Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Roller Coaster or Bumper cars? It is more of a whirlwind every day!

After our conversation a couple of days ago on Pakistan being President Obama's 6 month test a scenario VP Biden set out when the two of them were running for the White House The long expected fall of Pakistan is under way

First I must admit I know party swings are cyclical with the favor or dis favor of a past Presidency. We have Bush to thank for this but I was happy to hear that today only 21% of Americans today are Registered as Republicans. At the same time as I find myself wondering how anyone could register as a Republican the thought crossed my mind that it stinks that only 21% of Americans are capable of making the other 79% if us totally miserable.

Now After yesterdays events towards the end of Pakistan devolving into Obama's biggest challenge I was going to discuss that again today as it is degenerating rapidly with the US threatening to attack Pakistan's Swat valley if Pakistan failed to act against the Talban. US public warning of Pakistan collapse has risks Look at the dire stories included in the above link:

US threatened to attack Swat Taliban if Pakistan failed to act'

The US does not have a clue but I will remind you of The Taliban get their first wish

However once again I was overwhelmed at the roller coaster of events bringing my emotions up and down like a damn yoyo. I did not not know what to discuss because this just amazed me so I thought I would throw out what I have been hearing both good and bad while once again up all night perusing the news channels!

* I was pretty happy to hear that despite Fidel telling the US that Raul was misunderstood as to saying he wanted to talk about everything Fidel just stepped up. Fidel is willing to talk now. Obama it seems made the first move and will no longer insist that Cuba embrace Democracy before Obama will talk about accepting Cuba into the fold.

* Mexico doesn't have enough problems with our drug war that is threatening to capsize Mexico they now have 150 dead with the swine flu.Developments are changing so rapidly I can't keep up with them. I am convinced this pandemic will get much worse. Our Department of Health and Human services has declared a state of emergency. We now have 40 cases and Swine flu has now spread to Spain, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, and the World Health Organization has opened its war room. I was thinking what the hell is next with Mexico then I just heard of an earthquake.

* I at least heard some good news when I heard when Hillary flew to the Middle East recently for the first time since I can remember her plane did not have to go all the way around Syria but was allowed to fly through Syrian air space. That is a big plus.

* Iran is a roller coaster subject in itself! I must say at first whiff I was ecstatic to hear Ahmadinejad say that he would be amenable to a two state solution with Israel and Palestine. He said Iran or the US should not interfere and I couldn't see that from either side. Then to me his insistence on the 2 state solution being put to a vote by Palestinians and Israelis sounded great. Until he said the vote should be between Israeli's and Palestinian's in Israel. That is an automatic no go as those Palestinians want Israel for themselves. It won't work and Ahmadinejad knows it.It does however leave room for discussion. It should be put to a vote but between Israel and Gaza. That would work. You would have your two state solution.

* In my own State not far from me in Great Barrington, Massachusetts I heard a good idea others will want to follow. An idea from the great depression is being used and successfully.The town of Great Barrington is printing its own money which at first smell appears odd but it is working. They call their money Berkshire's and it is used for local businesses thus stimulating the local economy keeping it local. They are then traded for Dollars. I like the idea!

* Thinking about earth day and efforts to go green in order to save the environment and the rapidly developing Swine flu Pandemic I heard that 200 million people will die in the next 10 years in the Greatest Cataclysm in History and I was stunned until I heard that is what they said during the First Earth Day in 1970. So what? Is that good or bad?

* Lastly for once I will close on a positive note. I listened very interested as I heard a "new" energy source described. It is right now being patented by its Canadian inventor so they could not get too in depth but It is ammonia! Again at first you say what the hell? This really sounds good though. Hydrogen is mixed with Nitrogen to make the non explosive Ammonia. You would need only 5% gas. The fact that the American trucking Industry is very interested in it makes it very promising to me. We will see. This all adds up to one hell of an emotional roller coaster when you add in everything else. WTF?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Unknown said...


What about the risk of drivers falling asleep?

jmsjoin said...

Hi Anna
Okay You have me laughing, what do you mean? If you fall asleep you might crash and die but nothing is different except amonia is much safer they say.