Friday, April 17, 2009

I am beating a dead horse but this one isn't dead and it is rising up and will bite you in the Ass!

As you know by now Homeland security Chief Janice Napolitano is now warning of Right wing extremists gaining new recruits because Obama is our first Black President and disgust with Obama's economic policies. It is the source that bothers me. I hate to say it but I have to agree! Two or three years back I talked frequently of Bush's Christian army. Well they are coming home now and it only stands to reason some would join this cause.

There have been no specific attacks or groups named! and the statements have been widely rhetorical. This report seems to target Right wing radio shows belonging to the new Republican talk radio party. The report stigmatizes those who disagree with the President. So Obama is emulating Bush. I guess nothing has changed! Now we have to watch and fear returning veterans who might be recruited as Right wing Extremists. What the hell is next?

She is right though and she should know! Remember Timothy Mcveigh returning from the first gulf war disgruntled and was brain washed. She worked on the case after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Napolitano warned of a rise of right wing extremists because of opposition to the recession, President Obama being black, Social programs, and Obama supposedly wanting to take their guns in which of course he has no interest in whatsoever. Sounds like Republicans in general to me! She warned of lone wolfs endangering society because of right wing extremism and of course Republicans are making a joke of her speaking the truth! There instigation is already bearing fruit. It was a lone wolf worried about Obama taking his guns that ambushed and bush wacked three cops in Pittsburgh!

Could be a threat? They are a threat! They are here right now at work! Listen to Limbaugh, Gingrich, Hannity, Coulter, Bachus, Bachmann. Michael Steele is now saying it is Patriotic to not pay taxes. Patriotic? WTF? Why is not anything being done about this? Tea parties instigated by right wing extremists to protest taxes, bailouts, and anything Obama, are the danger. They are making themselves our enemy. They are the extremists we have to fear. They will continue to whip fervor until something explodes. Like you I do not like what I see happening. Re publicans have had enough of Obama's success. They can't take it anymore and they want their version of America back not ours! Obama of course is right. Taxes are a wedge issue! Republicans are making sure of it as they encourage right wing extremism.

Limbaugh appears to be happy too be the leader of of right wing extremism taking point on whipping up extremism over everything Obama says or does. Limbaugh Is a friggen lying hypocrite! He is calling Napolitano's right on assessment of what is in fact happening right now a Partisan hit job. Once again the truth is denied of course. He accused Napolitano of calling all conservatives extremists. Duh! She didn't but I am. They are! They are employing the tactic Bush used successfully. Divide and Conquer. Create an issue where there is none to be used in your favor!

* Limbaugh has unofficially become the new opposition President. There are those right wing extremists calling for a second revolution as you know. Limbaugh appears to be there Lee! I watched a video of Limbaugh insanely trying to whip up fervor against Obama over the Pirate shootings. He idiotically accused Obama of shooting 3 black teen agers on the high seas. WTF? He said he hates to see what would happen if it was a Republican that shot 3 black Muslims. I am stunned, stunned that the scum said that. What about the thousands of innocent civilian Bush killed in Iraq? I never hear them mentioned!

Again, Limbaugh said Napolitano's warning on the anger towards everything Obama, guns, Religion, Guns, immigration, an amalgam of issues, was targeting and aimed at conservatives. Conservatives were never mentioned but the scum is right! So called conservatives the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann, Bachus, are whipping the party into a bunch of rabid dogs. They are fomenting Intervention and armed Revolution. They are the right wing extremists we are being warned about.

They are here and out in the open whipping up dissent. Everything Obama says or does gets a knee jerk reaction from Limbaugh and so called conservatives. If Obama says it, it is wrong! Republicans are on the outs if they say anything whatsoever that can be contrived as good about Obama! It really pisses me off! After what I heard Limbaugh say about Obama and the Pirates I heard Limbaugh being defended by Congressman Payne R Indiana. He actually said he "thinks" Limbaugh praised Obama for his actions regarding the pirates. BS! If he did that was before he found a way to criticize it and try to turn it against him. This is plain sick!

* In closing! Keeping all this and much more in mind so called Conservatives are doing what they can to instigate an armed fight with Obama. With that in mind they are saying they are concerned Obama is going to use the military against them. I would if I had too. I certainly would have through a third party said something already. However this is Obama! He is a constitutional law professor. You had to worry about Bush using the military on you but not Obama as Republicans are instigating for and want you to fear. What is next as they get increasingly desperate?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

we now have 'elected' officials standing up and declaring treason in public forums- with the aid of talking heads on cable news and columnists in dead newspapers. they can pretend victimization all they want- but their track record speaks for itself.

an average patriot said...

Hi Betmo
I was going to work on something about this today but things are moving so quick in the reverse of during Bush! I am working on the release of terrorism tapes now. Damn!

One Fly said...

The media is worse now than ever before and we probably haven't seen anything yet. LTFO!

Demeur said...

Jim you're working in the same direction as myself. But I don't know that I really want to go there. I get angry enough about ignoring the laws. I am of course referring to the torture memos and the lack of prosecution or even investigation. Spain just dropped their investigation by the way. What message does that send to our kids? That if you have enough power and the right lawyers and judges on your side you can do anything illegal.

Brother Tim said...

Do you have a link showing the dropped investigation? The only thing I've heard, is that the Spanish prosecutor is against it. This does not mean the investigation is dropped. That decision rests with Baltasar Garzon, the investigating judge.

an average patriot said...

one fly
The media is getting mush worse. What pisses me off is that when they are told they are the problem they just friggen laugh it off.

an average patriot said...

Funny huh how the same things piss us all off. I Just finished up a story on the torture memo's and am going to publish it in the morning with anything new I come up with!

an average patriot said...

It is still only a recommendation Brother but Here it is

Brother Tim said...

You're a riot, Jim. Did you hit that link, 'That decision rests with Baltasar Garzon', in my comment? THAT was MY point.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I don't think that heaven is now Reagan country...! much on the conterary. the way that I see it, he probably got this ill and died because of all the crimes he had committed... but who am I to judge? i just know nothing comes for free.
here's a political post for you, if you are intersted:

and another one, where I have listed a lot of people who I think might enjoy each others blogs and you are one of the folks I link to:

have a really nice wekend!

an average patriot said...

Brother I did it again huh? No I didn't but I will now. See ya there!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
You know I agree with you. He is the father of this mess. It stuns me that Republicans want a return to what they affectionately call Reaganism. I call it Bankruptcy and Destruction!

an average patriot said...

Sorry Sofia thanks for the links. I will check them out when I have a chance!

Larry said...

The Homeland Security Chief really meant there is a massive rise in right wing racism and that is the danger we face.