Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ahmadinejad A chink in the armor that is Obama!

Roxana Saberi: Will her case impact US-Iranian relations?

Iran's Leader Sparks Western Walkout

Ahmadinejad shoots himself in the foot! I guess nothing has changed after all!
1. Ahmadinejad is up to his standard old tricks. Three things to discuss and I recommend that you go to Naj's site and look at her photos of Iran's Army day parade, They will make you think.She has taught me and others quite a bit about Iran most are kept purposely in the dark about. Army Day in Iran
2. Obama now Hillary has asked for a speedy release of Roxana Saberi who is an Iranian American filming her native country of Iran. She is a sickly Iranian American journalist whose father is concerned she will not survive a prison stay or a proposed hunger strike. She has conveniently and timely accused of spying for the US. and sentenced to 8 years in prison. First she was accused of buying wine then acting improper for a woman and lastly behind closed doors accused of spying and sentenced to 8 years in Prison for spying. The timing! She is simply being used as a trump card, a human life to be used when dealing with Obama. I don't like it! Clinton Renews Call on Iran to Free Roxana
3. Ahmadinejad shot Iran in the foot with this one! At first I did not understand why Obama or a US representative did not go to the UN meeting on Racism. I thought it was because we felt we would be accused of racism or because Obama is Black or something. I should have known better. I now have to wonder knowing Ahmadinejad what the hell did Britain, France, anyone go to that meeting or bar Ahmadinejad from attending. His rant was no surprise!

The entire world at least appears to be making an attempt to stretch out their hand unclench their fist and try to unify and cooperate with each other knowing we all need each other if we are to deal with the so called Islamists and beat this world wide financial crisis caused by Bush. Ahmadinejad is appearing to be the exception, the chink in the armor that is Obama.

* In closing! Ahmadinejad was the only world leader in attendance at the UN racism meeting. You have to come to the conclusion his rant was political to gain favor for reelection. I hate to say it but I happen to agree with him but it is done. To move forward successfully we must accept what we have and the past is the past. UN walkout as Ahmadinejad calls Israel racist at UN Racism meeting

Cooperate and move forward from here or the entire world is in trouble. Years ago I remember Ahmadinejad saying if Europe and the US felt guilty for what happened to the Jews during WW2 they should have given them part of their country. Instead we uproot Palestinians and forced them to live in Gaza so Jews could have Israel. Jews from around the world were given a home in Israel and the Palestinians who want to go back home and Iran will never forgive and forget. Sooner or later even if we settle the nuclear issue with Iran and they help us in Afghanistan this issue will blow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Unknown said...

Hi James,

Excellent piece as usual...

My two-cents' worth:

I have no doubt that Ms Seberi is being used by Iran to show off and "to test" the new US administration.

I have no doubt either that Ms Seberi 'spied' for the US.

Iran's action is condemnable because she (Iran) did it for all the wrong reasons and because of the international perception that she (Iran) does things in very undemocratic, backward medieval age fashion.

Had Iran been a democracy, this would not have happened, we all know that...

But let's just back off a bit and see this from a different angle...

What if it were true that the lady journalist were spying for the US. It could very well be true -- there's nothing stopping her from doing it and I personally believe she could be spying for the US. (And I say that if she were, good on her! I applaud her!!!!)

If it were then true that she were spying for the US, Iran, as undemocratic as she (Iran) is, as medieval-aged her laws may be, as backward their social system could be, has all the rights as a sovereign nation despite their backward legal system to punish spies.

To the Iranians, the journalist is Iranian and that's that. America would do the same thing to individuals who spy on its territory for other nations.

Obviously, the US, as protector of its citizens, has all the right to protest and rightly so!

Demeur said...

I can only guess the case of Jose Padilla has been forgotten. Now whether he actually comitted any crimes against the U.S. or not become immaterial in that he was not treated as a U.S citizen. He was held and tortured for a few years before being able to have council. I'm surprised Ahmadinejad hasn't mentioned that case. The U.S. at present is in no position to criticize other countries about human rights. If we expect other countries to treat our citizens with respect we'd better start treating theirs' with respect. Yes I realize I was talking about two people both U.S. citizens but I think you get the point.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Anna
Thanks! You know, thinking about what you said I guess her being Iranian and that the US would at the least debrief her upon her return I guess even if an unwilling one she is a spy. Yes good for her!

jmsjoin said...

