Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Take: Obama's Grace under fire at the G20 Summit!

Obama and Brown meet and call for a united front!

Obama, Brown Urge G-20 to Overcome Divisions to Combat Crisis

Seeking New Start, US and Russia Press Arms Talks

G20 protesters storm RBS branch as Brown-Obama meeting upstaged

Obama is amazingly self confident! His composure calmness and grace under fire has already become legendary and is gaining converts by every world leader who meets him. He is dancing the Waltz while the rest of the world is dancing toe Fox Trot and the Lindy. Perfect perfection, grace under fire, Obama has the grace and panache this dire situation calls for. The world once more has the right leader for the right time. Once again History has met the leader that is going to change History! Even the Queen is not immune from Obama idolization! Thank God or whoever that we have Obama at the helm trying to fix this crises of a future Bush purposely created and not Bush or McCain!

During a press conference at the Summit Obama accurately described the economic recovery stimulus project as the largest in the History of the world and it is. I am enthralled because the entire so called civilized world appears to be coming together. This meeting is the first time in history the world has come together to solve a problem that affects the entire world. I am tickled pink to see that Obama is up to the task. He never disappoints those that meet him. Give him a chance, follow and he will lead the way!

During the the interview yesterday to quiet concerns over America's large economic stimulus because countries like France and Germany do not plan on following as they must Obama expressed consensus! he pointed out in his eloquent manner of speech that Australia, Canada, Japan, and China, all had substantial programs and all Governments will have to act. Everyone will in fact have to pick up the pace! Gordon Brown backed it up by saying this is a global problem that requires global cooperation and a Global solution! The situation will only get worse if country's do not act. Myself I am convinced we must do this but it will continue to get much worse!

Obama was reminded that many around the world blame the United States and even Britain for this crisis and I agree. Obama artful waltzed around this one saying some are to blame but all are responsible. At this point assigning blame is not the issue but solving the problem is. I was really pleased when Obama said he came to the G20 to listen not lecture and stated we must lead. The guy is eloquent if nothing else. He has speech down to a fine tuned art! He reassure the world there was a vibrancy to our recovery and that we must fight protectionism!

I must say I disagree with Obama when he said we learned from the thirty's and the Great Depression. If we did we would not have gotten in this position in the first place and up until recently we seem to have done all the wrong things. He was right to say 2009 was going to be difficult. With huge continuing job losses and record losses in home values everything else aside it will get a lot worse and not just in 2009! I loved it when Obama played the morale booster in chief saying do not short change the future because of fears in the present. Live, Spend, and plan for the future! We have convergence, consensus, I see success allying Sarkozy and Merkel. Leaving them behind will only cause future mayhem. I hope they see that! Obama and Brown both said we can not have protectionism while America and all countries are practicing it and they must. Everyone must support their own country to get through this then get back to trading with the world and get back to a successful one world community!

In the midst of all this violent Financial fools day protests are going on outside amidst Obama's saving grace inside. I keep hoping the entire world realizes Obama really aims to unite us and solve our problems. The entire world sees it and is responding positively. I am very pleased. The other day Iran and Russia agreed to help to one degree or the other in Afghanistan. Yesterday China invited President Obama to meet and have talks and Obama agreed for the latter part of 2009.

President Medvedev whose performance I was very pleased with set up July in Moscow for talks with President Obama. Amidst all this I really am finally having hope for the future! Obama and Medvedev agreed to press the reset Button. Yeahhhhhh! Medvedev was exuberant and was smiling like a kid. They had a great meeting and without a doubt it was very promising and will bear fruit! It is time to patch up another relationship Bush destroyed with his Politics of confrontation. The White House team was as excited as I. I must say they agreed to cut nuclear arsenals by 1/3 and agreed to Nuclear non proliferation. That is the easy part, enlarging NATO and how to proceed in Afghanistan will be the tough issues! I'm telling you, the summit is today but this is already going great.

* In closing What really amazed me with Obama and Medvedev was an agreement of cooperation in reining in Iran's nuclear ambition which to me Russia has singular control over. They promised to move beyond the cold war mentalities reconstituted by Bush. I got the idea that Obama is willing to see an Iran with nuclear power as long as Russia guarantees it is of a peaceful nature. I am really pleased with what I am seeing! I am willing to bet that with Russian help on Iran and Afghanistan Obama will stay the MDS and all will be well for now! I'm telling you, Obama is magic here! Medvedev has even picked up Obama's saying of pressing the Reset Button. I am just so psyched! The future looks better every time Obama opens his mouth. With Bush you cringed even knowing he was going to talk and when he did the future looked consistently worse. .I use to recount what what Moe of the three stooges said to Curly in regard to Bush: Every time you thing you weaken the Nation! With Obama I see rebuilding everything Bush destroyed in America and around the world!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

"The guy is eloquent if nothing else."

I believe that's all he is. Need I remind you that eloquent speaking is the hallmark of any successful con-man.

As for Iran's nuclear ambitions: Nuclear weapons CAN be viewed as peaceful. Hell, America looks at their's as peaceful. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent weapon. That's the reason we are so dead-set against Iran having them. You can come up with all the lame-*ssed excuses you want; but if Iran had nuclear weapons, they could no longer be intimidated by the Zionist/Neocon bullys. When did God die and leave His authority to the U.S. Government? Supply me some links, my friend, as I missed that news cycle.

In regards to the Medvedev/Obama talks: Bullsh*t! So now they talk about reducing the arsenals to 1,500 or so. What exactly does that mean? That means we can only destroy the world a hundred times over instead of a thousand times over? Give ME a friggen break, Jim.

If Iran were not surrounded by nuclear armed states; Israel, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, U.S.(Iraq), they would probably not be seeking them.

As with all things, we create the problem, and then cast the blame on people who want only equality. Your neighbor has a 9mm, but says you can only have a pocket knife. What sense does that make?

I, for one, was not at all impressed with Obama's G20 malarkey. It's business-as-usual, maintaining the status quo. The solution, just like charity, should begin at home.

Come on over and see WWBTD today.

Karen said...

Bro Tim... As for the Medvedev/Obama talks, AT LEAST THEY'RE TALKING!! Russia, along with the rest of the world, hated us under Bush.

How refreshing having a wonderful president who is loved, respected, and revered around the world. That kind of high esteem goes a long way in securing world peace.

an average patriot said...

That is what it takes is a good con man! With the 2/3 reduction you have to laugh because destroyed or not the waste is here and has an undetermined life span. As for the weapons we can still destroy the word a thousand times over so it is just a con game!

an average patriot said...

Brother is just being pessimistic and you can't blame him. I happen to agree at least they are talking and talking cooperation not confrontation.

Brother Tim said...

Smoke and mirrors, my friends, smoke and mirrors. I realisticly look at the sorbid state of affairs this world is in and sound the trumpet; and you call me pessimistic?

I would rather that, than be giddy and orgasmicly optimistic, only to be proven a fool. :)


Hi James!

Yep... he was G20's darling.

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother
We know, we know, but we are powerless as you know so we know we are screwed and prepared for the worst but have to grasp on to every positive happening we can. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
Yes he was! I was watching your site to see when you were going to be around. Hope the house and grounds are going well!
Growing up in regard to people in general I use to say "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance Baffle them with bullshit! Bush Baffled with Bull shit Obama Dazzles with Brilliance!