Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Iran Iraq and Afghanistan,Sobering personal thoughts!

I see more and more as our leaving the cities got closer what I saw as a fact the day the idiot ignored all good advice against attacking Iraq and that is an all out war Sunni against Shiite and don't forget the Kurd's and other sects then spreading throughout the middle east. Iraq got its sovereignty back and a day ahead of time. Now we will see how bad if at all they really want Democracy and equality. They may want Democracy but with Sunni or Shiite dominating and that is the problem that will not go away.

More than 6 years after Bush's illegal attack we still have 131,000 troops there. They may be out of the big cities for now but they will be back. Remember, Bush wanted a permanent Korea style force there should I say more specifically in the middle east. Like it or not that will be the case for the indeterminable future unless we are smart enough to pull out and regroup right here in America. Obama is not that smart and neither is anyone else in power or near it.

The Iran backed Shiite is said to be behind the increasing violence. They are increasing their care and IED murders as they do their damnedest to get this new middle east ()dis)order in full swing. Don't forget the Kurds who want their own sovereignty but this will be Sunni against Shiite and will eventually engulf the entire middle east. You see what's happening in Iran. There is a bigger reason for it than Iran.

Remember the most senior Ayatollah in Iran is living in Najaf, Iraq and has not been in Iran since the 1979 Revolution as he disagrees with Khamenei and his hijacking of Iran. what roll will Sistani play in the new middle east order? What role will he play in the future and why is he still sitting on the sidelines or is he?

250 people mostly Shiite were killed last week alone in this "success" we handed over to Iraq. Just as I was putting this together I heard there was another car bombing in Kirkuk no report of deaths yet. The hell on earth Bush created for Iraq when he attacked will soon get under way. I am sorry to say this because like you I was powerless to stop this but I guarantee you the entire middle east will be engulfed before it consumes the entire world.

Mark my words! All this plus what he did to the US is because of the "success" of the Alcoholic egomaniac who left the White House proud of his destruction. He attacked Iraq to get into the Middle east to "straighten it out" Remember, the idiot said he talked to God and he was doing God's work. 6/30 was declared National Sovereignty Day in Iraq as fireworks were fired and people danced and celebrated in the streets. I can just wait watch and listen expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

One of my sons that has been to both Iraq and Afghanistan more than a few times leading EOD teams. He has been trying to prepare my 20 year old who will be going to Afghanistan in December to do the same thing. They are the nuts who drive in the huge tractor like vehicles to hopefully find and disarm IED’s. He said if you touch the vehicle when it hits a 500 pound stack at the very least what ever is touching the vehicle will be broken. It is only going to get worse I wish it would end and quick! I can only wonder what is next as Afghanistan too is getting worse.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan? remember the Gulf. I lost track of it but we had 3 carrier Battle Groups in the Gulf and France had the Charles De Gaul guarding the entrance. Anyway if this blows up as I expect Obama is poised to deal with all those countries right from the Gulf but what about Russia who also has nuclear assets there and whose troops in Iran were long ago ordered to protect their interests?

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Well the good thing is that in winter the Taliban and Al Qaeda hunker down for the winter. It's in spring that you should be concerned.
As for the solution I see no other way than to put a $10 billion bounty on Bin Ladin. That would cost far less and save a bunch of lives. That country is so corrupt that there will be no democracy there. It never has been and never will.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Yeah I also never understood how someone could possibly say that he's at war in the name of God! An ¤sshole like that does surely not have any concept of/ or respect for God!

Re the Kurds: not an easy issue either... the other countries are not going to agree to a united Kurdistan, everybody has got his own interests and they can't even agree internally... so the usual thing happens some few anti-socials take control, get their own, well let's just call it "thing" sponsered and push their own agenda through.

Hope they don't celebrate too much in that area, because they seem to forget that their "happy-fire"-bullets do come down at some point and don't nescessarily get any less dangerous during that process...

IEDs: here's a little story for you:

an average patriot said...

I have to wonder if he is even alive. If he is I expect Pakistan is closing in on him Civilian militia is doing a number on the valley next to Swat and just asked for Government help.
Funny, I was discussing just that with my EOD son who has been there a few times and he just laughed. He said where the hell did you get that?
He earned the Bronze star in Iraq and I forget what medals in Afghanistan but he said it is all year round period. He earned his medals in the winter.
He said he would by helicopter leave a hot desert area cross the mountains and he would be operating in a winter wonder land. The son going will be driving around looking for IED's too and you know how many of them are found. Yeah I am concerned!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
Thanks for the link. Yes the Kurds want their sovereign region. I don't see that ever happening either. They want part of Turkey and many kurds are in Iran.
I wish that ass hole Bush stayed the hell out of the middle east as advised before he ignored all good advice to do God's work. That ass hole!

Holte Ender said...

Hi Patriot - Saddam led a Sunni minority regime against a Shiite majority, things have been reversed. Those guys are big on revenge. Yikes.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, I didn't realize that that was what he was going to do!

Now I would be lying if I told you not to worry, we know everything is far from fine... but I can tell you that I would personally much rather sit in the lead vehicle than in the ones that follow.
First of all you yourself have the opportunity to lokk out for it. That's a much better option than having to rely on others...

secondly it isn't always the first one that gets blown up. depends on the device, if they use a cell to set it off, well chances are it's not gonna be the lead vehicle, isn't it? simply because it's not that easy to time it that well.

In any case; my thoughts are with you and you've got my best wishes! he's gonna be fine!

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
I know, this is not going to be pretty. We side with Saddam against Iran. You know what they say. Payback is a mother (T)ucker!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
Thanks and don't worry! His brother diffuses and blows them Tom will only find them. Geesh!