Friday, April 10, 2009

Culture wars, gay marriage up Christianity down!

Whatever side of either issue you are on I want you to know Bush is directly responsible for both! Bill Clinton was directly responsible for getting Bush elected because people were sick of his shenanigans. Likewise because of Bush's stance towards gay marriage he is responsible for States rebelling in the name of the people now that they can. He is also responsible for the decline of Christianity is there is one because of his perversion and abuse of Christianity. He and his perverted born again Christians are directly responsible for the rise in Atheism! His was a great Presidency indeed. They say Obama has polarized a Nation but I think you can credit Bush with that. Ya think?

I am heterosexual but I am ecstatic States are starting to allow gay marriage. We are all the same like it or not. We all deserve the same rights. We are crossing an important line though and we should. In this instance at least we are outlawing bigotry! I get sick if Republicans saying we must protect the sanctity of marriage. Your marriage is still sanctified. The meaning of marriage will not change for anyone, only those that want the meaning changed for them.

As you know by now, gay marriage is now just a ride away for most New Englander's. Iowa, Vermont and Connecticut have joined Massachusetts in legalizing gay marriage. As the joke goes, hell everyone should be equally miserable. Those in upper New York can go to Cana and those near New York City can go to Connecticut or Massachusetts. DC has announced they will recognize these marriages and Governor Corzine of New Jersey will sign a bill legalizing gay marriage While Governor Paterson of New York vowed to introduce a bill.

Time is not on the side of those against gay marriage. The majority of those under 35 are pro gay marriage. People just want to be left alone. We have seen some unpalatable changes in this country since Bush. There will now be big favorable changes in this country. Geesh thinking of the calls coming from Chuck Norris, Michele Bachmann, Bush Limbaugh calling for armed Revolution, big changes in our future could mean many things.
Advocates on Both Sides Seek Momentum on Same-Sex Marriage

Now America the Godless! After Bush the scum who talked to God and as a perverted Christian thought God told him to attack Iraq and straighten out the middle east. After Bush's version of perverted Christianity that allowed him to destroy our country and our lives supposedly praying to Christ all the while. People are turned off and some are turning away from Christianity. I have a sweetheart of a friend who is 86 and a staunch atheist. Atheism is now on the rise and I credit that to Bush too.
America's Moral Decline and the Rise of False Christianity
Fewer people in America not believe Christianity will save us. Last night on TV I saw the question posed, is this the beginning of the end of Christianity in America? I really wouldn't think so but I would like to see the end of Christianity in our politics. The only place for it is as a quiet moral guide. There are those on the right pushing Christianity as the only Religion. That is BS! If you are an atheist fine. However if you need Religion to understand your role in this life, Fine. The Religion you choose is dictated by how well that Religion satisfies your questions of being. No Religion is better than another. We are all equal!
Is Christianity dying in America?

62% of Americans consider us a Christian Nation. That is BS! Our founders were not Christian, Washington himself is said to have most likely been a Deist. They were orthodox, rationalists, deists and atheists. Remember the Puritans? The words we use are In God we trust not in Christianity we trust. We are a religious melting pot as we are a cultural melting. We were founded by those wanting to be free to practice their Religion of choice. Not because they wanted to be Christian or belong to a Christian Nation.
Our founders were not of one Religious persuasion

Religion will ebb and flow as you know! It flowed under Bush as people flocked to Religion because of all the danger and inequities Bush fostered. Because he betrayed Christianity and to many the worst side of Religion has been showcased the last 8 years by Bush, Islam, Judaism, everybody it seems! In times of danger people turn to Religion for help. They do not feel they got that help or security from the Government. It comes from us whether Religious or Atheist. Bush has turned many to atheism! One last word: It is believers in God that are seeking to kill us not Godless cretins as it was in the past!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Middle Ditch said...

Amen to that Jim.

I personally believe that all religions are evil. They are all narrow minded and most age old written instructions in most religions are misunderstood and misused, often for murder and warfare. My pet hate is the catholic religion.

This does not mean that I do not believe.


Demeur said...

The truth be known the only thing Bush did was use the religious right to get elected. Once elected he called them nuts and avoided them. He had made them great promises in terms of funding faith based issues then never delivered. Reagoon made similar promises for poor people in N.Y. Touting how he'd build housing in the Bronx he told the gathering they'd have to vote for him to get anything done. They did and four years later nothing was built. Typical republican MO promise the world and give nothing unless it's to your business friends.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique!
I am very disappointed with the Catholic Church and Hypocrisy. I just finished a story for tomorrow that really drives it home. I have to laugh, I am a life long Catholic but do not need church or any direction!

an average patriot said...

He used that Religion for his own gain and nothing more. I was just putting something together for tomorrow and the Vatican had the death penalty on their books until 1969. No wonder they had no problem with Bush ki9lling 154!

Karen said...

I, too, personally believe that all religions are evil. And, I'm also a life long Catholic who left the church.

Somehow I knew their teachings were evil long before priests started playing with little boys.

Demeur said...

Well Jim that sure sounds like hypocracy. We no longer support the death penalty but it's okay for Bush. Does that go along with all the followers in hell because they ate meat on Friday? Then there's his stance on condoms that makes no common sense. Wonder how many priests and alter boys have HIV. Eeek I think I'd run from that church.

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
I found I do not need church my religion is innate! The more I see coming from Religion the more it turns me off. I know more religious theists.

an average patriot said...

It seems it is very hypocritical! People like Bush use Religion to get what they want and you know about priests molesting boys and it is not that rare!