Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop the torture Debate already, call their Bluff, Investigate!

Republicans led by Cheney want a torture debate. Call his bluff! He says he wants all the torture tapes made public as he wants you to think if they are they will vindicate him. He stupidly thinks he is being brazen and as a result of being in your face people will back down and say it is not worth it, forget it. It is worth it. Call his Bluff! While they are at it they should do an analysis first. It will save them the time and trouble. Do a simple comparison between those that were tortured and those that were not. Compare the information they divulged and determine if it was actionable or truthful. Any way you look at it they did not make a single arrest based on the information they gleaned after all these years of great success by Bush and Cheney!

Once again these idiots are trying to intimidate and control us. Call their Bluff. Give them enough rope to hang themselves and they will. Cheney just wants us to get hit again. Anti torture McCain is against torture but is backing Cheney's stand. McCain should step up instead of backing McCain as that makes him guilty too. It is out and at this point it is indefensible. Whenever we are hit again and we will be as far as I am concerned it will be exclusively Cheney's fault. He has goaded it at the very least but you know he will blame it on Obama and simply say I told you so.

If he really cared he would seek an audience with Obama and explain his views on success and how to proceed. Obama could take it in and regurgitate it if he wanted. He could take it or leave it and Cheney knows it is counter productive and Obama would ignore any direct advice from Cheney as he does the advice Cheney gives in his admonitions to the MSM to try and destabilize Obama and make him fail. I know Cheney's motive but what the heck is McCain's? He sad when defeated that he would support his President but who is that? He seems to be just one more Republican who wants to block Obama and keep him from being popular but as it seems I say every day now, they will all fail.

At this point I think Obama is right to personally stay out of this and let Holder take control of the issue. I am beginning to trust the man and unlike Bush's AG who did everything Political so Bush could prosecute his mess unimpeded Holder is going to be apolitical. He will do the right thing for the Constitution not for Obama's gain and let the chips fall where they may. Holder will find the truth behind this torture history as if we ignore history we are doomed to repeat it. Bush the idiot was fond of saying that while in every instance ignoring all history so he could worsen it exponentially as he has done in every instance.

Any way you look at it there was torture going on. If what was going on was so legal Republicans would not be trying to spread blame to the Democrats to share the blame. If it was so legal there would not have been torture memos in the first place. Gee I have to laugh! It just dawned on me that this is the first time since the advent of Bush that Republicans have wanted Bipartisanship in anything. They want to spread the blame isn't that cute? How Republican! Just take the credit for your efforts and let the chips fall where they may. Burn those fascist scum!

I Just heard Senator Arlen Specter just switched to the Democratic party wow that is big. Damn I wish they would all jump ship. Come on! This is cataclysmic for the Republicans. With Franken that gives the Democrats their 60 seats. Yahoo a filibuster proof majority. Now we will get things done. Republicans were going to make him pay for voting with Democrats on the stimulus. Well I guess he showed them. Specter knows the Democrats are doing the right thing for America and Arlen wants to be on the right side of history. I am psyched, I did not expect this.

Anyway back to the Fascist party! Speaking of that, Sean Hannity who is a main stream hard core fascist Republican Backs Cheney and his torture agenda. He is a Republican extremist to the nth degree. I heard that, that mindless slime had volunteered to be water boarded. Of course knowing the standard mouthiness I believed it right off the bat. Hannity made that statement in front of millions including an audience of veterans and their families. Hell I saw the clip, now he is hiding and for good reason. He said that to the head of the military's SEER school (survive, evade, escape, recover) Big mistake! Mike Ritz a former SEER school instructor to water board Hannity. He said I guarantee you water boarding is torture and I can even get Hannity to say I love the Keith Olbermann show. I would pay to watch that and then slap the idiot silly. Enough of these scum, enough, and they just keep getting worse!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Monique said...

Hey Jim, political nincompoop here. No torture is allowed in my view. How's the swine fever over there?

Dave Dubya said...

Hannity is loud-mouthed goose-stepping coward. Even if he is waterboarded, which I doubt, it is not the same as having your jailers and interrogators doing it to you.

Specter will be just another Republicrat standing in the way.

He speaks the truth about the Republicans moving "farther and farther to the right", though.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
I agree! We must remain above that. It is not us and gains nothing good.We have 59 cases here right now and we just had our first death in a 23 month old!

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
I can not stand the goose stepping bastard Hannity. All friggen mouth!
I really have hopes for Specter. Dems saved his career, he owes, watch!

Demeur said...

This is already under investigation although not by committee. It's being done at the Ags office and the judiciary committee.

As for Specter if he doesn't adhere to most of the democratic party principles why bother to have him?
As the saying goes "with friends like that who needs enemys?"

an average patriot said...

I know but I want to hear that laws have been broken and high heads should roll.
As for Specter Obama is going to fund raise and campaign for him and is pretty happy. Health care and energy reform are two of Specter's interests and I am pretty confident that Obama can count on his vote.

Jolly Roger said...

Cheney doesn't want an investigation; he's making noise to try to scare the shit out of some Congressional critters who might have some 'splainin' to do.

Larry said...

As always they won't do anything because their own closets are filled with being enablers for the past 8 years.

an average patriot said...

Hey Jolly long time no see
I agree that is why Holder should open them and burn the bastard. Compare the bad info from torture to any actionable info from otherwise. Burn the fascist I say!

an average patriot said...

That is why the money is on nothing being done. Heads in both party's would roll. Dems were just as complicit. That said, if Holder was impartial he would hold everyone accountable and let the chips fall where they may.

Snave said...

Nice rant there, AAP! I agree with you. Call Cheney's bluff. To use a torture expression, let's hold the bastard's feet to the fire.

I also believe Holder will prove to be a very good AG.

two crows said...

my vote-- let's waterboard the bunch of em.

hey, Jim--
I just left you an award over at my blog:

an average patriot said...

Thanks snave
Last night Obama did a hell of a job on answering the torture question. It is now in Holders hands and I think he will handle it right. I trust him!

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
You know I agree. They think it is not torture. Try it on them then see what they say. I just saw this sorry, I am on my way, adios!

AdB said...

That Hanity anecdote of yours is just hilarious -- so he is now truly in hiding?

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
Yes he is! Two crows whose comment is before yours sent me an E mail to sign up asking him to do it. He has gone underground. I can't stand the arrogant mouthy idiot. He said his friend Ollie North did it so it is nothing. BS! I don't like North either. A couple of my sons have been through that training too but as you know, it is no where near the same thing!