassing with absolutely no regard for morality. The example of corruption and self enrichment we saw as the example under the Bush misadministration coming right from the top. set the example for the entire country to follow and as you see, it is.

We here of more corruption and inequities every day in the Government and in business. Stupid me I thought though that this stuff was Al Capone like and just happened in Chicago politics. I had no idea New Jersey was so corrupt. The scope and depth of what is still on going right now in New Jersey and New York amazed me.

It just speaks to the degradation of of morality that comes along with a degradation of a society! International money laundering and the selling of human organs has so far netted 44 arrested in New Jersey and New York. I was blown away seeing that the ring leaders were Mayors, Jewish leaders, Rabbi's. They are supposed to be our leaders not our misleaders. Jersey Mayors Stung in Graft Probe

You know what I am going to say, with friends like them who needs enemies? This is unbelievable to me! This probe has been ongoing for ten years and there are many arrests still to come. This is just one State people!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

My capacity for believing things that are happening on a daily basis, is reaching saturation point. The scale of the corruption is staggering.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
It is mind blowing. I know this crap has been around from day one but the Bush misadministration lowered the standard and right from the top that anything goes and do what you want. It will continue top get much worse.

Demeur said...

This was so well known that it was even a joke among politicians. Much like Vegas was or still is.
We have it out here but it's a bit better hidden. They do it in the bidding process. A contractor comes in with a low ball bid. The gov. guy accepts the bid. The contractor comes back with extras that are three times what the original bid was.

an average patriot said...

That investigation was on going for ten years. I can't believe those fools stayed in that situation. This is one state and I am sick just thinking how wide spread this kind of crap is around the country.

Dave Dubya said...

In the nation of "In Greed We Trust" corruption has become the rule rather than the exception.

The rotten fruits of corporatism are stinking up the entire country.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Got a few minutes between renovations. Spent most of the day buying building materials and got finally a-hold of some really great doors plus a screwing-machine (not a drill!) that works kind of like a machine gun. Really cool and time saving. My youngest son absolutely loved it! And I bought 12.000 screws. Should be enough for the next two weeks, what do you think?!

Great to see you've found the comments afterall and yes, I guess, you might be right the fooker might never have seen any action. Well he certainly could use some now! And I'm not just saying to be nasty, I really think he's mentally that stuck because he in general is inactive and not producing anything worth while.

Re your post below: No, I'm not one bit surprised. Or even shocked. They've got even sicker things going and it's very hard to fight against that. My focus is very much on medical corruption and general subpression/the surveillance of everybody on this planet plus violation of human rights and when you try to do something about that, it's definitely not easy! The worst thing is also that the general public/the average citizen doesn't want to see what's going on and still believes the bad guys and keeps supporting them.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
Glad thas is going well! 12,000m screws you're going to be busy. Maybe you don't have them there but here you can for a few cents get a regular or Philips head screw driver bit to put in your drill. They come electric or wireless and sure do come in handy.
You are right to be concerned about the average citizen because they do not matter are on their own and only needed to feed the system. You take care for now!

an average patriot said...

It is sick! Corruption is no longer the exception but the rule. The only honest ones are us rats going down with the ship!