Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Palin is free to be the Party's main fundraiser to keep their house divided!

GOP watch: Republicans vs. Palin

Ever since that mistake Palin announced she was quitting her Post people were speculating why. It is obvious why, She was not picked by McCain for her Political prowess or her speaking ability. She was picked because she drew a crowd, something McCain could not do without her. Her gift of knowing nothing of consequence but being will to open mouth saying everything about nothing makes her a true Republican and a strong force of division.

McCain says Palin has a place in the party and she does but not as a Political nominee! She was freed up to accept a reported $12 million signing deal to write a book and now can be the Republican party's main fund raiser. Now they need someone to run for President in 2012! I am afraid of Romney and Jeb Bush. The Party sounds like a nightmare try to reoccur but sadly don't count them out.

First I ask again that Someone correct me if I am wrong but in my entire life I have never heard of someone in a political position like Palin's abandoning their post. No wait a minute strike that. I forgot about her fellow Republican Sanford fleeing to Argentina last week to see his soul mate. Of course Fox stupidly says she outsmarted herself I mean Democrats but to a normal thinking person she dummied herself into oblivion and I want to thank her.

Palin says she doesn't want to be a lame duck. A lame duck is a lame duck! Give me a blind! Anyway short term long term what's the diff? All the other long term lame duck Politicians have no problem with it and don't abandon their post, It does not matter she is going to fail at whatever she does but what the heck can she be thinking? Oh yeah I'm sorry she doesn't.

If she ever had a chance at a Political career she thankfully killed it. I know why she made her nutty move and it will end any desire to run for President despite the fools at Fox saying this was a brilliant move and she outsmarted the Left. Donations have started rushing in to her and you have to wonder why. She abandoned her post as Governor of a small town in Alaska, What is she going to do start a short career as a talk show host? A speaking outing to mindless right wing extremists? Is she getting out of Politics to be free to be a fool and whip people into a frenzy? Yes and write a book too. She will fail at whatever she does other than raise money and divide the Republican party further!

Palin has been an insult to all Women since McCain made the stupid mistake of picking the mindless Neanderthal as his running mate. I would thank him if so many fools didn't like her and foolishly say she was an ass I mean asset. From day one she was a kick in the face to Hillary Clinton and all very qualified intelligent female or any other Politician for that matter. She was an insult to all intelligent Americans. An insult to all our good sense. "I can see Russia from my house" She is an insult and should be gone forever. Bye Palin you dead fish!

Happily for me Paling has the ability to be the Party's number one fund raiser but she is sufficiently unknowledgeable in everything to keep the Republican party divided. Old school Republicans are never going to go for this new school small town Governor and community college Grad for any serious position in Government. I still firmly believe neither party is stupid enough to allow that to happen.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Georgia Eliot said...

Hey James I like your blog - here by way of Immoral Minority.
The following is a comment left on IM re the Palin WaPo article...this is my PBTSD (post Bushco traumatic stress disorder) feeling about the soon to be exGINO:

Anonymous said...

How the article got written is not that important.
What is important, is, her handlers have seen fit to throw down the gauntlet before she even passes the gubernatorial baton.
That is how snakes work. Mesmerize, then strike.

The comments are much more important than the article.
They show how polarizing Miss Sarah is.
As the economy keeps crashing, her appeal will grow.
How many states are bankrupt now ? 37 ? And banks in California will no longer honor IOU's issued by the state to vendors ?

Please realize that this is all being choreographed WAY behind the scenes with the persona of Miss Sarah as mouthpiece. It is not a laughing matter whatsoever.
9:33 AM

an average patriot said...

Hi Georgia
Welcome! I am going to have to go back to Immoral Minority and see what that was in context about.
In her cap and trade statement Paling reaffirmed what I said about being willing to say everything about nothing.

She once again showed she does not have a clue. She will though make millions for herself and the pup tent party!