I forgot all about Padilla, at this point whether they did or not if Padilla accused them of torture, we are guilty. Not good!

Lily said...

Good point about the Europeans and the americans giving a part of their territory to the Jews!!!

Re Iran: well you know, I said that to an Iranian guy I know: "Never mind about the nukes, what I am worried about is the women!" Because they seem so helpless, so suppressed and yet they have the capability to manipulate all and that's probably why they do keep them covered up! Mind you one of those is going to visit us next weekend... hope I can keep a straight face, when she starts up the usual show... and I still haven't figured out, what exactly it is that she wants. believe it or not, I stick to the guys and funny enough they don't mind that at all, no matter what others may think about men from muslem countries... well, nothing is ever the way it appears to be!

and re the country: I feel sorry for the peole having to live with the sactions and the suppression inside of the country, both is killing off everything. the people of the country are good hearted and generous people, even if they have very little, they will still share with you and they just want to survive in peace but unfortunately they are very naive and far too easy too manipulate. really heartbreaking.

re you interrogation post below:
as a soldier you know what's like to get no sleep and to just run on adrenalin or have endorphine substances kicking in. But you have a goal, you've signed up on free will, you've got your own code of honor to follow and that keeps you focussed on the mission and makes you reach the target in spite of all.

It's different for people who are getting tortured. especially civilians and political prisoners. Sometimes I really wonder what some political prisoners have been thinking before they got themselves into the mess. And some... even if they sacrifice themselves and have an honorable agenda, they do in fact f¤ck up quite badly. Which is really sad, because if they had only planned what ever they were doing properly and had found a more sensible way of pushing it through they themselves would have suffered a lot less and they would actually have gotten anywhere and served mankind much better.

It is quite surprising how little it usually tales for person to break down. A civilian in captivity will usually crack up very quickly without really doing much to him at all. A paper bag over the head, or even just too many cloths to wear... do easily bring that about.

As far as interrogation methods are concerned, well, you might wanna read this one, if you haven't seen it yet:

actully if one was genuinely interested in the detainy and a little bit smart about it, one could get most people to talk and thank you afterwards for listening! No violence needed!

but the problem is also: is the truth wanted? Do they want the suspect - or whoever - to actually tell the truth or do they just need a signature under a bunch of convinient lies?

and in terms of what effect torture has on people... it seems to me that physical pain is something people can endure or if nescessary, give up the body, but the nastiest of all seems to be psychological manipulation,done in a covert way. Those people are just completely broken afterwards and also those who had it thorrowly rubbed in "just how guilty they really are" have that stick with them for years and years and it ruins their lives, even decades after they were freed or released. quite something, isn't it?!

Karen said...

Don't believe Roxana Saberi is a spy, just don't buy it. But unfortunately, by the standards of a dictatorship, any reporting is considered *spying*.

Unknown said...

Hi Karen,

Actually, there's nothing wrong with spying for your country if you can get away with it.Miss Saberi perhaps wasn't exactly a female James Bond but am pretty sure that she was a US "asset," an operative of some sort. US needs her kind inside Iran.

And truly, Mss Saberi must be aplauded if she was indeed doing it. Takes guts, nerve, all sorts of things to do things for America.

We mustn't forget that America has "spies", "assets", intelligence operatives all over the world, even in countries that are traditional allies, eg., industrial spies, technology spies, etc., and not exactly wearing a uniform (just go to NATO land and you might just spot them!!!).

It's all part and parcel of how you keep the US dominant spirit alive and well.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Sarah Sofia!
Iran to Iranian's is quite different from what we perceive it. Do you blog with Naj? She is a native Iranian. She has really taught me a lot about Iran and the role of women there. I will give you her link if you want it.

As for torture I agree with you there too. To me torture is unnecessary. Just getting caught is torture enough. I tried to get my step father to realize that when I was a kid to no avail. We all have as you say different levels of tolerance. I have a few sons who are lifers and the thought of them getting tortured or injured bothers me to no end. Good luck with your visitor!