Monday, April 06, 2009

There is a difference between stealing power and taking power!

First ponder this, I heard this, this morning and still can't figure it out. Hell this one sentence might take your whole day to ponder and figure out where you stand or what it means: If you please everyone on everything you are doing something wrong! What does that mean? Doesn't that mean you are doing something right? I think on biased selfish interest issues that would be true because you would have to chose one side or the other. Myself I have zero self interest other than doing the right thing for average Americans, our America and the world. In my naive mind that should satisfy everyone in every country around the world. If it does not then you have your own selfish biased interest in mind and nothing will be right!

Thomas Jefferson said even if you are right If you are trying to convince someone who has different principles than you save your breath because you are wasting your time. With Republicans we are wasting our time. There will never be bipartisanship unless you do it there way not the Democratic Presidents way. Anyway Obama has finesse, panache. Unlike Bush he knows how to lead without saying listen to me I am the leader. Of course the world hated that. The world however loves Obama, he has their ear. I give Obama an A on his first world tour. He did not get everything he wanted but he has the worlds ear and that is a good start!

I just do not get this? They say everybody loves Obama so no one is saying anything as Obama takes more power! I do not get it? Most of us hated Bush yet Bush had us completely boxed in. He stole all the power he wanted under the guise of controlling I mean keeping us safe Yeah right, and no one said anything! What the hell is the difference? I will tell you in one word Obama! There if a difference between stealing power and taking power! Stealing the power to control and necessarily taking the power to control. Obama and his Administration give us and the world hope where Bush and his mis-Administration gave us fear. Cheney made us fear Islam now he is still working to make you fear Obama.

Whether you think 9/11 was allowed to happen, we aided it, or we were victims of our past ills upon Islam, it happened! 9/11 allowed Bush to put us in debt creating 10.6 trillion in debt more debt than every President combined, steal power over us, and to prosecute a war against Islam. Now Obama has to try to remedy the damage to the country and the entire world. Obama has got to stimulate spending and the economy! However the right is asininely and often, saying Obama has created more debt than every President combined. Sick huh? He has too spend more now. He does not have a choice! I would rather see his stimulate the economy during peace than with another war. Obama hast to worsen our bankruptcy for our own good. Sad but true!

Obama is being criticized for quietly taking power but he has too. He has to have the ability to fire executives of companies that have accepted Billions as a result of their failure or as far as I am concerned anything he deems necessary to help us. After all, Bush stole his power to supposedly "help" us. Obama it taking power to actually help us. Obama now needs the power to wage peace and success right here where Bush used his stolen power to create havoc and instigate more war.

Bush secretly passed as many laws as possible to control us giving him more power to abuse. He would often bypass Congress or would not let them read what they were forced to sign. He was power hungry and used fear to steal power. Obama is reluctantly taking more power to undo this mess and he will always make Congress aware of what he is doing! Obama takes more power not to control the people as Bush used his stolen power for but to rather to control the Industries that are abusing us and our country as a result of the bailouts!

Under Bush no one was ever asked and good advice never taken. As Bush said !he said, he would rather listen to his dog. Obama wants the advice of the people and Congress. Both party's Obama promised Bipartisanship but Republicans will make sure there is none and it is obvious but the fools think it will make Obama look bad and don't have enough sense to realize we know what is going on! As you know, they just want him to fail so they can get back in and finish us and their agenda off! They will fail and Obama will continue to incorporate Congress and attempt Bipartisanship but in what he wants not the Republicans.

* Finally, Obama just finished up on his first world tour! Success! While not getting everything he wanted. He proved he earned one thing. Power! Power over the citizens of the world and largely their leaders. This is a power that is commanded not demanded stolen or taken! Obama was treated like a rock star everywhere he went and rightly so. He has given the people of the world hope for the future. While he was in Prague announcing some day he envisioned a world free of nuclear weapons N Korea fired their missile giving Obama the opportunity to tell the world this is why we must unite. Illegal weapons must be stopped. But I have to close with a question. Why are legal weapons of mass destruction which most of the world possesses any better? We will not be safe until they are all gone.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


jude cowell said...

Good and thoughtful post, thanks!

Larry said...

Those who decry Obama gaining power are really decrying being given power by the people, the same people the elitist fear and abhor.

D.K. Raed said...

It is the START treaty that is expiring this December that has got Obama talking nuke non-proliferation. We need to not only renew but expand on START. I don't know how to expand nuke non-proliferation to include WMD, but you are right, we need to get rid of those, too. Thinking of some of the idiots who've had their fingers on the nuke button over the years should be impetus enough to renew & expand START.

ps, I loved watching Obama work the crowd in Prague & elsewhere. He makes me proud to go overseas again!

an average patriot said...

Hey Jude!
Pretty cool huh? Thank You!

an average patriot said...

As usual you are right! I am sickened by how militant the right has openly become. They are threatening WW3 against Democrats. Caling for armed Revolution against Obama who is supposedly destroying the America Bush already destroyed.

Even Chuck Norris is calling for a Revolution against Obama saying it is time.

They are warning of the FEMA concentration camps and that they are for them, We use to believe they were for us. Now It looks like the masses could end up there. Who the hell knows.

This is not going to be good! Republicans want a war then we should suggest Afghanistan. Let them go prove themselves!

an average patriot said...

Hi Red
I am starting to feel like we have a chance at a future as long as the right does not pull some kind of crap as I expect. They are getting bad!
It really feels good to not be embarrassed of your President and of being American!