Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dobson concedes culture war defeat and retires, yeah right!

Dobson concedes culture war defeat and retires, yeah right!
Our Happy Easter message so we are told is that The founder of the Republican culture wars Dr. James Dobson has supposedly conceded defeat saying the culture war was lost. He may be 72 and feels it is time to retire but there are more than a few who have picked up the banner and this is far from over as I pointed out the other day in Cultural wars, gay marriage up Christianity down

Dobson points to culture war defeat

The culture war is not dead it is getting nastier. It will never be dead! The Hannity's and Gingrich's of the Repug party are stepping up their ignorance. They are sponsoring with Fox which really bothers me a tax day tea party today across the country. They are supposedly sticking up for average American and are calling them to arms but I hope most are on to their games and will not show up as they expect. This is for them not you and I hope their hope for a million man march are greatly disappointed.

We are awash in evil as Dobson points out but he is mistaken as to where it is coming from! I am not a fan of Pastor Rick Warren but I was greatly disappointed to see Rick Warren Author of the Purpose driven life out and out lie. I was okay with him speaking at Obama's inauguration. I believed him when he came out and said he was in no way anti Gay! Then I watched a video of him campaigning against Prop 8 and gay marriage in California. As a result out of embarrassment and trying to dodge the issue until he could explain the lie away he canceled his interview with George Steffenopolous! I do not care what you stand for or whether or not you agree with me just speak the truth!

Dobson points out that we are awash in evil and Christians have no place to turn today! I must say and happily so that we do not all feel the same way as him , Bush, and other perverted Christians. I do unlike him blame Bush for much of what is now happening because in large part it is a reaction of being let loose after Bush's stifling of rights many feel should come with being an American citizen. I do not understand why anyone has to be blamed for stem cell research. I think they should instead be thanked! Dobson is looking to blame someone for the million abortions. Why should anyone be to blame

I may be against abortion but I would never think it is my Christian duty to deny you your views. There is sometimes extenuating circumstances.
PoliGazette » Culture War Far From Over

This so called culture war will never be over! I am happy to say for now because of Obama people are getting back their freedom to choose and stem cell research is once again sanctioned by the Government as it should be. Obama's correct stance in these and many issues is drawing the ignorant ire of many militant Republicans. This will not change but will continue to get much worse as Republicans get more desperate to stop progress on destroying the nightmare version of America Bush replaced ours with.

They want their version back! The one where your rights are suppressed and you have to live as perverted Christians say you must. That is not the Christian way! You live your beliefs and if they are palatable others will follow. You do not impress your beliefs on others as many Republicans think is right. There is no way I ever see them changing. There is also no way I can ever see us changing our beliefs of free choice and individual freedoms. No, this culture war is not dead. Those fighting it are getting more underhanded and the faces are changing. Nothing else!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Middle Ditch said...

I can't help it. Each time I see those cartoons I'm laughing out loud.

Billie Greenwood said...

Wow, just the headline alone totally makes my day!! Thanks for delivering good news into my life, Jim.a

jmsjoin said...

Hi Monique
Those cartoons are from they are good. Feel free to use them. Nice to see you!

jmsjoin said...

Hi B E
As someone just said on all voices, this is just beginning. What in the end Repugs will do is really troubling!

Demeur said...

For the republicans it's just using people to get and maintain power nothing more. If you look up republican sex scandals the list is quite lengthy. The moral majority party indeed!
Like drug dealers (religious leaders) there'll be replacements when one falls from grace or retires.

jmsjoin said...

You know I agree! The moral Majority indeed! Today that is us and they are the immoral minority!

Larry said...

Fossils like Dobson and Falwell never go away, in fact it is their demon seed that takes up the mantle of hate to a greater extreme.

jmsjoin said...

You are right! He won't go away! This whole mess is getting worse every day. They are not going to stop until they cause the 2nd Revolution!