Thursday, April 09, 2009

Republicans vow to embarrass us in front of the world once again!

This is not funny it is an embarrassment! Al Franken now leads by 312 so every time the Republicans get their way the gap widens a little more. Coleman will not relent. Republicans vow to embarrass us in front of the world once again. Just won't stop their friggen crying. They can not get elected by the people and the popular vote so they continue to insist the Supreme court make the decision as once again they believe where the lower courts go against them the Supreme court will decide in their favor. This just can't keep happening. Something has to change! Coleman-Franken Senate Race May Hinge on Bush v. Gore Decision

Enough is enough stop the sideshow! Stop making a joke of our Democracy. Stop the embarrassment you continue to put on our country and admit defeat! What a novel idea! There has already been a 47 day ballot recount and a count of 350 previously rejected ballots. Both demanded by Republicans and both lost by Republicans. They still will not quit. Now they want 4,700 more ballots counted that were not because they were not complete. When that works against them they will ignore the State court and pull in the Supreme court to keep denying the people justice. They do not care about the country or the fact that Minnesota is shy one Senator. They only want to deny Obama. Downballot: Franken increases lead

*This is a Senatorial race so the Right hopes to gum this up for years keeping the Democrats from getting a 59th seat and one step closer to giving President Obama everything he wants! Stop the childish tantrums! Stop using our so called Democracy to embarrass us in front of the world. You are making it an embarrassing side show. Until the advent of Bush and his underhanded crap I never heard of such a thing as a close election like this. Now it happens all the time! There is finagling going on to make things go a certain way. If all else fails they expect the Supreme court to give them what they want. This has got to stop. This is not a Democracy. This is crap!
The Blatant obvious outcome fixing is sickening and these bee hives are going to cry loud and long until they are able to do it again. Coleman's Attorney admits that the lower courts will likely go Al Franken's and thus Obama's way so he demands Franken not be seated until he can get this before the Federal Supreme court where he says they could swing the election back in Coleman’s favor.

My Lord, this is so confusing. Here we go again purposely being confused so someone can underhandedly have there way. The law says once the State determines the winner he or she must be certified but Republicans have Governor Pawlenty who as you may remember was on the short list of McCain's running mates.

If he fails, they want the Minnesota Supreme court to decide as they know they will vote in their favor. I just can't take any more of this BS. This is not a Democracy. This is a joke a facade, a manipulation. I said that often under Bush and I thought that BS would end with an Obama victory. As you know first hand it has only gotten much worse as the Republicans fear losing even more control and getting totally squeezed out. Recount Lawyers Say Supreme Court Will Decide Case

I am very concerned as to how criminal they will get to ensure that Obama fails and his efforts to save our America fails so they can get back into power and get their fascist agenda back on line. Limbaugh said that if Obama succeeds America will fail. He said the only way to save America is to make sure Obama fails.

What the hell? Other than realizing they want our America to fail so they can reinstall their version you have to be flabbergasted. Don't those idiots realize we are bankrupt and Obama is our only hope? Oh yeah they don't care about us and our America. I am just sickened!

Remember this? Senator Cornyn threatens WW3 if Al Frankin elected

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

jim honey- the rethugs aren't interested in democracy. they subvert it at every turn. the dems aren't far behind. they are all capitalists- not free thinkers. all they want is money- not freedom. that's the disgusting part. they will obstruct and stall their way through the obama presidency. it's why we have to get rid of the 2 party system if we ever hope to have a democracy again.

One Fly said...

Both of you are so correct and along with the media whores they make it seem that Coalman should be the victor and Franken has cheated.

We are soooo screwed.

an average patriot said...

Hi Billie
I know! You know the two party system is our biggest enemy! I have to laugh! I just got through answering Dave on yesterdays post and the answer so applies to what you said. Here it is!
They are up in arms literally. They are pissed. They do not want our version of America they want the one Bush set up. It is screwed up seeing them bitch of all the things we worried about now that the shoe is on the other foot. I am very concerned as to what they will pull to get control of their mess again!

an average patriot said...

I am afraid you are right. I am very concerned as to what these idiots will do to try and get back in power. All I see is chaos and mayhem!

Snave said...

The reason they don't care for us and for our America is because their version of America is totally Friedmaneasque... deregulate everything, privatize everything... and those who drive the Republican party will do just about anything they can do achieve those things, because their goal is to divert wealth to those at the top end. No matter how underhanded, how exclusive, how harmful their tactics may be.

I am reading "The Shock Doctrine" (so far I'm about 125 pages into it and already consider it a "must read") and Naomi Klein describes in detail how Friedman and his disciples royally screwed up Chile and some other countries in South America 25-35 years ago. Friedman is dead, but he still has lots of disciples, fomenting all kinds of trouble right here at home.

an average patriot said...

Hi Snave
I have had the shock Doctrine recommended to me a few times. I have read excerpts and it is worse than she said. I guess I am going to have to read the damn now. I'll get it tomorrow. Thanks!

Larry said...

Strange how one semi-comedian could cause such an uproar in the elitist corners of America.

jude cowell said...

To paraphrase Jon Stewart who recently said to Republicans:

You lost. Sh*t tacos are supposed to taste bad.

Go Jon! Go Al!

an average patriot said...

Larry the more I hear every day it gets worse and worse. I am just very concerned at how far they will go!

an average patriot said...

Hey Jude!
yeah I liked that. I just love addressing you and saying Hey Jude. Love it!