Saturday, April 04, 2009

Part two: Colin Powell the Unrepublican Republican!

Yesterday in my story titled Colin Powell still a Republican for now I pointed out his once again difference with the party. In my Final word: Colin Powell disagrees with the spending freeze as like us he knows it is a ridiculous idea that has never worked and certainly will not at a time when like it or not we are in trouble because we can not spend now. Freezing spending would be suicidal at this time and Republicans have too know it! Tampering with Medicaid, Medicare social security, Veteran spending, smaller Government, any and all of it would destroy the country Like us Colin Powell has never heard of such a thing. You want to wonder what they are up to? What is wrong with them? However unlike Colin Powell who loves our America you know Republicans love their version which does not accommodate us!

A 5 year spending freeze, additional major tax cuts for the wealthy, cuts in new energy sources, drill baby drill, cuts in health care and education, will send us back to the stone age! What are those people on? This was tried during the Great Depression but it failed. That is why FDR's new Deal program of spend and rebuild was instituted. That as you know is what Obama wants! From what I can see the Republican party can be proud of one of their own! I can not stop wondering what the hell is wrong with the rest of them? Why can they not do the right thing for America and not the Republican party? This idiocy must stop!

Today an update on Colin Powell the Unrepublican Republican! As I was listening to Colin Powell I came to the conclusion that the policy he would like to see over turned applies to everything with him as he does not want to diss anyone. Don't ask Don't tell! Colin Powell since I have followed him has had a history of consistent correct assessment as he like me puts the right thing ahead of what he wants or his party. As a result he was counter to Bush and Cheney's my way right or wrong, policies.

Gitmo: As we have discussed in the past swept up in the original zest to capture Al Qaeda everyone around the guilty was sent to Gitmo. Included was a 13 and 93 year old. They like many were known to be innocent but it was demanded that they stay there and they did but have finally been released. You can bet it was Cheney who demanded they be kept prisoner but Powell who wanted them out would not divulge who wanted the innocent kept too. You come to the conclusion that it was only to keep up their hard ass don't mess with us or else front! The same thing happened at Abu Graib where 25,000 prisoners were kept and only about 500 were thought to be guilty!

Powell agreed with Gitmo at the beginning but only as a place outside of the US to check question and release if necessary. When he saw the abuse he wanted it closed and Obama agreed. I am still waiting like you to see it closed. Despite the partisan rhetoric that our courts will be jammed and the guilty would be freed on our streets that is hog wash. I agree with Powell that our legal system could deal with them very easily. He was asked about the term Bush and Cheney invented so they could fight Islam an that was "the war on terror" I always found that term insulting and counter productive, If it was a war on terror we should have included many of our own including the Bush Administration! He never liked the term and like Hillary and Obama does not use it.

Of course he was asked about the military's policy towards gays and lesbians of "Don't ask Don't tell" Personally when I was in the military I was not interested and could not discern the sexual preference of those beside me and only cared that they perform when the shit hit the fan! Again in the beginning Powell was behind this policy but rethinking the policy he now sees it as it is, a gross injustice to those seeking to serve their country! Once again he agrees with a Democrat.

* Final word: Obama when he gets to it plans on discontinuing Don't ask Don't tell. Personally if they still want, we need them and those wrongly discharged should be reinstated. Don't ask Don't tell is a Bigoted policy! Gay, Lesbian, Woman, Arab, Hindu, whatever, who the hell cares? Doing your job should be the only parameter. Many gays and lesbians were not caught and served admirably and meritoriously. We have been mistreating our citizens and the country long enough. We have cheated the country and yes even the soldiers they served beside. More than 12,000 whose patriotism, devotion, and professionalism was beyond reproach and they were dismissed from duty for what? We are all the losers, reinstate them if they will still serve. Once again those powers that be cut off our nose to spite our face!

Colin Powell more often than not has the right take. He is capable of living and learning. Able to learn from his mistakes! More often than not he agrees with Democrats. He only cares about doing the right thing, the right thing for the country! He may be a Republican but he is an American first. He is Colin Powell the Unrepublican!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

Powell is a worthless shill who sold his darkened soul to the Bush regime for a spot with the "good ole boys" club.

He is a liar, a warmonger, a phony and one of the many reasons this country and thus the world is in shambles.

Brother Tim said...

What Larry said! Plus, his thinking is skewed. If he was such a 'Great American' he would see that the Republican Party is hell-bent on turning this country into a corporate state. Powell is 72 years old, the GOP will not change in his lifetime. For him to remain a Republican shows his true colors. His skin is nowhere near as 'black' as his heart.

Lisa Allender said...

Aw,guys,I truly believe Colin Powell simply erred, and deeply regrets it.
He even admitted that he was "disappointed, ashamed of myself...." re. the WMD's speech before the U.N. "I trusted my President", he said.
I know God will forgive him. I'm trying to be a true Christian, and forgive him, too.

Jolly Roger said...

I'm with those who don't see Powell as redeemed. I, too, believe he knows what he's done is awful, but he's still a hair too prideful to just come out and tell it exactly like it is. No repentance, no forgiveness, says me.

As far as what's wrong with the rest of the Rushpublicans? They're stupid, scared, and unreachable. They cannot be taken seriously in the discussion on what has to be done now, and they shouldn't be.

an average patriot said...

Hi Larry!
Yes Wease and Brother are pointing that out. I am just happy to see at this point that due to color or not he is now agreeing with Obama and says he only cares about what is right for America!

an average patriot said...

I am disappointed that him and other left leaning Republicans do not speak out against what the right is doing or saying. The party and feeding capitalism is all that watters to most of them.

an average patriot said...

Hi Lisa
I know I am sometimes naive but I do happen to agree with you!

an average patriot said...

I am primarily pissed at Powell for not speaking the truth about what Bush did and all of them for still saying they want Obama to fail but not the country and Bachmann calling for armed insurrection against Obama. WTF?

Brother Tim said...

I agree, Lisa, and have forgiven him as well. However, one must be mindful of the fact that, even though they are frequently used as such, 'forgive' and 'forget' are not synonymous. :)

an average patriot said...

I just saw this! You know something makes me think we discussed this but I can not forgive or forget, I just learn to live with it. How do you forget something that affected your life anyway?