Monday, July 20, 2009

Terrorists beware India and Pakistan agree you are the enemy!

Last week we said the whole key appears to be accommodations between long time rivals Pakistan and India. I do not care what they have to do just make believe they want to see peace come to the area if possible and do whatever is necessary to see that happen. Independent monitors can be used to oversee adherence. This must be done. I have been very pleased with Pakistan's success in South Waziristan now everyone including the US must step up and come together.

Mullah Omar still has a $10 million Bounty on his head but the US is ready to talk with the So called terrorist leader along with the other 3 leaders. First I have to ask does that mean Pakistan collects the reward for The men the Pakistan has been in touch with since Soviet involvement 30 years ago? Just asking!

This is still just beginning for us unless we quit and go home like we should! Afghanistan has never been defeated but that is not even my biggest concern. We have for generations been angering Muslims and certainly in the last 8 years done everything possible to ensure an endless supply martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels for Allah!

If we are to have a victory Russia, India, Iran, indeed the entire so called civilized world is going to have to unite. This region throughout history has never been defeated militarily and will not now unless we all realize the future we want will not be unless as a whole we realize how critical the situation is and that united we stand divided we fall, one at a time! Obama is being majorly tested!

I am psyched seeing that Pakistan and India have agreed to stop focusing on each other and to go after the so called terrorists Al Qaeda, Taliban, all of them! However I disagree of course that the Pakistan India face down is the reason Pakistan up to recently failed to take on Al Qaeda and the Taliban. India-Pakistan rapprochement? Terrorists, beware.

We are hearing that this week's meeting between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India may not have removed mountains of suspicion and hostility between these two rivals just as long as they put it on hold until we all defeat this enemy. I really do not believe that the reason Pakistan until recently has not actively gone after the extremists in the Swat Waziristan area was because they were concerned with manning the Border with India.

I think the goal was to get the US to the table and make them make compromises only one of them being to get India to cooperate. Their cooperation is essential to getting anything concrete accomplished here. India and Pakistan have fought three major wars sine Britain pulled out and formed the Boundaries. I expect that will continue but take care of this outside extremist issue first and then go back to your rivalry if you must though I wish problems could be talked out.

At this point I have to say that knowing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack at least came from Pakistan that, that is what has proven to be the beginning of the end of Pakistan as a safe haven for the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other extremists. I really am psyched as a result of the meeting The two agreed that terrorism not each others country is the main threat to each nation and they will cooperate in fighting it. The so called terrorists are once again responsible for their own undoing.

Once again they have made themselves the common enemy in a region they wanted to take over. I still do not understand why Kashmir can not be given autonomy from both Nations but maybe someone can explain that to me At least Pakistan and India have agreed to even discuss Kashmir and a host of other issues.For the time being the driving issue is eliminating Islamist extremists.

Improved relations between Pakistan and India is what was necessary to successfully combat the so called extremists. What constitutes a militant extremist has kept the two countries at odds. We can only hope Taliban and Al-Qaida have brought them together for the foreseeable future.

Jameas Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Patriot - Kashmir is like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. I have read several articles from both sides of divide, and tragically, both appear to be right. That makes no sense I know. It is almost like a civil war. Perhaps the potential of India and Pakistan uniting against a common enemy could be the key to a safe and peaceful Kashmir.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
It is very complicated. I was just chided by an Indian protege on a medium I do op ed on but as I told her I know it is very contentious but maybe the best way out is to give Kashmir autonomy.

Demeur said...

Holte is right. Kashmir is quite a mixture of groups. Think of it as a tourist destination with a couple of tribes. And you must remember when Russia was fighting in Afghanistan many of the people in Pakistan supported the Taliban who were fighting the Russians.

It's been the policy of the U.S. to pick the strongest group in a country to lead even though that group may not hold the country's best interests. We saw that in Vietnam and then again Iraq with Sadam.

As for India and Pakistan getting together I'd say that will be a very shakey marriage at best. Cultural differences you know.

an average patriot said...

I got set straight by an Indian friend but I can only hope the age pf Obama has brought new insight and cooperation though it has done quite the opposite here with the party of No.