Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Senator Cornyn threatens WW3 if Al Frankin elected! WTF? Remember 2000?

First I have to ask just what the hell? What the hell? These ass holes will stop at nothing to keep us out of control of America and our destiny. I am sick of these whiney bastards. Now Texas Sen. John Cornyn is threatening World War 3. Just what the hell does he mean by that? The mental stability of these idiots is really disconcerting. What the heel they will do next is really concerning. Holding their breath, screaming, whining, crying, stamping their feet have all proven worthless. What the hell are they going to do next?

Cornyn threatened world war three if Democrats try to seat Al Franken in the Senate even if he wins. What the hell is this? Cornyn believes Ron Coleman has the right to go to the Minnesota Supreme Court and gum up another election by involving the Courts. Franken is ahead by 225 votes and even Coleman's lawyer concedes Franken will prevail but that is not the issue. Not the issue? Winning an election by popular vote is not the issue? Republicans demanded this recount and they got it and lost. Once again it doesn't look like it will go there way so they go to the courts.

Coleman's attorney Joe Friedberg who just happens to have been involved in the 2000 debacle in Florida. The Bush brothers did everything they could to strong arm and disenfranchise Black voters they refused a recount that undoubtedly would have given the election to Al Gore. They instead went to the Supreme court where the 5 Justices already had a predetermined mind set and not only us but the entire world has suffered from this interference. I abhor the interference of the courts in our elections. However the right seems to have to resort to court for power because we the people realize they should not have it.

Do you realize that in a Presidential election after time there would have to be intervention and since Republicans would not allow a recount we would have been looking at a President Strom Thurman and President Dennis Hastert? That would have been a no go as letting Al Gore be President as elected by the people so they went to the Supreme Court. Here we go again. This is a Senatorial race so the Right hopes to gum this up for years keeping the Democrats from getting a 59th seat and one step closer to giving President Obama everything he wants!

The Blatant obvious outcome fixing is sickening and these bee hives are going to cry loud and long until they are able to do it again. Coleman's Attorney admits that the lower courts will likely go Al Franken's and thus Obama's way so he demands Franken not be seated until he can get this before the Federal Supreme court where he says they could swing the election back in Coleman’s favor.

My Lord, this is so confusing. Here we go again purposely being confused so someone can underhandedly have there way. The law says once the State determines the winner he or she must be certified but Republicans have Governor Pawlenty who as you may remember was on the short list of McCain's running mates. If he fails, they want the Minnesota Supreme court to decide as they know they will vote in their favor. I just can't take any more of this BS. This is not a Democracy. This is a joke a facade, a manipulation. I said that often under Bush and I thought that BS would end with an Obama victory. As you know first hand it has only gotten much worse as the Republicans fear losing even more control and getting totally squeezed out.

I now find myself saying often I am very concerned as to how criminal they will get to ensure that Obama fails and his efforts to save our America fails so they can get back into power and get their fascist agenda back on line. I just heard Limbaugh say that if Obama succeeds America will fail. He said the only way to save America is to make sure Obama fails. What the hell? Other than realizing they want our America to fail so they can substitute their version you have to be flabbergasted. Don't those idiots realize we are bankrupt and Obama is our only hope? Oh yeah they don't care about us and our America. I am just sickened!
Senator Cornyn threatens WW3 if Al Frankin elected

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

There is something seriously wrong with these people Jim.

Normal people do not think or act like this or say the things that they do.

an average patriot said...

one fly
you are not kidding! I refuse to believe these friggen idiots keep getting away with this destructive to America nuclear behavior!

Karen said...

The rethugs are pathetic.

Can't believe the Minnesota thing is dragging on and on and on ...

Border Explorer said...

You're so right. When "winning" is more important than doing the right thing or following the rule of law, we've got a basic problem in our democracy.

I'm tempted to register to vote in Texas JUST SO I can vote against that f@*kwit Cornyn. [He is the guy we can thank for the Border Patrol's latest plan to defoliate the bank of the Rio Grande, btw!]

an average patriot said...

I am really concerned with these idiots! They are threatening to drag this on through the Federal court just to keep us from having 59 seats until they can get Obama out. I am really sickened. They are openly blatant!

an average patriot said...

I did not know that was Cornyn, it figures! I am so sick about what is happening in this facade of a Democracy! What stinks is it will get much worse and not before it gets better but before it gets much worse. That is a sad fact!

Brother Tim said...

The truly sad thing is, the Dems don't have the spines to stand up to them. And the Repugs have their moles well-entrenched. Moles like Reid and Pelosi.

Demeur said...

Ah yes these are the very same people who didn't want a recount in Florida in 2000.

If I lived in that state I'd be demanding representation or no taxes.

WW3? I didn't know Cornhole up and made himself both president and the entire congress. What's he going for here Master of the Universe?

an average patriot said...

I refuse to believe the right can pull the crap they do and still survive as a party. I can't stand those bastards but it is time to have one party period. This 2 party system has taken over for Bush as being our biggest enemy! Pelosi and Reid are tits on a Bull!

an average patriot said...

It isn't the Presidency but they are trying to get the courts to do their will once again. I refuse to believe they continue to get away with this crap and are still around as a party. This really is sickening and harmful to America!