Thursday, April 16, 2009

We see the enemy and he is us!

Republicans could not stop Nominee Obama how will they stop President Obama? How will this end up?

Republicans felt the threat of Obama to their mis-agenda as soon as he decided to run and opened his mouth. He was compared to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton being called nothing more than a celebrity and a Rock Star. He was belittled for talking too well. After Bush anything would be an improvement. He was belittled for not visiting Iraq then discounted when he did. He was belittled for not having world experience and put down as Europe's President. When Europe and the world met him they loved him and he was knocked for that. Obama has negated every insult thrown his way.

He has been called a Socialist, communist, Fascist, you name it as he endeavors to clean up the numerous messes the Fascist Bush and Republicans made. They tried to prove he did not meet Constitutional requirements to be President saying he was born in Kenya not in Hawaii which hi birth certificate says. Saying he is a Muslim has still not died. They tried to bring him down by connecting him to to fallen Political fundraiser Tony Rezko. They tried to tie him to Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his passionate God Damn America statement taken out of context. In one last futile attempt they tried to tie him to Blogo who was trying to sell Obama's senate seat.

He was not Jewish enough. Not Irish enough! Not black enough! Too Rich! Too snobby you name it! Everything and a lot more failed. However it has not gotten better it has gotten much worse!

Efforts increase every day to make Obama fail and stop his efforts to destroy the Republican version of America and restore our America. The more desperate Republicans get the more their efforts increase. This is getting bad and I have to wonder how bad this will get as they will not stop until they bring Obama and his Administration down!

* Fox news more specifically Sean Hannity seems to be coordinating the cause of the Fascist Republican gravy train!
* Congressman Spencer Bachus Republican says there are Socialists in Congress 17 in fact. He has yet to name names but can that be a bad thing? I happen to think a little bit of Socialism is the only thing that is going to save us from the mess Bush has made of the country.
* Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has accused President Obama and many Democratic Congressmen of being unpatriotic. What the hell is that? Unpatriotic toward their version of America? I mean come on!

* Yesterday was the supposed big bang for Republican tea party's 300 or so held in all 50 States. Seems to have been a bust, yeah! Stop the Insanitea! Republicans have been holding tea parties supposedly against President Obama and his policies. Conservative tea bagging! This has been playing big on Faux! They have been holding tea parties against the Bailouts, against Tarp, against tax cuts for themselves. What the hell is that? Those idiots could care less about the hypocrisy or the fact that these are Bush programs. They just want to target Obama and turn the people against Obama. That they are lying only makes them feel better!

* Bachmann and Chuck Norris "Yhep our Chuck Norris" are openly advocating citizens to be locked and loaded. They are both calling for armed Revolution against Obama and his policies.Chuck Norris is organizing cells on line he will activate when the time is right! What the hell?

* Bachmann says Obama has plans for youth reeducation camps along the line of Nazi camps to reeducate youth. Brain washing in the "Obama Corp" I mean what the hell. We don't need camps for that. They can just watch his example. Live and learn ! * Glenn Beck yelled set us on fire Obama, stop!
* The State supreme court has unanimously given the election to Al Franken but Pawlenty will not appoint him until Coleman can tie things up further in the Federal Supreme court. Anything to keep Democrats one vote further from helping Obama!

* I had not heard this but there is a growing Governor Rebellion and it is not just Republicans asserting their 10th Amendment Rights! Knowing what has been happening you better think, Growing State movement to fight Sovereignty! Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th ...

* This probably the worst I have heard yet and I am sure you will agree! Homeland security Chief Janice Napolitano is now warning of Right wing extremists gaining new recruits because Obama is our first Black President and disgust with Obama's economic policies. It is the source that bothers me. I hate to say it but I have to agree! Two or three years back I talked frequently of Bush's Christian army. Well they are coming home now and it only stands to reason some would join this cause.

* In closing There have been no specific attacks or groups named! and the statements have been widely rhetorical. This report seems to target Right wing radio shows belonging to the new Republican talk radio party. The report stigmatizes those who disagree with the President. So Obama is emulating Bush. I guess nothing has changed! Now we have to watch and fear returning veterans who might be recruited as Right wing Extremists. What the hell is next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

YOu're exactly right that the real enemy is within. The Reich Wingers, not the terrorists, are the ones who hate us for our ideals of freedom, tolerance and equality. They want none of that in their world.

an average patriot said...

I agree with you as you know! I am right now putting together a story for tomorrow that without a doubt will be updated all day and tomorrow.
I am sick of beating a dead horse but this horse ain't dead and will bite us in the ass!

Border Explorer said...

"Saying he is a Muslim has still not died." Yeah, like that's a bad thing?

Dusty said...

Good post Jim! Will put it up on Sirens post haste. ;)

an average patriot said...

You know, like everything else they tried to use that against him and he turned that too around in his favor. I think having it in his family is a plus!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Dusty
They get worse every day. Tomorrows post is worse than this. They will see a second Revolution and nothing less!

Karen said...

The rethugs cannot stop Prez O and that's why they've resorted to desperate juvenile methods, i.e., their so-called tea party.

Brother Tim said...

Is Obama the flip-side of the same counterfeit coin? His announcement today, that he will NOT seek prosecution for those that committed war crimes, is quite problematic and troubling.

Buckle up, my friend, we're in for one helluva ride.

an average patriot said...

I agree and I am very concerned as to what they will do next to have their 2nd revolution and blame it on Obama!

an average patriot said...

In many regards I think so. I agree with you too of course on what he said about torture. I was taking notes last night and this morning and I think I am going to try and put something together today on it for tomorrow. Things were moving fast under Bush. Good or bad it is worse unde4r Obama!