Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrats want to Euthanize Seniors and destroy our perfect health care system that covers everyone !

WTF?This should be short because I want the links and the videos saying Democrats want to kill Americans to tell the story. This just blows me away. These mindless lying idiots will never stop and will keep getting worse until they blow the country wide open. When I first heard Bachmann and Foxx say Obama wanted to euthanize and kill Americans I shrugged it off. Then I started researching it.

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These asses are scaring the hell out of people with their lies. Sadly they have company and people believe this trash. I like you have seen Republicans since Obama was elected to repair America and undo all their damage, come out in front of Congress and make some absolutely ludicrous assertions. I refuse to believe they continue to have the nerve to flat out lie deceive and misconceive just so they can have their way.

They are actually accusing Obama and Democrats of wanting to put seniors on a list to die. they publicly came out and said seniors would be put to death by the Government. Besides ignoring the fact that some 47 million Americans do not have any health insurance and 14'000 more are added to the list of Americans losing their health care insurance every day Foxx Bachmann and others in the Republican party say there is no one in the country without health care.

Wait a minute! Everyone on the country has health care insurance? What the hell is that? First you may remember when Gay American Mathew Shepard was tortured tied to a fence and murder by a couple of homophobes? Anyway Virginia Foxx is the same Republican Senator who right in front of Mathew Shepard's mother called his murder a hoax. Enough said about her insanity and you know about Michelle Bachmann's and her open calls for an armed overthrow of Obama's Government.

These fools are too much! Anyway that statement about everyone having coverage is true for illegal aliens. Many of you will disagree but it has always bother me that they can come here illegally and hospitals must take care of them even if they brought the disease or sickness with them only to get care. I do not like it because that is not true for Americans who to no fault of their own can not get coverage.

Please allow me to recount my own experiences with this! My sons are now adults with families of their own and I do not need health care coverage but I could have used the when I was trying to start my family but I was turned away repeatedly. After the military I worked in job that offered no health coverage. I was not concerned as I was healthy. However I got married after I got my girlfriend pregnant (my fault) I still did not realize there would be a problem getting health care for my new wife or with the hospital helping me pay for the baby because I bought the BS that we are all covered and the system will help you.

Forget it! As a union boss told me, if you are a criminal or a minority you can get help and you stand a chance however if you are white you are on your own! Needless to say, he was right and in every respect! I paid for my wife's Doctor visits out of pocket. Then went I went to the hospital looking for help paying for the baby it got violent and of course I was kicked out. I ended up paying a few thousand at the time to have my first son born in the hospital.

I then ended up one or two full time jobs while going to College full time days plus I was in the reserves, trying to pay for my growing family. I ended up paying out of pocket for my first 2 sons before finally getting coverage. Moral of the story? Do not fall for the BS many legal Americans need health care reform and coverage and if we have to and can we must do it without bipartisanship but we must do it. Otherwise you are on your own!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Republicans say there are no Americans without health care


betmo said...

all i can say is sigh...

Holte Ender said...

Patriot - Experiences help make us what we are, your experiences with health care have certainly made you what you are.

There has to be people in the republican base without health care insurance. When they listen to these liars saying we all have health care, what do they think? All of the folks without coverage cannot be democrats.

Let these liars lie, let there a massive bust up, about "we all have health care" and when the dust settles, the truth should be left standing.

Demeur said...

Thanks Jim I was trying to find the idiot republican who said this. I saw it on Ed Shultz the other day but couldn't remember because I was seathing mad by her comment.

an average patriot said...

B I can just shake my head. This will eventually blow!

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
I have to imagine there are Repugs without coverage but you would never know that from their words and actions.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
I was stupefied myself. One of those links has an even worse one. I watched Foxx's BS right in Congress and I couldn't believe it!

Dave Dubya said...

It's true that prisoners get health care.

Just think, everyone who shoots a politician and gets arrested can get free health care. Who knows what people will do with nothing left to lose?

If the jerks sense there's open season on them, they might care a little more.

Maybe that's what things will need to come to.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
You're right but then the bastards will have the civil chaos they've been cal;ling for. Pardon me but I have to say it, This sucks and then you die. Sound familiar?

Border Explorer said...

Jim, this post is off-the-charts good.

Did you see this quote?

"America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system." - Walter Cronkite

Mauigirl said...

They have so much nerve coming up with these lies. It boggles the mind. Sadly, it is working, and support for Obama's health care reform is dropping.