Sunday, April 05, 2009

Republicans, Hang them all!

Federal Prosecuters misconduct was stunning!

I do believe Stevens was guilty so wasn't Bush's Injustice Department but Stevens should run for Governor to get rid of Palin!

First I am ashamed to say for a while there I was lost Politically! I was a life long Democrat but was disillusioned with the Democratic party. I spent a stint as an Independent and am embarrassed to say I fell for the lies of the Republican party and registered but never voted as a Republican thank god. However Bush ended that! I am pleased to say I am forever ensconced in the Democratic party. Pelosi and Reid have made me regret that but Obama has restored my faith!

Bush and Cheney use to discuss the axis of evil saying Iran, Iraq, North Korea and their allies constituted the axis of evil we were against. To me the real axis of evil was Cheney Rove, Bush, Rummy, the enabling attorney's General, the entire misadministration, and as you see more every day, the entire Republican party! What we see from the Fascist Republican party like Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin, and yes Palin, really sickens me.

Lie to get your way and be underhanded has become the mantra of the Republican party since Bush and his cronies. I am sorry to say the vast majority of the Democratic party and the business world has picked up on the example of lying and self service under the guise of public service. With that in mind right from the beginning all of Bush's attorney's general lied to enable that scum Bush to do his dirty work on us our society and around the world. They are all guilty of treason and crimes against humanity America, and the world, but they will never be held accountable!

I am sickened by all I see coming from the Republican party as they ignore the mess they caused and try to make Obama fail so they can get back in and finish us and their agenda off! My first Impulse when hearing Holder dismissed the case against Stevens because of withheld information was anger at Holder and I was thinking here we go again! Then I remember this was the Bush injustice Department and without a doubt they withheld information and lied but why did they want Stevens out? If someone can answer that for me I would appreciate it.I recommend if you are interested to read the links on Bush's injustice Department and in particular watch the video!

I just want to focus on Eva Braun Palin! From the outset that Palin was an obvious inept liar, an insult to all intelligent women in and out of Politics. That ditz who can see Russia from her house, Duhh! and calls that foreign experience Is an insult to intelligence. All the ridiculous things she said and did aside I want to discuss her strong points and the reason she was chosen as McCain's VP nominee. She is a tried and true proven liar as is her husband Todd. She will fire anyone that disagrees with her or gets in her way. Above she does not have a clue and can not lead but will willingly be led. I find her an insult but this is why the Fascist element of the Republican party like her.

Her lying and underhanded activities have not gone away but are increasingly being highlighted. I remember when Palin's daughter said Sarah did not have a clue and her abstinence policies were unrealistic amongst other derogatory statements. Now Bristol's ex boyfriend has come out and said he was living with the Palin's and Palin knew he was having sex with Bristol. Not a big deal too me! Watching Tyra Banks grill him and Levi changing his words from always having safe sex to "most of the time" made it obvious to me that for what it is worth he was forced to tell the truth. Sarah however standard to form called him a Liar! I am sick of her constant lying and underhanded activities! It will serve the Republicans right if she is their nominee in 2012. However speaking of lying and underhanded:

* In Closing: I firmly believe Stevens was guilty of taking gifts and bribes. They talk about Illinois Politicians well they have nothing over Alaska's Politicians. That is not the issue nor is the fact that Bush's Department of injustice withheld information and lied. The issue is that Palin is trying to manipulate Alaskan Politics for her gain. No one has got this yet! She is calling for Senator Mark Begich who replaced him to step down and have a special election against Stevens who they say would have won if Bush's injustice Department had not pulled their shenanigans.
* What is not mentioned is the idea I like and why she is pushing the ridiculous idea that Begich step down and have a rematch with Ted Stevens. There are those in Alaska who are pushing to have Ted Stevens who is 87 run against Palin for Governor. He would surely beat her if he was to run. Palin knows it! If he ran and won it would be the end of the insult to intelligent women and politicians. Knowing a loss in a Governor's race would cost her a chance at a Presidential run in 2012 I am sure Palin is begging Stevens not to run against her. You know I will be hoping he does run. She does not belong in politics!
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

It would not surprise me if she chose not to run, opting instead, to accept a book deal and hit the lecture circuit. She could then spend the following two years building the platform for a 2012 Presidential run. That would insulate her from any damaging gubernatorial faux pas, which she would be certain to commit.

an average patriot said...

She would certainly screw something up. I just heard on TV a woman saying she wishes Palin would run in 2012 because she speaks her mind. Hell that isn't hard she doesn't have one. I refuse to believe their are people that screwed up! If Stevens ran for Governor he would win. If Palin runs for President she will lose. Sounds like a win, win to me!

One Fly said...

There ya go again-picking on the poor republicans.

I want to be the one that pulls the trip rope.

an average patriot said...

one fly
You have competition there Bud!

Larry said...

Palin is a glory hound and a status seeker and she will forever claw, cry and sleep her way into the airwaves of public discourse.

Scum always rises to the top of the cesspool.

Jolly Roger said...

Drop by; I have a little Palin stuff for you :)

As far as Stevens, I agree with what Holder did; railroading Ted Stevens is no better than railroading MArtha Stewart (which they most certainly did, and believe me, I am not a fan of Martha Stewart.) Now if they want me to REALLY believe they intend to restore the rule of law, then they can correct the abomination perpetrated on Don Siegelman.

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

Hi Larry
when it rises to the top you then sweep it away1 I hope they are stupid enough to let her rise to the top of their party!

an average patriot said...

Hi Jolly
I will be by when I get settled! I agree with what Holder did too. Anyway the rule of law does not matter only those friggen party's.