Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Republicans want a war! Get off Obama, fight the "good fight" go to Afghanistan!

Republicans are purposely inciting the population to arm themselves heavily and out and out calling for armed revolution against President Obama and the Government. They have already been directly responsible for cop shootings by citizens who are told by Republicans that Obama is going to take their guns. This is really sick and there must be a law. Isn't this illegal? Shouldn't we arrest them? Isn't this treason? Terrorism? This can't be legal!

First before I get involved I want to mentioned we have had numerous terrorist events in the US lately and they are getting more frequent and more violent. Three mass murders in two days recently and they were all home grown American terrorist! Seems to me like due to Republican instigation and our worsening societal degradation we are our own worse problem. We have more to worry about with the Republicans threatening armed Revolution against Obama than we do from the so called Islamic terrorist!

I already discussed this but In Pittsburgh over the weekend, 3 police officers were shot to death by a guy who was convinced that Obama wanted to take his guns away. He was convinced of this because of the writings and rantings of Beck, Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, and other hysterical hatemonger's. As you know, Michele Bachman has called the President and the Democratic Congress unpatriotic, suggested that we are being led into Communism, accused the President of being a secret terrorist sympathizer, and advocated armed rebellion if a cap and trade emissions act is passed. She wants citizens armed to the teeth. Well, she’s definitely getting her armed rebellion-the police forces of America are now being killed, a few at a time. Citizens are listening to these idiots!

Michele obviously likes that, because she’s whipping the nutcases up as much as she can with her insane rhetoric. Her latest spew might be enough to get us a few more policemen under headstones. That fool is saying she fears Obama is planning politically correct Reeducation camps What kind of instigation to revolution against Obama is next? This is really getting disconcerting! About a week ago I wrote a story on her right in Congress calling for armed revolution against Obama

Last night every news channel every news show I turned too was discussing the increased militarism and calls for war against Obama and the Democratic Government. I have to wonder when this is going to explode? Republicans are getting more openly militant as they get more desperate to prevent Obama from saving our America. Gingrich said we should have bombed North Korea or at least taken the missile out on the launch pad. I know some Democrats have said that and I do agree but with the anti Obama revolution inciting rhetoric coming from the right now is not the time! These idiots have to ratchet this down.

* I do not know if it is true or not but I heard the missile failed but it was an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) weapon and supposedly could knock out power to a third of the US. I really wouldn't believe it nor can I believe country's would buy their weapons. They do not even work. Sounds like fear and war mongering to me. After all this is North Korea! The missiles are still falling into the ocean. Gingrich and others are going after Obama saying he should have bombed it on the launch pad. I heard nothing said about the fact that there was 6 attempts and or launches on Bush's watch. Or that it was Bush who "rewarded" Kim Il Jung for supposedly cooperating and took NK off the supposed Axis of evil list. I think Newt Gingrich is more of a threat to us than Kim Il Jung. Gingrich is a fraud! He agrees with Cheney that Obama has weakened us. Weakened us? Cooperating with the world is a weakness? He has greatly strengthened us with unity and they do not like it.

* On one show they were discussing Chuck Norris saying it is time for a second armed Revolution. I was amazed, our Chuck Norris? So I Googled it. Sure enough "our Chuck Norris" He is organizing a second Revolution because of what he calls "Obama's Debt, the Obama Administration, and a lack of Religious values. What the hell are these people on? This is pretty screwed up! Norris cites Sam Huston and advocates a Texas style Revolution and he will lead it. He is also organizing cells on line and he will signal him when ready. Come on get serious this can't be right but it gets worse! He is cohorts with Glen Beck who I just saw raising the roof of Revolution in an impassioned voice. He was standing in front of a screen of a Nazi Rally which is supposed to depict Obama saying we must rise up and put an end to this, Rise up! What the hell? You know, they did say something I agree with! They are also saying they will be put in the FEMA concentration camps I one thought would be used for us. I can only say Good place for them they have certainly earned a place there.

