Saturday, July 18, 2009

At the NAACP 100th Anniversary Obama was fired up with a warning to all of us!

Obama was fired up as he addressed the audience at the 100th anniversary of the National Advancement for the Association of Colored People (NAACP) I am not going to discuss the History of the NAACP You read about that. I found the speech mesmerizing not because he was speaking to the history of Black America and the NAACP but because he was addressing all of America as fired up he was right on point and fired a warning to all of us.

: As we celebrate the first 100 years it is an extraordinary honor to be here amongst friends to celebrate the journey we as Americans have so far taken. He went on to warn of complacency and the country better adhere. As we celebrate the first 100 years of the NAACP we have a lot of work ahead of us. He reminded the obvious to all of us as we worry about our own plight. More blacks are unemployed, more blacks are imprisoned, more blacks are HIV positive.

This applies to all of us as we try to progress successfully into the future. " What is required today is the same sense of unity that got us here as Americans" We must eradicate Bigotry and Discrimination. Muslim's gays, Latino's, Regardless of Religion, color, or ethnicity, discrimination and prejudice can not stand. One by one we can tear these barriers down. Our broader economy built on credit cards and shady loans has made the rich very very rich and the poor very very poor.

To remedy this we need health care for all. Health care reform, health care for everybody! Having said that I see despite Obama's bravado that passing anything viable is in grave danger. We also need energy reform and financial reform to provide all families with security.

* Take not all Americans and all the world, it is all worthless unless we do a better job of educating our sons and daughters. There is no better path to opportunity than education. I agree with that but a general Bachelor's Degree will not do it today. You need a specialized Degree in a specialized discipline today and like it or not that is not easy cheap or attainable by most. We need more than money and reform. People better get motivated and acclimated to the new high tech environment of the 21st century. regardless of money spent and opportunities given.

Obama says they are busy in Washington but people better wake up and realize they better get busy too. This is a new world we face and we need a new mind set. Our destiny is in our hands. All of us as Americans! As I taught my sons, it is not the hardships it is not the experiences it is what you do with them or let them do to you. We can reclaim our place in society and the world. We must set our standards higher. We must aspire!

* Set our standards higher all of us! This is a harder future before us than many have known. Like it or not we can move forward or we can fall behind. Individually it is up to all of us. Our destiny is in our hands born with a gold spoon in your mouth or no spoon at all. In closing: Obama said he made it because of his mother. I must tell you some of us made it not because of our parents but despite them. Your Destiny is in your hands!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Under our corporatocracy, most Americans are now discriminated against, much like minorities have been.

The ruling elite are the only "equal" ones under the government.

Your link to my blog seems to be working now.

an average patriot said...

You know you are right but right now I just want to say all right I am going to check that out thanks Dave!

Holte Ender said...

It was a compelling speech, he should display more of that fire.

an average patriot said...

I thought it was a fiery speech, typical if I may say of someone motivating blacks but all better get motivated. That was for all of us! I agree he is pretty laid back and that better change quick.

Snave said...

He is right, we can't sit back on our laurels. The No People will do whatever they can to offset whatever gains have been made. This is going to be hard work, and we need to look at it as such!

Good post, AAP!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Snave nice to see you! The party of no will never give up until they create their 2nd revolution and get the Democrats out or so they desire.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Wales, as in much of Europe, has a government-run health care plan.

It`s just like any other department, education, transport, finance...we``ve become so used to it, we forget that it`s not the same in other places.

If anyone gets sick, they call or viit the doctor, who then decides on a course of action and treatment, all citizens are equal, although, for example... in some cases of cancer treatments, non-smokers might get preference!
Individual wealth matters not, but the ultra-rich can buy private medical care.

Basically, the system eliminates the "insurance assesors"...and gives the necessary finances directly to the hospitals/clinics/doctors etc, who are all employees of the state, just like police officers or schoolteachers.

We wouldn`t have it any other way... the nurses and doctors are highly respected, and earn reasonably well.
It means that no-one, not even the new-born, the immigrant, or homeless and the unemployed are denied medical treatment, which surely must be a sign of civilised consideration.

Hope you guys get the same, the only loosers would be the employees and shareholders of the insurance system.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker, that system sounds great. Is that the same as England's or is that a stupid question. I really don't understand why anyone here would have a problem with that unless they are corruptively benefiting from our current system!

landsker said...

No, not stupid ... it is virtually the same, but with separate administrative centres.
It has its` faults, and in some instances, also relies on charitable donations, but overall, it does work!
As you say, the loudest voices against such a system in the US would be from those who profit financially from privatised health care.

At least the democrats and Obama are open to discussing this issue, but will they be bold enough to make the step from a profit driven industry to a full public service.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Average American Patriot--I'm just now getting caught up with my favorite blog/-gers. I hope health care reform gets addressed fully, soon!
Peace, yo.

an average patriot said...

I was just listening to a Republican who wants Obama's health care to fail to make it Obama's Waterloo. I am sick of their crap/ They do not care what is right they just want to make Obama fail. That is America man!

an average patriot said...

Hi Lisa
I frequently get tied up myself. I really do hope they pass health care reform but I do not believe we know the traps and I am sure Republicans will make them deep. I think passing one is necessary for our recovery.