Monday, April 27, 2009

Closing in on 100 days do you think Obama is making the grade?

I am constantly every day impressed with Obama's many accomplishments and what he is doing in order for us to get back our version of America and destroy the mess Bush and Republicans made of us and our America while instituting their version. He makes inroads toward that end. That is why as they get increasingly more desperate Republicans are getting increasingly extremist. I am very concerned at how far they will go to make Obama fail so they can get back in and finish their agenda and us off.

I commend Obama for what he has been able to accomplish in his first 100 days. Particularly because before he was elected he promised to be all inclusive and once again bring bipartisanship back to our Government. I have always thought that partisanship was sometimes necessary and essential. However not now. I prefer to have bipartisanship to clean up the mess created under Bush to destroy our version of America and implement their new version. Republicans do not want that to happen and will continue to be the party of no to make Obama appear to be a liar and the purveyor of Partisanship they themselves insist on as they attempt to block Obama. They will fail!

I heard Boehner say he would give Obama an F for his first one hundred days because of borrowing, spending, and avoiding all the hard choices What?
Everything is a hard choice. They credit him for spending more than every President in the past combined. Do not forget Bush did too but for his wars while we lost our jobs and our infrastructure fell apart. Now Obama has to understandably spend more than that to put us back to work and rebuild our infrastructure. What the hell do they think!? Anyway This is from the House leader that destroyed US and world order! That means to us he gets an A and has done most things right.

Remember what Obama is trying to work with. All the while Obama inherited this anti abortion Republican Abortion called the economy as well as all the rest of them. Obama will get us back on track to get back our America. However that is what Republican's are against not Obama. They want their version back! Being Anarchistic they will do anything to keep Partisanship and try to blame it on Obama, hoping he fails. We must do everything possible to help and keep that from happening.

I am looking forward to Obama's next 100 days and what he will accomplish. As far as I am concerned Obama was acting President long before Bush left as he was running the country behind the scenes while Bush was screwing around and patting himself on the back for a job well done. Yeah! That aside I am afraid Obama has yet to face his biggest tests and the next hundred days will go a long way towards proving that. The next 100 days and beyond is going to be a lot tougher because of the mess Bush made of the US.

America and the mess he made out of us in his "success" Is a small part of the crises he has set in motion. Wow think of this! What the hell is Obama going to do if the Taliban overruns Islamabad? Many of you remember what happened to us in Hanoi. I am sure the Taliban is not only camping out 65 miles outside Islamabad the capitol of Pakistan You know there are many on the inside and all over ready to act. I keep hearing the Pakistan army can handle them if they pull their army off the India Border but I absolutely do not think so. I do not trust the ISI either. They were complicit with those that attacked the towers and I absolutely do not think they want the Government of Pakistan as it is.

Meanwhile Obama is going to have a hell of a fight with Republicans to pass health care and and with environmental issues. Everything Obama says or does they jump on and call it the wrong thing. It is the wrong thing for them and their version of America but it is the right thing for us and our version of America. We must help get it back. should have long been over being stunned at what I have seen and heard coming from the Republican party since some fools got the dumb ass drunk elected. He was a proven life long loser and I still can't believe he was elected and worse is defended. Look what he friggen did, I do not get it! Anyway again I am flabbergasted how someone with the resume of Gore can be so ignorantly discounted by this time the likes of Gingrich. These idiots will not shut up and sadly they will not go away but will get much worse.

I refuse to believe that at this point anyone can not realize cleaning up the environment is a dire necessity and a money maker of the future. Let alone someone of Gingrich's low moral standing refuting Gore and his vast resume on the subject. Gore correctly told Congress the fate of the planet is in their hands and it it is. Gore and thus Obama does not want your job. Going green, cleaning up the environment will create jobs. I wish to hell Republicans would stop their divisive crap as it is only designed to confuse for selfish gain and divide. As usual to some extent it will succeed.

* In closing: The ass hole Republicans will do everything to not cooperate with Obama on everything. As you know, they blame their partisanship on Obama and Democrats. I am happy to see that 67% of Americans see through the Party of NO. They see a spade and call it a spade. They blame the Republicans for wanting to do nothing but block Obama. I just wish they would gather why. Obama is using our drones in Pakistan that may erupt and soon. Giving Obama I am afraid more than FDR had on his plate during WW2. He handled the Pirate situation well. I think with his diplomacy in the middle east, South America and around the world we are much safer not weaker as Republicans want you to believe. Tempering Obama's good guy demeanor and approach with toughness will be his challenge and he will deliver! He will come through. I give him an A! What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

On a grading curve that includes the Republicans and Bush cartel, Obama really does deserve an A.

That said, he's up against institutionalized resistance to the kind of changes he promised. Much of that resistance is within his own party. Corporatist dems are throw as much sand in the gears as the republicans.

Then there's that sticky little torture issue.

It is too soon to grade him on the actual benefits of his agenda.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Dave
I think he deserves an A! You may remember I have said it from the beginning that the party's only care about themselves. In the end Obama is on his own!

Unknown said...

Is this parody, or have I had too much to smoke???????

jmsjoin said...

Brother you make me laugh! I was not writing with that intention but I am laughing knowing I knew you would say something!

Larry said...

Obama is avoiding the hard choices, those hard choices like letting the economy lay in the gutter of the Bush charade, and he avoided the hard choice of starting another war we cannot win, and he avoided taking even more rights away from Americans that the Bushy's loved to do.

I'm glad he has avoided those hard choices.

Unknown said...

Good writeup Jim..putting it on Sirens Chronicles. ;)

I think the man has ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag to deal as far as I am concerned he is doing ok, but I don't know if I would give him an 'A' as I think he has pulled a few political moves which pisses me off. ;)

jmsjoin said...

I was amazed to see those mindless idiots say Obama has avoided all the hard choices. What the hell has he done that is easy?

jmsjoin said...

Great Dusty thanks!
You know I have to laugh! When I was a kid we called 10 pounds of shit in a 10 pound gag a blivet!
You may know when I was in high school I worked the farm and lived there. We use to fill a bag full of cow shit put it on someones door step light it on fire and ring the bell!

Unknown said...

Jim, I grew up in the city.

We used to take a paper bag and fill it full of shit then place it on a doorstep of some asshole..then light it on fire. ;)

Some things are universal I guess.

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Unknown said...

Re: "Meanwhile Obama is going to have a hell of a fight with Republicans to pass health care "

He'll be up against some of the most powerful lobbies... I hope he succeeds. Universal health care is a right, just like he said during his last(??) debate with McCain and I reckon it is the responsibility of the State to make sure that people don't die just because they don't have the money to spend on health care.

Unknown said...

James, I think you've got a Chinese mole in here...

Unknown said...

Good eye, Hillblogger, and the mole is into porn (I read some Chinese).