The Republicans are undermining Obama and society, this will not be good, mark my words! War mongering hate mongering fear mongering Chuck Norris calling for a revolution against Obama, Michelle Bachmann for armed revolution, Hannity Limbaugh, Beck, Norris, Coulter stress, lost jobs, Lost houses, financial collapse, degrading society. This is growing and hell it will get much worse. Mark my words! I am sickened by how militant the right has openly become. They are threatening WW3 against Democrats. Calling for armed Revolution against Obama who is supposedly destroying the America Bush already destroyed.

What is wrong with these right wing nut jobs? Even Chuck Norris is calling for a Revolution against Obama saying it is time. They are warning of the FEMA concentration camps and that they are for them, We use to believe they were for us. Now It looks like the masses could end up there. Who the hell knows. This is not going to be good! Republicans want a war then we should suggest Afghanistan. Let them go prove themselves! I hope to hell this is being taken seriously though and something is being done behind the scenes!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

i guess i wonder where they were when i posted on the fema camps a year or two ago? under bushco. all of the stuff they are harping on- happened under bushco with nary a peep. all of a sudden, they are shocked to the core and want a revolution. whatever. you and i have talked about the civil war that will be coming. the south wants to rise again- and they have enough morons and half witted inbred, bible thumpers to do it.

an average patriot said...

You are right! That was our concern under Bush. Those idiots are going to make it true for them. I thought Revolution would be necessary for change but not under Obama. I am very concerned!

Demeur said...

I'm really beginning to wonder if this isn't just another way to extract more money out of the middle and lower classes. Let's see, they did a nice job of it by privatizing health care. Then they changed the rules on credit cards to their advantage. When that avenue was fully exploited they went for home equity. The only thing left was to sell guns to everybody. With their usual tactic "fear" it looks like their base is buying it.
Fortunately their base is becoming smaller with each day. I still say if they keep up their stupidity they'll land up like the Whig party.

an average patriot said...

You are right but most people will never get it. We have a friend who I was able to convince to close her 401k and get out of the stock market when it was at 10,000.

Her and her husband have been thanking me ever since. She comes over often to discuss what is really happening and how it will end up.

Even she realizes the goal is to bankrupt the middle class. Make you deplete all your assets. Average Americans do not matter you are on your own.

Only the two party's matter and keeping capitalism alive so the system is intact when they start over again!

Demeur said...

And you notice that the big banks are buying other banks and investment firms at fire sale prices and using money (tax dollars) we'll have to pay back. What a scam.

Just watched "Black Money" on Frontline last night. It showed how the system really works. Our corporations bribing governments for contracts. Worth watching and this is only the beginning of the investigation.

Larry said...

So many right wing traitors and so few people with a spine to stop the treason.

Border Explorer said...

Michael Moore wrote the definitive piece on firearms in America with "Bowling for Columbine." I'd require all the wingnuts to watch it, but I know nothing can get through their skulls...least of all Moore.

an average patriot said...

Thanks, I will try to catch that. It is really sick but the whole thing is to keep capitalism viable. We are only an inconvenience to be placated.

an average patriot said...

You got it Bud! Thing is I do not believe they want to stop it. I hear so mush crap coming from the right now I am really concerned and they are going to do. Something not good!

an average patriot said...

I agree! I watched a debate last night on Obama taking away our 2nd amendment rights. Those on the right are really up in arms and damn screwed up. I am so sorry to say that one of my own sons is one of those gun toting Republicans that want Obama's head.
The Revolution turned family against. The second Revolution Repugs are calling for will do the same thing. I do not like what I am seeing!

Dave Dubya said...

When their fascist was put in charge against the voters' will, we dissenters were accused of every kind of treason.

Now we have a fairly elected president and the nuts are up in arms.

So the question is, why do THEY hate America?

an average patriot said...

They are up in arms literally. They are pissed. They do not want our version of America they want the one Bush set up. It is screwed up seeing them bitch of all the things we worried about now that the shoe is on the other foot. I am very concerned as to what they will pull to get control of their mess again!

Snave said...

Rant mode on!!!

I agree with Dave Dubya, what the GOP shouters are doing basically amounts to treason. At least I always thought trying to incite violence against the government was treason... it probably isn't though, at least not according to the Republicans, who seem to make up new rules and change old ones any time they feel threatened.

