Tuesday, July 21, 2009

15 years after genocide Rwanda has risen from the ashes!

The movie of the 1994 Rwanda genocide

tears mark Rwanda genocide 15 years later

We hear that in just 100 days some 800,000 Tutsie's in Rwanda were slaughtered, murdered mostly be machete wielding Hutu. Neighbors were killing neighbors. Today 15 years later the killers and the victims now live together. The killers have confessed to their neighbors. It is amazing to me but they seem to have forgiven the killers and it seems to be working. 15 years ago Rwanda experienced a horrific genocide involving on both sides a huge part of the Population.

Recovering from this is not only unique to Africa but unique to the world and a lesson for all. Master minds and genocide leaders went to court and directly to jail. All others confessed to their neighbors and were largely forgiven. Paul Kagame President of Rwanda said most killers regret what they did but not all. I heard one guy interviewed that was pretty proud of what he did. Largely they were able to forgive them and live with them. After listening to Kagame I believe he is solely the reason for this forgiveness and one of a kind transformation.

Kagame said international (in)justice is a fraud and I have to agree 100% He wants Rwanda to be free of any aid whatsoever sooner rather than later and wants total self reliance. You can see that happening and I am impressed. Just 15 years ago 800,000 Rwandan's were massacred by their own people largely by machete. When it was done 1/10th of the population lay dead. That is unbelievable!

So too is the recovery! Rwanda is unique to the world and an example to follow. Could you imagine the Jews forgiving the Nazi's and living together in peace? Forget it! More remarkable to me is the fact that Kagame is Tutsie. It was his people the Hutu committed genocide on. The only thing I heard that made me suspect at all was the fact that China built and donated to Rwanda their new foreign ministry building. China is challenging us around the world so it should not surprise me I guess.

I am pretty impressed with what President Kagame has accomplished knowing his past experiences. What he has accomplished is unique to the world let alone Africa. It is important to note Kagame himself was a child refugee and Guerilla leader before becoming President and rebuilding Rwanda from the ashes of genocide.

Yes Kagame deposed President Bitzumungu and assumed the Presidency in 2000 before being formally elected in 2003 and I do not claim to know the circumstance surrounding it but in some 6 years since being dully elected his accomplishments have been impressive. He is intolerant of corruption but I also understand to political opposition.

* He has however succeeded in combating HIV Aids and has tackled over population another issue plaguing all of Africa limiting families to 3 children. Kagame endeavors to be totally independent and an ambivalence towards the international community. I would say it is well deserved with as he says, their selective concern and misdirected help. Kagame is modernizing agriculture, rebuilding tourism energy telecommunications and setting up institutions agreeable to industry. A conversation with Rwanda President Paul Kagame

* In closing Amongst others Google Starbucks and Costco have become fans. It is safe to say Rwanda's rise from the ashes of genocide has become an African model for all to follow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

When I saw the skulls I was immediately reminded of Uganda, Cambodia, and Bosnia. Some not so wonderful places to live in the last 40 years Then of course there's Darfur and the death squads of south america.
All seems to go well until some greedy dictator gets into power.

Holte Ender said...

I have been reading about what seems to be, a remarkable recovery.

Women really suffered during the genocide and it is equally remarkable, that 39 out 80 members of their senior Chamber are women. Far outstripping any other country in the world for political activity.

an average patriot said...

I know! That is what went through my mind. Wonderful huh? Humanity, shit!

an average patriot said...

Women always seem to suffer the most over there from on top of everything else sexual abuse. Seems to me that men have made a mess of things and it is time to see what women can do.

Holte Ender said...

Patriot - you inspired me to do some more reading on Rwanda and one major positive article I read was in the Guardian, about the Starbucks boss, Howard Schultz, who is currently in Rwanda and is probably about to buy lots of Rwandian coffee for its 100s of British coffee shops. Go coffee.

Demeur said...

There's another issue Holte. Why is it that only the BBC seems to cover stories like this? In American MSM we hear nothing but trite and unimportant news like Britany getting drugged and drunk.

Holte Ender said...

Demeur - I read a lot of Brtish/American media, believe me there is a lot of crap in the British media, but there is a thread that hasn't quite given in to the steamroller that is modern media. The BBC news is hanging on to its traditions, The Guardian, The Independent. NPR has some integrity here in the U.S. and certain columnists in a few newspapers.

an average patriot said...

Great Holte!
Coffee is big there. Starbucks and Costco are only 2 that are benefiting from Rwanda's success.