Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama tackles the Global economy in L'Aquila amidst the ruins!

Boehner's Bloodhound Ad looking for stimulus jobs

G8 summit begins amid fears global economy is sinking back into ...

Obama team says consensus exists on global stimulus

In L'Aquila Italy where there are still aftershocks after the devastating earthquake ravaged the area killing 300 in April this set a sobering backdrop for the 3 day G8 summit on the Global economy. Who are the G8

Italy France Germany Japan indeed the entire world want answers to this Global crisis many including me believe was caused like the first Great depression by the US before dragging down the entire world. Amid this we hear growing accusations that despite the trillions spent in the US on the so called economic stimulus it has done nothing at all but bankrupt us. Obama Stands to Be Judged on Economic Recovery

I saw an ad with the ass Boehner leading a Bloodhound around the country looking for stimulus jobs and couldn't find any. Well the idiot did find one new job in North Carolina. The guy was supposedly hired to apply for more stimulus money for the town. I am sick of Republicans messing with Obama while trying to fix problems they and Bush created.

How do you prove jobs have been created like Obama asserts while hundreds of thousands of additional jobs are continuing to be lost every Month running the unemployment total ever closer to 10% and I guarantee it will get much higher? Jobs created or not President Obama has his work cut out for him here and around the world as Republicans mess with him and try to make him fail. This is not a friggen joke. They better stop playing their childish games. The entire world depends on all this working.

Jobs Jobs Jobs! America and the entire world need jobs and are looking for Obama to create them. While President Obama is at the G8 trying to repair the Global economy and fix the environment I am listening to Reid say forget Republicans and Biden saying we might be willing to compromise on the single payer option because they have to get something and quick. Biden says Hospitals are ready to contribute 155 Billion and do their part.It is beginning to sound too suspect to me and I think Obama better concentrate on the stimulus and putting America and the world back to work and work on a real comprehensive health care package not a rushed compromise.

At the G8 even Gordon Brown is pressing Obama for concrete evidence of jobs and economic recovery at the 3 day Global economic Summit! In America we are said to have $499 Billion available with $187 Billion spent. If that is true where the hell are the jobs? We are still losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. How can Obama prove he has created a single job? Prove it!

I am increasingly wary that the stimulus programs have worked at all for the average American. With the back drop of the economic summit, continuing job loss and cries of failure at any job creation, and a growing number of "staged" tea parties there are increasing calls within Obama's Administration for yet another stimulus. We have not even spent this one yet nor have we seen anything concrete from it. Just what the hell are we stimulating besides this corrupt Capitalism system?

Pushing Billions and Billions of dollars through Government programs has proven to be a failed policy and there are increasing calls to add even more money that we do not have. China must love this. Speaking of China because of unrest involving a Muslim sect in China where so far 1456 have been killed China's President had to leave the Summit before it started. Our bank had to go home!

We have a still growing serious problem here and not just in America but around the world. The Republicans will make sure this fails so Obama does. The monstrosity Reid and Pelosi have thus far passed is a political Bill not a stimulus Bill. The trickle of what I hear from some so far spent of 10% of the current stimulus spent is bad news for Obama and at the G8 yesterday I heard maybe more is needed while the rest of the G8 said lets see if this one works first, I agree, I have yet to see any pay back.

The International Monetary fund is under the mistaken impression that we are now recovering from the worst recession since WW2 but like you and the rest of the world I do not yet see it. There are 12 helicopters on standby to take G8 leaders to Rome so they can continue their meetings in safety if more after shocks hit, the last one hit on Friday, They realize how important this is but I understand nothing concrete will be done.

In closing, They better get something done! The G8 Global economic summit will for good or bad affect the entire world for years. The entire world realizes we are facing severe adversity and the biggest crisis in many generations. I wish to hell the Republicans would and realize what is at stake. The childish Political games must stop!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I'm just now starting to see the results in the stimilus bill. For the first time in several months I'm seeing more that one or two guys a week be sent out on jobs.
I don't know why Boner thinks that tax cuts would create jobs. Any money gained from tax cuts would only keep things going or worse end up as a bonus to CEOs.

an average patriot said...

Good to hear that someone is seeing the difference. I am so sick of hearing that we need more tax cuts. I don't get how they can justify decreasing our income while bitching about our debt.

HammertimeGP said...

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