Sunday, April 26, 2009

The great climate debate as Titans clash over climate change. Gore Vs. Gingrich!

Gingrich takes on Gore, Cheney refuses to be censored on Obama's mistakes!

I wanted to discuss Darth Cheney as he refuses to shut up. He has become the front line for the Republican Fascist extremist who want to rewrite Bush and Cheney's history of torture and destruction. the idiot scum refuses to shut up and says he will not be censored. He will not shut up nor will Rove, Limbaugh or the rest of the Fascist. If we are attacked again they are directly responsible.

Everything Obama says or does they jump on and call it the wrong thing. It is the wrong thing for them and their version of America but it is the right thing for us and our version of America. We must help get it back. I could not find the link I wanted but this one of Cheney saying they did nothing wrong will suffice for now. I want to discuss Gore and Gingrich! Cheney Cheney: 'I don't think we've got much to apologize for' refuses to be silent on Obama That is the problem he doesn't think and he doesn't care what we think!

I should have long been over being stunned at what I have seen and heard coming from the Republican party since some fools got the dumb ass drunk elected. He was a proven life long loser and I still can't believe he was elected and worse is defended. Look what he friggen did, I do not get it! Anyway again I am flabbergasted how someone with the resume of Gore can be so ignorantly discounted by this time the likes of Gingrich. These idiots will not shut up and sadly they will not go away but will get much worse.

The great climate debate as Titans clash over climate change. Gore Vs. Gingrich! I refuse to believe that at this point anyone can not realize cleaning up the environment is a dire necessity and a money maker of the future. Let alone someone of Gingrich's low moral standing refuting Gore and his vast resume on the subject. Gore correctly told Congress the fate of the planet is in their hands and it it is. I have done research on this myself for many years. I will shut up for now and just ask you to look at the links. Unbelievable!

Gore pushes for US climate law

Gingrich says climate bill will punish Americans

Gore, Gingrich face off on climate bill

* Now in closing I hope you read those. I am stunned that Gingrich can get away with discounting the vast knowledge and expertise of Al Gore. Sadly it will work in once again confusing the issue for personal gain. How the hell can anyone in their right mind say Gore wants to punish Americans, take their jobs, tax them. I don't get it! How can they call cleaning the air a tax? Sounds like a job maker to me. Maybe that is their problem.WTF is this all about other than to cause confusion for personal gain?

I don't care what they say. This is just one more Republican fear tactic, Their motto of controlling by keeping you in fear has not changed but is getting worse as they get increasingly desperate. Gingrich said gore will cost you your job. I think just the opposite. New technology, Green technology equals a future and it scares Republicans. What say you? I am sick of this fear mongering destructive to our America crap. We do not have time for this!

James Joiner


Demeur said...

None of this blathering really matters. From what the NASA scientists have said we have about a 10 year window to get very serious about climate change. If major changes aren't brought forward we'll hit a tipping point and nothing we do will help. Once the oceans start dying that's it game over.
Remember the "No" party saying how the economy was doing great in 2007 and we saw what happened. And yet even Greenspan was predicting recession at that time. Get a clue boys.

Brother Tim said...

There's no doubt that the planet's in peril. Man's own flesh has brought this on himself. Avarice, selfishness, and apathy; anything to bring pleasure to his flesh.

Even the solutions that are offered, are far from adequate.

18-20% reduction of greenhouse emissions by 2020? With population growth and higher demands, we will probably see little actual progress.

Americans, in general, are a very intelligent and innovative people. In less than 4 years, the Manhattan Project produced nuclear weapons. I need someone to tell me why renewable energy is more complicated than nuclear physics.

an average patriot said...

I know, that is what Gore says but they are much too optimistic. I think part of this is natural and it is enhanced by man. Anyway you look at it Immediate reaction is required and that will never happen.

an average patriot said...

Some of this may be by of a natural cycle but man has definitely negatively enhanced it. We would never but we could react immediately and it would not matter. Any way you look at it we must do what we can and the Republicans are going to kick and scream when Obama tries to push his green agenda and his health care which are next on his agenda!

Larry said...

Cheney cares nothing for the climate nor does he know anything about the environment.

Cheney cares about the climate of war and hate, and in his stone hearted mind there is no difference.

the cajun said...

It still amazes me that the MSM give airtime and credibility to Cheney and Gingrigh after all that's gone down on their watches.
Is anyone really taking them seriously? If so, G*d help us all.

an average patriot said...

Natural or natural and man enhanced or not. I refuse to believe anyone can refute it or not want to go green.

an average patriot said...

Hi Cajun
Welcome! You know damn well I agree. I am stunned anyone can lend credence to them, Rove, Limbaugh, or the rest of those right wing extremists.

Border Explorer said...

Love it, love it, love it. Your eye on the news is like a photographer's eye on the world: you help me see things that I did not see, even though I was looking right at it.

Richard T said...

Could you guys help this old Brit please. I can't understand what constitutional purpose Newt Gingrich serves. It seems that he is an ever present part of any discussion but he holds no elected office. Is he, in the absence of a House of Lords for superannuated relics, there by long standing constitutional amendement so it is a requirement of your system that Newt Gingrich has to come forward and hold forth on every issue under the sun, failing which the provision fails? In other words is he an ornament to your constitution like our bishops or life peers?

an average patriot said...

Hi B E
Thanks, glad to help! You know, it is just sickening that we never the truth just what one side or the other wants you to believe. I hate this worthless Partisan crap!

an average patriot said...

Hi Richard T
Welcome! He serves no purpose whatsoever. He is just one of the right wing fascist extremists trying to make Obama fail and trying to regain control over the floundering Repug party. They will fail!

Richard T said...

Thanks for that. From what I read about him, his political thinking seems somewhat 'flexible' jumping between contradictory positions with a considerable tinge of hypocrisy. Still perhaps in the US you don't have fairly slimy lizard-like amphibians called newts? We do.