In 2008 in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court ruled that "the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home" and "that the District’s ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment, as does its prohibition against rendering any lawful firearm in the home operable for the purpose of immediate self-defense." That was a very favorable ruling for gun owners, and the ruling had wide-ranging implications.

That ruling was made by the current Supreme Court.

What is most likely to change re. the makeup of the Court in the next four or eight years? Probably not much. I would say it is likely that John Paul Stephens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die or retire. If they both leave during Obama's watch, what kind of justices would he replace them with? They both tend to go left, and he would replace them with justices who would... tend to go left!! The other justices are younger and in better health. You never know what might happen, but if Obama is only a one-term president, things could really go into the crapper.

The Dems were able to successfully hang onto the presidency for four terms once FDR got into office. I hope they can keep it for at least eight years this time.

If the Supremes (with their current lineup) made this landmark ruling in favor of gun owners, then tell me, really... how is Obama going to come around to our houses in the middle of the night, take all our guns, kidnap our children, raid our refrigerators, etc.? It ain't gonna happen.

So why are the gun fanatics (and I will admit some of them are not necessarily fanatics as much as they are concerned about their Second Amendment rights) so whipped up? Who is doing the whipping?

I think their outrage and fear over this issue is mostly bogus. Obama does want to prevent citizens from owning guns that can pierce body armor, and that's a thought. A conservative blogger who knows lots about this issue gave me some interesting info on this, and he says the problem is that anything .223 or higher can pierce body armor... so if someone wanted to own a .308 hunting rifle or a .38... uh-uh.

In that case, there ought to be some kind of strict definition. Common sense needs to be applied. Public safety is at stake. I think a huge problem here is that the hardcores are so adamant and black-or-white on the issue that they aren't going to give in, period.

I am a gun owner, and I consider myself a responsible one. The one I have is left unloaded, and I haven't fired it in over 20 years... it's a Stevens Marksman
.22 rifle, made in 1894, that my dad renovated for me when I was about 12. I took Hunter Safety courses with it, and I know how to safely use it although I don't know that I ever would use it anymore at this point.

I believe in the Second Amendment. I think some of what Obama might want to do could represent overreaching, to an extent. I know the problem in our country is getting more out of control all the time, and pretty soon the hardcores will be in a decided minority... I would suggest the new administration take a gradual approach, not try to do too much at once. Civil unrest is one more bad things Obama doesn't need to deal with, although it seems that's what some Republicans want to see.

What bothers me most about guns in America is what Moore did point out... there are far too many in America, they are far too easy to acquire, and in our culture using them to solve problems is often seen as an acceptable thing.

I would add that far too many people probably do not know how or when to use guns safely. I wish the NRA would return to what it was 40+ years ago. It used to be a sportsmen's organization, devoted to hunting and recreation and determined that gun owners knew how to load and fire correctly, how to store guns safely, etc. Now they fight attempts at requiring people to take safety courses and a test before owning a gun! They don't give a hoot about whether gun owners know the first thing about guns... they just want every American to have one!

Some on the right will say the NRA is the only reason we are still even allowed to have guns. I find that insulting, to think that it is only because some large now-political organization that is now we so far to the right it can no longer function in a sane manner that Americans still have the right to keep and bear arms.

It is our Constitution that guarantees us that right, not the NRA.

We are still able to keep and bear arms because millions of Americans who keep and bear arms do so safely and responsibly! The fact they do? No thanks to today's NRA for fostering that, because the NRA abandoned that tack long ago.

Gun owners should not allow themselves to be led by their noses down a destructive political path. If right-wing gun owners want the NRA to survive and if they want to keep their gun ownership rights, they are going to have to learn to think outside their tiny little box. Otherwise, they probably won't like the way things will go.

an average patriot said...

The more desperate these fools are to get rid of Obama so they can get back in and finish their agenda the more militant they are getting. They will make an issue out of anything and everything!

They are whipping up citizens saying Obama is going to take their guns. He doesn't want their guns. He wants military shit off.

You know, I think he is reaching too far because he is right but those who want one will still get it and it will only add fuel to the fire.

One of my own lifer sons is a gun toting Republican who wants Obama and says it is time for a revolution!

Tonight the Rachel Maddow show is about a Republican tea party against Obama!