Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks to Republicans the Handshake heard around the world continues to reverberate!

Obama is put down by Republicans as you know for absolutely 100% of everything he says and does. Now he is being dissed for greeting Chavez so warmly. He is being put down for smiling and shaking hands with Chavez. I am not ashamed to say it but I thought it was great and agreed with Chavez when he called Bush the Devil. Now Obama is being criticized by Republicans for shaking hands with Chavez because he was honest about the nightmare we all know Bush was.

The handshake heard around the world strengthens not weakens us as Republicans want you to believe. At this point you know if they say it is wrong it is right. If they say one thing if you do the exact opposite you will be right on! Thanks to Obama the entire world realizes we have a chance for a new beginning. We are our only limit now not Bush the Divider. Chavez as Castro agreed said yes there is a chance.

It is a two way street as you know! Under Bush the my way or the highway instagatory Bush Venezuela had withdrawn their Ambassador from the US. Now under Obama Chavez professed an interest in reinstituting mutual Ambassadors. This is a good thing. I do not understand how uniting the America's at such a critical time can be misconstrued as a bad thing. We are not weakened by extending a hand we are strengthened with unity. It is time for us to rekindle our relationship with our back yard Latin America. It is for our own Redemption. Our own future, all the America's!

What Obama did in this instance was right. Republican's say it will be a world of trouble for us but I do not believe it. As we said, if Republican's say it is wrong then it is right. I have watched Obama's actions for 3 days now and can't for the life of me see how one could construe Obama's actions of inclusion, reciprocation, and a new start as weakening us. I don't get it! I see unity if it happens as a major strengthening.

One thing Obama did I did disagree with. I did not like to see Obama sit there with a smile on his face while listening to Ortega's 50 minute rant about America. This is Obama not Bush or any other subversive President of the past. What happened, happened. We can't change that but we can have a new beginning. Obama should at the very least have directly addressed Ortega. He should have pointed out that what Chavez said and did was conciliatory and helpful for all our successful productive future.

However what Ortega ranted about is why we as a community of the America's are in this position. Granted I have to say we the US created this problem too. That aside we absolutely must kill this angry divisive rhetoric of the past right now if we are to succeed together into the future successfully. We all saw what trying to dominate and impress our will on Latin America and the world did. We must unite as equals and we will be okay, Those who do not will be left behind.

* In closing They must be made to realize this and the time for forgiveness and unity is now. We must focus on the US economy first now. All Latin American economies and the rest of the world to one degree or the other are dependent on US recovery. Like it or not we are now interdependent. We are a one world economy. We must reach out if we are to succeed. Get along! Drop the old games. Time for games is over for now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Slimy dickhead has crawled outa his undisclosed location again to attack Prez O!

Hate that despicable bastard!!!

an average patriot said...

Give me a hug you make me laugh. I agree with you of course. He is enough to piss off the Easter Bunny!

Demeur said...

It was nothing more than venting. Just as Obama vented about what Bush did Chavez was doing much the same. He (Chavez) is also trying to lift his position and image in South America. I suspect the posturing and political manovering will continue for a while.

Cheney would fit in well as a Latin American dictator don't you think?

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! You're not kidding. I wonder which country would take him? He now wants more torture tapes released because they will prove him right. The friggen guy is Mad!

AdB said...

Hi James,

I really, really thought that that handshake was a superb show of statesmanship by Obama! Brilliant act of diplomacy. Brilliant showcase of intellectual prowess!

If Bush had only shook hands with Arafat instead of deliberately snubbing the proferred hand, who knows, things might could have been different, i.e., obtain Palestinian all out support against terrorism.

But we will never know now, it's all water under the bridge.

Those Republicans who are dissing Obama for such a class act need to have their heads examined. Do they really believe the intelligent thing to do was to snub Chavez' proferred hand? Do these Republican thug-like individuals believe that America can afford an overt third battle front, i.e., Sounth America?

They should deem US is lucky to have someone who is intellectually potent to deal with the problems that their stupid fellow Republican left...

I despise those thugs!

AdB said...

Who cares about Chavez? The thing is why cultivate enemies when you can easily gain friends? Chavez may be a scumbag but he also happens to be the president of a sovereign nation.

How would his fellow citizens feel, not to speak of the other Latin American countries, had Obama snubbed him?

There would have been dire consequences -- as it is now, Obama surely flattered Chavez' ego that the South American dictator will think twice about giving his all out devotion to Russia.

Think of what America gained in terms of influence there! Remember, Russia is trying very very hard to establish a strong military and economic influence on the Latin American continent by way of Chavez!

I do despise many Republicans for not engaging brain! Pathetic, ignorant individuals!

(Sorry for the double rant James -- just frustrating to know that there are individuals out there who cannot engage brain even if their very lives depended on it!)

AdB said...

Re Ortega's drivel...

You are right James. I saw that bit on BBC and must say I was waiting for Obama to highlight Chavez' act, just as you say "He should have pointed out that what Chavez said and did was conciliatory and helpful for all our successful productive future." to hone in his message while at the same time taking an indirect swipe at Ortega -- and make everyone else jealous!

I was waiting for him to do that - instead Obama just cracked a joke about being 3 months old when things happened which I thought was fine but thought it wasn't bold enough.

That clearly was a missed opportunity to hone in his message. But, he will learn.

Opportunities like this is a kind of art that Obama still has to learn to craft beautifully and take advantage of but am sure he will. The man is no dumbo.

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
Whoa I see you have a lot to say. I will check the others next. First I hope all is well with you and the house. I agree with you!
I wish the Neocons would just shut up and let Obama do his job. The man is perfect for the mess Bush and Cheney left and they do not want to see him succeed in restoring our order and getting rid of their disorder!

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
Yes, Chavez was dully elected and the Chief scum was not. You are right! Under Bush while he was going around the world arming enemies he thought were his friends China and Russia were doing it right here in our backyard.
Russian nuclear ships were in Venezuela but also calling again in Cuba. I think all that can change now that we have a President with more than half a brain and knows English!

an average patriot said...

That's funny! We know how to engage brain why don't Politicians? Obama is usually pretty good but as you point out he missed a golden opportunity to educate both schools of thought on our obvious shenanigans of the past!
We must get along and forget the past in order to unify and get us all successfully in what is a very tenuous future.

Larry said...

If Obama had snubbed Chavez he would have been chastised by the same slime that's complaining now.

an average patriot said...

I wish there was a way to find that out. I agree with you but Darth Cheney keeps saying if you act nice they are going to take advantage of you.
I'll tell you, today I heard that Russia is closing in on Georgia, Iran is friggen instigating, and the Taliban granted Bin Laden safe haven in the swat valley. I am starting to wonder


Hey James --

Thanks for asking!

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