Sunday, July 05, 2009

Palin Quits saying we're fishermen we know only dead fish go with the flow!

Palin to quit as Alaska Governor

Should Sarah Palin have resigned?

Sarah Palin Outsmarts the Left That is what Fox thinks but she screwed herself!

Only God knows why but Palin has her small core of supporters. They obviously do not care about America or the fact that like them she does not have a clue. That said, she's going with the flow all right. You have been watching the train wreck that is Palin she she lost her election bit with McCain and his workers called her a mindless nightmare. Remember where the flow is going! Downhill all the way, she is done.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but in my entire life I have never heard of someone in a political position like that abandoning their post. No way a minute strike that. I forgot about her fellow Republican Sanford fleeing to Argentina last week to see his soul mate. Of course Fox stupidly says she outsmarted herself I mean Democrats but to a normal thinking person she dummied herself into oblivion and I want to thank her.

Palin says she doesn't want to be a lame duck. A lame duck is a lame duck! Give me a blind! Anyway short term long term what's the diff? All the other long term lame duck Politicians have no problem with it and don't abandon their post, It does not matter she is going to fail at whatever she does but what the heck can she be thinking? Oh yeah I'm sorry she doesn't.

If she ever had a chance at a Political career she thankfully just killed it. This nutty move will end it despite the fools at Fox saying this was a brilliant move and she outsmarted the Left. Donations have started rushing in to her and you have to wonder why. She abandoned her post as Governor of a small town in Alaska, What is she going to do start a short career as a talk show host? A speaking outing to mindless right wing extremists? Is she getting out of Politics to be free to be a fool and whip people into a frenzy? She will fail at whatever she does!

Palin has been an insult to all Women since McCain made the stupid mistake of picking the mindless Neanderthal as his running mate. I would thank him if so many fools didn't like her and foolishly say she was an ass I mean asset. From day one she was a kick in the face to Hillary Clinton and all very qualified intelligent female or any other Politician for that matter. She was an insult to all intelligent Americans. An insult to all our good sense. "I can see Russia from my house" She is an insult and should be gone forever. Bye Palin you dead fish!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

I hope she's gone too Jim. Quitting as she has done should end this person's political career.

But in the world of nutters anything is credible when there are the whores of media assisting.

Border Explorer said...

Reading this was a cathartic as I'll bet writing it was! You put a smile on my face today. I sure hope she has knocked herself out of the political ring, but I'm not breathing easy yet. She's the scariest thing ever to hit US political leadership in my lifetime.

Demeur said...

What was the Peter principle? Oh yes she rose to the level of her inconpetence and she did so quite quickly. I can't say I've never seen a politician shoot themselves in the foot so quickly and then put the gun to their head.
If she's lucky she'll end up with a spot on Faux Noise or along side Tanya Harding on America's Dumbest Criminals.

Holte Ender said...

Retiring from public life, would have made me happier. Too much of an ego. She's not going away.

Georgia Eliot said...

for a nightmare-inducing experience, check out the chatter on TeamSarah or Conservatives for Palin....this reasignation is all part of Sarah's master plan, you see, and we should cross McCain (bastard!) off our signs and put them back in our yards and have you sent money yet oh well I'm broke this month but I guess I can use my credit card lol........
Keep up the pressure, intrepid pajama bloggers! She's leading a cult disguised as a political movement.

Snave said...

With FOX's Liz Trotta now calling Palin "inarticulate and undereducated", it seems even FOX may be trying to distance itself from her a bit.

Here is hoping that she becomes a political pariah, with only a few percent of the population giving her any credence. If she becomes as marginalized as, say G. Gordon Liddy that would be fine with me.

I think Georgia is absolutely correct. Palin is one of those who lead a cult disguised as a political movement. It is a religious movement. I think Nevada's Ensign is another one of them, and thankfully his career has also probably come to an end.

I think Holte is right, too. She isn't the kind who will go quietly into the sunset. If she isn't trying to control the national debate as a candidate, she will be in the media a lot... like on FOX "News" or hosting her own radio program. We will see ghostwritten books, interviews here and there.

Karen said...

ha, ha, ha!

Love the pic with the fish in Palin's mouth!!