Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama is in a tough spot! Can we work with Karzai if he keeps the Presidential reins without legitimacy?

Another new Democracy heard from: Afghan vote watchdog orders recount, discontent simmers and Karzai poised for victory vows to crush violent protests! These election rigging charges are serious and Karzai callously dismisses them. We are watching increasing military deaths and we are hearing analogies of what is happening in Afghanistan to Lyndon Johnson. That really bothers me because of the ineptitude we will discuss shortly. We can avoid this and we better get our collective act together! Afghan vote watchdog finds fraud, orders recounts

Vote discontent simmers in Afghan north

Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai poised for election victory

I am sick! My sons and the rest of the military have put an awful lot into this and many have paid with life and limb. All we have done is trade their lives for fraud and corruption! I told you 16 days ago our soldiers deserved a legitimate election and they did not get it. Afghanistan must honor our troops and their citizens and legitimize their election!

The Taliban is watching our troops habits and movements and have learned how to kill them better and are improving every day. We should be learning from them and we should be avoiding setting patterns. I do not get it! Amidst this we have an election as corrupt as Iran's. This is what our soldiers are dying for? Karzai the false President? Election fraud? Theirs is not a Democracy! I look at Karzai and I listen to him I see nothing but contempt for America. He is accusing us of trying to unseat him. Maybe we should and are!

Amidst all this crap General McChrystal has been trying to get to the bottom of what happened when the US fighter blew up those 2 tankers and civilians were killed. Unbelievably when he first tried to get answers about the air strike the Commanders were out getting drunk! Can you believe it? I'm stunned! After what we saw with our mercenaries getting naked and drunk? Then he could not get an answer because the men he tried to question were drunk. He then banned alcohol, what? Why the hell was this not done from the get go?

This is the kind of ineptitude we have running things over there? No damn wonder things are not going well and the Taliban is only getting stronger? Rising violence there rising opposition here and they are going out and getting drunk? In Afghanistan? No wonder we are losing here and in Afghanistan. This is winning hearts and minds? This is no friggen joke!

This crap better stop now! Start being professional! We do not want Karzai to insult our troops and their valor and our own people over there are doing it. Start being professional! Honor our fighting men and women. The policy there is Clear Hold and Build not Screw it and Get Drunk! Ours is a mission in crisis amidst a corrupt election and a rising American death count and some of our key front line commanders are out getting drunk.

We will have 68,000 troops in Afghanistan by years end plus 38,000 other NATO troops. They say it is not enough. I say BS! after 8 years of listening to one of my sons off and on, on the front lines over there and watching events in Afghanistan for eight years I believe wholeheartedly that we do have enough troops if the dedication of many of our ground troops was equaled across the board.

We are facing dangers seen and unseen innate and created in Afghanistan a country a battlefield the size of Texas. Not just our troops mercenaries or not but all of NATO to the man better honor our dedicated hard working troops and start taking this as serious as it is or we will be responsible for our own defeat. WE only have about a year to turn this around I understand.

You know, when all is said and done I keep coming back to What the Hell is it Worth with stolen elections a corrupt Government and an Afghan Army that seems to not want to stand up and fight? Our troops did their job we should honor them cut our losses and get the hell out of there now.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

It can't be turned around, Jim. This war was lost before the first shot was fired.

BTW-- I finally got my Pakistan post up this morning. It touches on this subject.

an average patriot said...

Oh great I want to see your post! Do me a favor I don't want to miss it. If it is important I have some Pakistani friends I will send it too. I have to run down to the VA and Bill wants to go to Salem to the beer works so if you can send me a link or I will have to look later. Take care!
I did another post for tomorrow and much of it is from 3 years ago and I said Bush guaranteed a loss of everything. That scum!

Holte Ender said...

Perhaps it might be a good idea for all Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense, before taking office, to sit in a room, for as long as it takes, and given a history lesson on military misadventures in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The Soviets were as ruthless as any military could be, they killed people for fun, and they got sick of eternal war. In recent history military powers are only successful when defending their own soil. The track record of going overseas to defend and protect and install democracy, is not a good one.

I feel for those who have relatives and friends in the military who are in harms way daily, because of misguided political decisions.

What does the US do? We would be damned if we stayed, and damned if we leave. When presented with such a dilemma. Be damned for leaving.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
A few of my sons are in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. One is preparing for Iraq, two just got back from Afghanistan one in the air and one in EOD. I feel for the likes of them and their dedication being abused and misused! We are in a no win situation from the get go. Any idiot should have known that and I am sure they did. However Bush is not just an idiot is is a fool. All of this for energy and a pipeline!

Brother Tim said...

It's not only energy and a pipe line. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Did I send you this USGS Report before?

Demeur said...

I feel bad for your boys Jim. How many times have we been through the same senario? It seems the republicans have this delusion that they can win this type of war. They still think that they can replay Vietnam and win. And how many dictators have we backed in the last thirty + years? Will we ever learn? My guess is that we'll end up making Karzi an enemy before it's all over. Sound familiar?

Demeur said...

Oh great I just read Tim's link to the USGS. It sounds like we'll turn Afghanistan into a giant strip mine.

an average patriot said...

Brother you are a riot! You keep telling we and I remember diamonds but thanks I don't know if I have the link still so I will read it!

an average patriot said...

We are not going to win shit in Afghanistan and I am peeved that my son in EOD has been in 10 years and just started his first State side assignment running the EOD school. He is upsetting the apple cart in the hopes of getting back to Afghanistan. The Law of averages really makes me nervous he is a mad man.

The one preparing for Iraq is my youngest and is a combat engineer whose job is to run point on IED road clearance for Iraq and that scares the shit out of me!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Brother I saved the link. Unfriggenbelievable! You know what pisses us all off is they will deny everything as usual.

Brother Tim said...

You're youngest is in a good position. They rarely get the point man.

I hadn't thought of it that way. Well, I guess that's one way of 'leveling' the battlefield. ;)

Brother Tim said...
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an average patriot said...

Brother, you know that is true and that is what he says but his older Brother who has been there done that and much more and buried many friends and visited many limbless others in hospitals has at least me nervous!

Larry said...

This was a worthless issue since Bush went there to let Bin Laden escape, in the prelude to his real war of intention in Iraq.

an average patriot said...

Damn straight Larry! Getting into the middle east was Bush's goal and then it gets much worse. It is all progressing still as we stated long ago it is now out of our hands. I really am disgusted as this is no surprise and it was all done on purpose!